Never Forget

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  1. In prayer, they that lost their lives will be remembered, and in petition may they help us to defend and protect this blessed Nation Under God.

    Remembering the fallen in Benghazi as well. 9-11-12

  2. I worked at Rutgers where we prepared to take in the injured. There were no injured. One student’s dad worked in the South Tower. We prayed. He called at 4:30 P.M. He had gotten out in time. Thank God.
    The terrorists murdered their 72 virgins. The question has always plagued me.
    What does an immortal soul do with 72 virgins, when there is the whole of the Church Triumphant, the militant and the Suffering in Purgatory to be community, brothers and sisters in Jesus. Allah has no son to love him nor to love. The Blessed Trinity is truly Blessed. And Flight 93 Blessed be God.

  3. Everyone of my parents’ generation could tell you where they were when they heard the news on Dec 7, 1941. The same holds true for us adults and for some of our children on Sept 11, 2001. We didn’t have to wait for the news reels to see the horror of it all. In the age of television the second tower imploding was real time.
    May we never forget and may God protect us from history repeating.

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