Pro-Abort Ultramontanists?

Robert Brady


A telling symbol for this pontificate:

As Congress members rushed to touch Pope Francis after Thursday’s historic address on the House floor, Rep. Bob Brady reportedly made a beeline for the podium to swipe the Holy Father’s discarded water glass.

The Pennsylvania congressman immediately took a sip out of the glass and brought it back to his office, ABC News reported.

“The congressman is a Catholic and has immense respect for the Holy Father,” Rep. Brady’s Chief of Staff Stan White told ABC.

His office confirmed that Mr. Brady drank from the water and shared it with members of his staff and his wife, Debra Brady.

Rep. Brady “was immensely moved by the speech. He thought the Holy Father spoke to issues he cared deeply about … especially caring about the poor and the Holy Father’s concern about our environment,” Mr. White told ABC.

The congressman kept the remainder of the water and plans to sprinkle it on his grandchildren, Mr. White said.

Go here to read the rest.  Do I really need to add that this Democrat doofus Congress Critter is a complete pro-abort?


Brady is pro-choice and voted against President Bush’s restrictions on funding to family planning groups in 2001. Over the years, he has supported minors’ abortion rights, voting in 2005 for the right for those under 18 years of age to obtain abortions across state lines without parental consent.[5] He voted against the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which prohibits health insurance companies from offering abortion coverage in a plan to any citizen. He opposed a proposal to prohibit federally funded abortion services.[6] Over the past fifteen years, organizations such as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, and Planned Parenthood rated him 100%.[7]

The legacy of Pope Francis, in addition to a likely major schism, will be deranged leftists treating him like a rock star while spitting on core teachings of the Catholic Church.

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  1. Perhaps, Mr. Brady’s love for the Holy Father will bring him to acknowledge the immortal souls infused at procreation with sovereign personhood and the image of God. We have Jesus Christ on the altar in the Blessed Sacrament. The Vicar of Christ on earth is momentous but the Son of God, Jesus Christ, in the Real Presence takes precedence.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been great if Pope Francis speaking before Congress would have announced the excommunication any Catholic who voted for any pro-abortion measure, and then proceeded to read off the names. After that he would publicly pray for aborted babies, their mothers and all the people who support abortion. When finished he would exit the room. Just imagine the impact such an act would have. I would call that doing his job. But as it is……utter disappointment. How sad.

  3. John Fink murdered his best friend. His friend, in his dying breath, called out “FINK” . “FINK” means a guy who can murder his best friend without remorse. Thought I’d add this bit of infamy.

  4. Back in 2008, both of the Democrat presidential candidates went on the record
    saying that they did not support same-sex marriage. It didn’t hurt their support
    on the left because it was understood by all that neither Obama nor Hillary actually
    meant a word of it. And here we are in 2015, and both Obama and Hillary have
    ‘evolved’ their stands– no surprise there.
    So now we have a Pope who has gone on the record to say that he believes the
    Church has been ‘too obsessed’ with gays and abortion. He’s stood before the
    Congress of a government that both declared same-sex marriage to be a constitutional
    right and refused to defund Planned Parenthood— and chose to speak out against
    the death penalty. It think it’s understandable for Congressman Brady to fangirl
    at this point, for Francis’ underwhelming defense of marriage and the family comes off as
    much a patronizing sop to the center as Obama and Clinton’s lip service back in 2008.

  5. Michael Dowd.

    What a courageous statement that would of made. Might of even saved a few million lives, and souls. We will never know, but this we do know. The doubts that you can be Catholic and pro-death, have been increased, instead of clear and concise teaching which would of taken all doubt away.

    ( who am I to judge..not a liberal… me? )

  6. Representative Bob Brady did a public stunt to look pious and saintly and devout. He is none of those things. Being an aider and abetter of the murder of unborn children, he has one fate awaiting him except that he repents.

