Star-Spangled Banner at Buckingham Palace

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  1. And in response with gratitude, America then elected a man who sent back the bust of Winston Churchill as if it contained the Ebola virus.

  2. Don L. – spot on. i recall watching the events that day and the British band , it may have been this one, came marching out to the tune of the ‘Stars and stripes forever’. How proud i felt for the Brits’ and us, the colonials- I was more awestruck at that than i was when i first heard the red army chorus sing God Bless America.

    My son Damien was a marine corps. reservist[sgt.] and we together watched the 9/11 day unfold beginning about 8:55. He got an activation call that very afternoon @ 2: P. M. He served in Anasariah[sp], Iraq. helping guard one of the 2 bridges used by the armed forces to attack and secure Baghdad. He came home safely, finished his masters’ degree married, has 4 children but won’t talk about the war unless asked and even then , sparingly.

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