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The Washington Post, that resolutely views the world through American political battles, gloms on to the fact that not everyone in the Vatican is a fan of Pope Francis:

This month, Francis makes his first trip to the United States at a time when his progressive allies are heralding him as a revolutionary, a man who only last week broadened the power of priests to forgive women who commit what Catholic teachings call the “mortal sin” of abortion during his newly declared “year of mercy” starting in December. On Sunday, he called for “every” Catholic parish in Europe to offer shelter to one refugee family from the thousands of asylum-seekers risking all to escape war-torn Syria and other pockets of conflict and poverty.

Yet as he upends church convention, Francis also is grappling with a conservative backlash to the liberal momentum building inside the church. In more than a dozen interviews, including with seven senior church officials, insiders say the change has left the hierarchy more polarized over the direction of the church than at any point since the great papal reformers of the 1960s.


Go here to read the rest.  Political conservatives have little reason to be thrilled with Pope Francis, a man of the left.  However, that fact does not account for most of the problems that the Pope is encountering within the Church.  These problems stem from the fact that Pope Francis often seems to favor the heterodox over the orthodox, and that some of his initiatives seem to contradict Church teaching.  The Washington Post of course sees none of this, conflating something as noncontroversial within the Church as the Pope broadening the authority of  priests to forgive abortion, something priests in America have been doing for decades, with a proposal to grant communion to those in adulterous marriages.  When it comes to what separates the orthodox from the heterodox within the Catholic Church, The Washington Post is like a man blind from birth attempting to understand the concept of green.


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  1. I will have to look for the text, assuming there is text, of the Holy Father’s change in annulment procedures and authorities. To hear the press speak, it is earth-shattering. I decline to get excited about it until I know more.

    The underlying problem is one of catechesis. At least here in the US, our dioceses haven’t been especially good at teaching Church sructure, rules, and theology. Throw in an unhealthy dose of salvation through social justice work and unguided ecumenism and we have a perfect storm of ignorance.

    To one who knows nothing, these popular media articles are about the best researched and most common-sensiscal many folks have read about the faith.

  2. It is not only the media that sows confusion, it is those within our own house, the clergy.
    See the Sunday opinion piece from my local daily in NJ, by a priest.

    How can we say “All Are Welcome” and maintain authentic Catholicism in preaching and instruction? Too often it means, “Come on in, everyone, and don’t worry, we will never say a discouraging word contrary to your behavior, your opinions, etc.” The impression I get from this and a lot of similar junk is Catholicism is about love, love, love, and so we’ll just hold hands and hug and sing ‘Kumbaya.’ I swear I want to start a new Inquisition against the fifth-columnists, quislings and fellow travelers in power. Hand me my lance, Sancho Panza!


  3. If he slowly adds his mentioned insufficient catechesis to emotional instability from the get go….for annullment reasons plus makes annullments free, the divide between ideal Catholicism and reality Catholicism will get bigger. What of countless little educated Catholic peasants in the past 2000 years? Does he think they like South Americans were 50% married?
    ” Dear…I’m divorcing you and seeking annullment not because you were too immature for a vow when we got married but because you lacked catechesis…an even more nebulous area I’ll admit but we must “think with the Church” which right now is Pope Francis and his 50% are really married idea. And it’s free and I met a girl on facebook who likes pina coladas and likes to walk in the rain and has no college loans.”

  4. Re Pope Francis, in the popular media/progressive propaganda machine, you’ll find out about all the ‘nice’ things he says or seems to say, or that can be spun to mean to say whatever. Supposedly, he has spoken out against abortion, birth control, gender bending, and some other things, but never got reported in the popular press. I get the impression that he is a bit naive about the impact of off-the-cuff remarks.

  5. See the Sunday opinion piece from my local daily in NJ, by a priest. How can we say “All Are Welcome” and maintain authentic Catholicism

    Can we offer the hypothesis that about 2/3 of them were never in it to propagate authentic Catholicism to begin with?

  6. Now let us await the helpful summaries and insights from the Catholic media on Pope Francis efforts to reduce/eliminate the pain of bad personal decisions, i.e., sin, in this life. But don’t set your expectations too high.

  7. I always find it very bizarre that the secular media is completely obsessed with all things Catholic. Why do they spend so much time wringing their hands about something they hate and don’t even believe is real. They really have no concept of the supernatural, or of God. They have no desire to learn the Truth, so it’s confusing that they’d spend time talking about it at all.

  8. “so it’s confusing that they’d spend time talking about it at all.”

    Because if what the Catholic Church has always preached is true, and more than a few of our critics deep down fear that this is precisely the case, then they have dedicated their life to defending lies and worse.
    Faithful Catholics are a standing rebuke to the World, and the World takes that ill indeed. Hence the cry of “Christians to the Lions!” when Christians were a despised and powerless minority in the Roman Empire. Christians are often attacked for their vices and charged with hypocrisy. However, what our adversaries really hate and fear are our virtues, and above all whenever we show loyalty to “the penniless preacher from Galilee”, who, as the atheist writer HG Wells ruefully admitted, is irrevocably the center of all human history.

  9. The cartoon above illustrates the mean bullying and battering of individuals who must be evangelized instead of beaten. A true depiction of the spirit of the Post. The Gates of hell cannot prevail against the TRUTH.

  10. I have to laugh. The cartoon reminds me of bill clinton’s: Whatever the meaning of “is” is. Poor Batman has been pictured as punching his sidekick, Robin. Batman ought to sue for slander.

  11. Somewhat off topic-September 8 was the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. Unknown to me until yesterday, September 8 is the Feast of Our Lady of Gietrzwald in Poland. Apparitions of Our Lady took place between June 26 and September 16, 1877.

    At this time, Poland was partitioned among Russia, Prussia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Bismarck, the anti-Catholic bigot German chancellor had instituted the Kulturkampf, the legal persecutions of Catholics in his realm. My mom’s ancestors, named Decker, left Frankfurt for the US during this time. The Shrine of Our Lady of Gietrzwald was then in East Prussia. Our Lady appeared to Justyna Szafrynska, a 13year old girl, and to her friend, 12 year old Barbara Samulowska. Our Lady requested that the Rosary be prayed daily, prayer for souls in Purgatory and obedience to ecclesiastical authority. This was before Vatican II, after all.

    Barbara Samulowska.became a nun and went to Guatemala, where she died in 1950. Her cause for canonization is pending.

    See more here. http://www.marypages.com/GietrzwaldEng.htm

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