Be Not Afraid

And we ask all you who suffer to support us. We ask precisely you who are weak to become a source of strength for the Church and humanity. In the terrible battle between the forces of good and evil, revealed to our eyes by our modern world, may your suffering in union with the Cross of Christ be victorious!





“Be Not Afraid”, the words of a very great Pope.  Something to remember during these days under a very bad Pope.  In 1993 John Paul II said the following with a tight lipped Bill Clinton standing uneasily by his side:

“America has a strong tradition of respect for the individual, for human
dignity and human rights. I gladly acknowledged this during my previous
visit to the United States in 1987 and I would like to repeat today the
hope I expressed on that occasion: “America, you are beautiful and blessed
in so many ways … But your best beauty and your richest blessing is
found in the human person: in each man, woman and child, in every
immigrant, in every native born son and daughter … The ultimate test of
your greatness is the way you treat every human being, but especially the
weakest and most defenseless ones. The best traditions of your land
presume respect for those who cannot defend themselves. If you want equal
justice for all, and true freedom and lasting peace, then, America, defend
life! All the great causes that are yours today will have meaning only to
the extent that you guarantee the right to life and protect the human

In the cant phrase of the left that was “speaking truth to Power.”  That is the power of Catholicism under a Pope who is not seeking to emulate the worst of the secular left, but rather to remind the world of the timeless message of Christ.


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  1. The times are upon us!
    He, St.JPII, was and is guiding the faithful… even today. We have only to trust that Mercy from the wound of our Saviours Heart, will supply all of us in this confrontation at hand.

    Stay close to Jesus in the Sacraments.

    In his speech during his meeting with immigrant families in Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, whose theme is religious liberty, Pope Francis has just echoed the words of the saintly Pope.
    He certainly does surprise.

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