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Live Action, the Green Berets of the pro-life movement, President Lila Rose has written an open letter to the Pope:

Your Holiness:

Americans of all faiths are excited about your historic visit to the United States.  We have watched as your spiritual leadership has helped bring millions all over the world closer to God.

Live Action is a nonprofit organization committed to fighting for the rights of the most vulnerable among us — especially women in crisis and preborn children.  We truly appreciate the Catholic Church’s unwavering teaching on the sacredness of life, the dignity of every person, and the rights of the preborn, as well as your recent declaration meant to further ease the way for priests to absolve women seeking forgiveness for their abortions.

As you likely know, the U.S. Congress is now debating whether to fund the largest abortion corporation in America with a half billion dollars in taxpayer funding.  By its own admission, Planned Parenthood kills over 327,000 children a year in America, leaving behind their deeply wounded mothers and fathers. This is the same abortion chain where recent and horrific undercover videos have shown its employees harvesting and negotiating the sale of the body parts of aborted children for profit.

While many pro-abortion members of Congress have made excuses for Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities and say they will vote to continue its taxpayer funding, we hope that your visit with them this week will inspire a change in their hearts.

Likewise, President Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that does not fund Planned Parenthood, as well as vetoing legislation that criminalizes the act of killing a child after it has been born alive in an abortion facility.  It is frightening to think that our leaders are so committed to the genocide of the preborn that they are also unwilling to put abortionists in jail who murder children who have made it outside of the womb.

In a recent interview, you said you hoped Americans would pray for you. Your Holiness, Americans of all faiths are praying for you, and we ask that you continue pray for us and speak out for a culture that truly respects life.

Thank you again for committing your life so wholly to God and his Church.

God bless you,

Lila Rose

Founder and President


PopeWatch wagers that loyal son of the Church Pope Francis will mention abortion during this visit only in the most perfunctory manner.  The fight against abortion simply does not excite him as the battle against climate change does, or a laundry list of other leftist issues.

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  1. One more prayer, then another… and another.
    We keep at it. Please don’t hesitate to pray for this Church Leader, since God can place His own words into the mouth of Francis, and we can assist with this action.

    I hope and pray that Francisco comes through for the Innocent’s. He has another chance to boldly go there, to the defense of the defenseless. Please pray he does.

  2. Whatever pro-life words are mentioned will be few and buried in the “main” issues of global warming and immigration. He uses the seamless garment method where everything is equal, as stated literally in his address to the US bishops.

  3. “PopeWatch wagers that loyal son of the Church Pope Francis will mention abortion during this visit only in the most perfunctory manner. ”
    Hopes dashed in the address to the august assembly of budgeteers . Too bad you didn’t lose that wager.
    At the UN, where concerns are for population numbers – what?

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