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From the Babalu Blog, the go to blog for the latest news from Castro’s Gulag:


A part of Cuba the Pope didn’t get to see on his visit.  The Pope has refused to meet with dissidents.  To be fair, both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict did precisely the same thing.  However, his two predecessors were known for condemning Communism, something, shall we say, that has not been a hallmark of the current pontificate.

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  1. I can’t to see how Castro turns Cuba into a model state after reading the Climate change info in the pope’s encyclical.

  2. Fidel Castro deserves the end Saddam Hussein got. The problem is, Castro has the support of American academics and Hollywood, much of Latin America, Canada, much of Western Europe, Moscow and the UN.

    Cuba is a nightmare of a country to live in. Ya think the Caudillo Pontiff would tell Tio Fidel that?

    No, me neither. The Caudillo Pontiff doesn’t want to be called a gusano. The only purpose of Laudato Si in Cuba is to be used in place of toilet paper.

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