  7. Clinton,
    The Pope has replaced the abortion obsession with the global warming obsession. Rebecca Hamilton writing in the National Catholic Register said in the meet with Congress, the Pope was “channeling Jesus.”
    Apparently Jesus wants Brazil and Mexico to continue to have high murder rates through their no death penalty…not even for cartel leaders like Guzman who has twice escaped maximum security which ccc #2267 asserts is perfectly safe and secure….that’s why the dp is rarely necessary. To follow modern peripheral Catholicism is to risk crack addiction….unless one has sufficient Brandy….Old Testament..Proverbs 31:6….” give strong drink to him who is perishing, wine to him who is on the edge of the abyss.”. I passed the edge of the abyss when I read the congress meet speech at the abortion/ death penalty passage. If Francis is channeling Jesus,, why did Jesus inspire Romans 13:4.

  8. This makes sense given that Bob Brady (my congressman) is basically a mafia boss and thug, and they have historically had very superstitious Catholic-flavored but basically magical ideas of religion.

  9. And, oh, Ken, you don’t think Pope Frank’s very well photographed and opportunistic displays of humility constitutes a photo-op? No, I think that Brady captured the flavor of the day. Not that anyone needs to suggest shameless ostentation to a man who flirted with having a reality show called “Boss” (in the sense of “urban political boss”) made about him.

  10. Mr. Brady is starting to remind me of the type of parishioner that pushes for clown masses.
    A entertain me catholic, who can’t get enough of the wine and cheese.

    Meet greet and repeat for the betterment of himself… after all, what’s else is there?

  11. Y’all said it well.

    He’s a creepy little fool who pulled a stunt that he hoped would make him seem like a Pope Francis devotee, without requiring any actual belief.

  12. A grown man stole the Pope’s drinking cup to smell his saliva. How ridiculous and very weird. I can’t stop laughing at how bizarre he looks sniffing that cup. And he’s a congressman? Wow. Thanks for the laugh.

  13. As I said on a previous thread, I do not believe that pf is actually pro-life. Given his reception in Washington by every pro-abort loon, I think they agree with me. There is no chance they would be as excited as they are if they thought he actually was against abortion.

  14. When are the bishops going to start telling Catholics that it is a mortal sin against the 5th commandment to join an organization like the Nazi Party or the KKK because of their discrimination against people of certain religions or races, denying them their human rights – with no conditions exonerating this sin? How could joining an organization like the Democratic Party that denies the right to life, the most important human right of all, to all unborn babies, and uses its electoral power to deny them their right to life, not be a mortal sin?

    When are the U.S. bishops going to stand up and teach the laws of God being consistent to the teachings in the Catechism? How can simply joining an organization that discriminates against certain people be a mortal sin, but joining an organization responsible for denying the right to life to the unborn, causing the murder of over 58,000,000 lives, those Catholics claim to be created by God, not be a mortal sin?

  15. “I do not believe that pf is actually pro-life.”

    I believe he is. Unfortunately, I believe he is like many of his leftist friends (and he is a leftist) who consider abortion just one of many social ills. Other ills such a climate change, any unequal distribution of income, any poverty etc. are on a profoundly more important level and cause for greater emphasis.

    There are many a leftist priest and bishop however, who, from what I can tell, do not think abortion is an evil.

  16. Agreed Phillip. I think he is at least anti-abortion. I’m not sure what he has said about other life issues like artificial birth control, IVF etc … But his leveling of all the sins or unwillingness to Decry weight or gravity of abortion in this world today reminds me of Protestants who think that all sins are equal.
    . His concern about social justice doesn’t seem to begin at the beginning….

  17. “His concern about social justice doesn’t seem to begin at the beginning….”

    It doesn’t even seem to end at its proper end – Jesus and eternal life. Rather, it all seems ordered to man and his material state. That, I believe, is the crux of the problem. He forgets the Cross and it being ordered, through Christ, to an everlasting Kingdom.

  18. Phillip, I appreciate your comments. I guess I just don’t know how one can be against a holocaust and then put it on the same moral plane as unemployment, as his acolyte, Cupich, does. Since pf said that the two greatest evils are youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old, he isn’t even on the same moral plane as Cupich. So, is such a person truly anti-abortion. Logically, I conclude no.

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