Sarah Palin on Abortion for Handicapped Kids


Sarah Palin of course walks the walk on this issue.  For an alternative view from a pro-abort fanatic who has a Down Syndrome child, claims to love her, and still opposes laws banning abortion for Down Syndrome children, go here.  Oh yes, she also says that if she knew her child, that she claims to now love, had Down Syndrome, she would not have hesitated to abort.

There are many folks — some of whom are in the Down syndrome community — who look at my story and point to it smugly as a tale of a woman who thought having a child with Down syndrome would be her worst nightmare, but triumphed. But my relationship with my daughter was something that had to develop on its own; if I had had a prenatal diagnosis, but had been forced to continue the pregnancy like Ohio legislators want, it would have been a disaster.


Of course all this stems from the pro-abort view that all children may be slain in utero at the whim of the mother, for any and no reason.  Abortion is a text book example of the fact that if some people benefit, or think they benefit, from something, no matter how heinous, they will find ways to convince themselves, or to pretend to convince themselves, that what they wish to do is fit and proper, even when it manifestly is evil.

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  1. “…oh yes, she also says that if she knew her child, that she claims she now loves, had Down Syndrome, she would not have hesitated to abort.”

    Wow! With a mother like this who needs Isis?

    So when this loved daughter of hers reads mommy’s statement I’m sure it will be a “bonding moment” for them both. Could you imagine your mother making that statement about you, your ailment? Talk about insanity.

    Please say a prayer to De-fund WTM Inc..
    At 10:30am Eastern time, the House Judiciary Committee will be hearing testimony from two abortion survivors. The act’s of PP and the mentality of the mother who is loving (?) her Down Syndrome daughter, well, they are grotesque.

  2. One more please….Sarah hits a Home run!
    “Tolerance for people who are a little bit different! ”

    Dunk that in your coffee liberal media!

  3. Sarah Palin has always been a heroine to me, especially given the hatred visited on her head by the left wing maniacs.

  4. Hatred for Sarah is putting it lightly.

    They are going to reap what they sow Paul.
    A very sad, infested lot, the libs for death group.
    Sickening bunch of demons.

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