9-11 As it Occurred

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  1. They are in hell unless God saw them as insane inter alia which I doubt. Sanctifying grace is needed to reach purgatory which is a reward with medicinal punishments. Trent forbids us to be certain about such matters outside revelation including our own grace about which we can have moral certitude not absolute certitude. But I suspect they are in the “storm of darkness” since a good tree does not bring forth bad fruit unless with a sincere erroneous conscience but these guys attended a strip bar right before the event because they were opportunistically accessing taqiya…deception…by which they could do sins in order to blend in. But they had already blended in for years. Even Allah would confront them on that rationalization if he existed. But he doesn’t. The Trinity does…whom the Jews revealed without knowing they were revealing Him. Go to 2 Kings 4 where Augustine saw the Trinity under heavy revelatory veils. A woman sends to Eliseus for help because her only boy is dying. Eliseus sends his servant Gehazi with Eliseus’ staff to be laid upon the boy. But still the boy now dead …does not move so Eliseus comes himself and descends on the now dead boy matching his eyes, hands and mouth to those of the boy who grows warm. Eliseus walks about the house and descends again on the boy but this time there is no mention of matching body parts. The boy sits up and coughs seven times.
    The boy is mankind dead in sin. Eliseus symbolizes the Trinity who first sends His law ( the staff ) through His servant Moses ( Gehazi) which does not heal mankind…Galatians 3:21…” had there been a law that giveth life, salvation would be by the law”….Hebrews 7:19 ” the law brought nothing to perfection”.
    Because the law failed to make men good, God had to come Himself first conforming Himself to our flesh ( eyes, hands, mouth )… we grew warm..alive but then God descended again a second time on Pentecost without conforming to eyes et….the Holy Spirit. We sit up and cough the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    There is nothing this deep in the Koran. Trinity means God loved prior to angels and men within Himself. God is Love prior to angels and men therefore. A one person God could not love or be Love but was a loner prior to angels, jin and men. That loner god symbol explains a lot of bad Islamic behaviour. Any muslim reading this…this is your moment. Know your moment.

  2. It’s so difficult to process all of the different kinds of emotion that flood in.
    Sorrow, anger, fear for their last moments and the sadness that is their families.
    Unreal. Unbelievable. Incredible act of cowardice. To Hell with the extreme Muslims… All of them to Hell.

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