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  1. Correct. Perhaps this is God’s punishment for decades of ambivalence and apathy. I am thoroughly depressed and very angry. But in the end God wins and the liberal progressive enviro-wacko worshippers of goddes Gaia lose, whether Pontiff or secular feminist Democrat.

  2. Bergoglio will go down in History as one of the modern times Non-Catholic Popes who occupied Vatican City.

    For some reason, I have a feeling, if Jesus doesn’t come back soon, the next pope will be an open sodomite.

    Of course, the road is being prepared now by Bergoglio and his buddies for any kind of popes in the future because and under the guise of… yes, you got it…. MERCY!!

    The new and young generation of so-called “Catholics” will not be distinguishable from any other atheistic or hippie generation.

    As Bergoglio and co. wanted it, the Catholic Church is progressing, shouldn’t be rigid and must welcome everybody, anybody.

    No correction of sinners, no leading any one to Heaven.

    Just be nice to everybody, and come on in, let’s party!!

  3. Assuming God’s “mercy” without repentance or true sorrow for sins is beyond flirting with the sin of presumption, a sin that seems to be in vogue at the synod these days

  4. Most US Catholics come from the East Coast, or are recent East Coast transplants, where (for historically valid reasons involving our persecution) the hierarchical clergy establishes the people’s forums and expressions of Catholic life, it represents Catholicism both to lukewarm Catholics and outsiders, and Catholicism has an ethnic/cultural/tribal definition more than anything. And it is a given and comfortable, but now far less important, institution.

    Chaput has referred to this as “the culture of the bishop.” I think American Catholicism needs this pope, if for no other reason than to diminish the importance of the episcopacy in American orthodox Catholic life. We need an orthodox Catholicism that recognizes the authority of magisterial statements, but recognizes that Jesus is the center of the Catholic consciousness, and “Christendom” as Kierkegaard might say, can be caustic. It may be a more radical and evangelical faith without being weighed down by constant working within diocesan infrastructure and deferment to episcopal statements.

  5. Granted, a dynamic pope who sees his role as Catholciism’s only formally global figure in an evangelical light, would be better in an age of global media. Having the pope primarily talk about Jesus Christ to the world would be the best case scenario, but Francis might be what we need to wean us off an Ultramontanism that was awesome as a 19th and 20th century movement, but may not work in the 21st century.

  6. Originally, American Catholics were an immigrant Church, first Irish, then German, then Italian, then Slavic Europe, stretching from Boston to Baltimore, stretching west to the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Louis.

    That has little impact on today.

    I did not watch a minute of the papal visit
    Certain people annoy me when I see them on television so I shut them off immediately. The Obamas, the Clintons, Democrat talking heads, actors spouting off on politics, etc. I just know too much about the Roman Pontiff to want to watch him or listen to him and any good he says gets drowned out by his politics.

  7. Penguin Fan is right. I, too, didn’t watch one minute of the Papal visit where he committed one sin of omission after another by not proclaiming the true Catholic faith and giving a false impression of what it is. It was too discouraging and a temptation to be angry. Better to pray for the Pope than listen to him as he leads us down a path Christ wishes us not to follow.

  8. All one needs to know is how the Obamas fell over themselves welcoming Pope Frances to the U.S. Not since Cardinal Bernardin’s “Seamless Garment” has Obama and the Democrat Party been given such a gift. The leader of the Catholic Church believes “climate change” is real; or as I put it: “The Pope believes God made a mistake when he created life in the world” (dependent on carbon dioxide and oxygen), and Obama and his ilk stand ready to correct it with help from his Holiness.

  9. I stopped watching TV many years ago, I can’t even say how long. Since the Internet, TV is ON only for some local news. Bergoglio’s visit meant nothing to me. He and most politicians and Hollywood actors and the current pop culture are all in the same garbage bin as far as I’m concerned. Even the Internet needs to be taken a break from, which I do to read my Bible, the ONLY guide, entertainment, inspiration, source of knowledge and wisdom and the personal, intimate friend who, of all people, is not fake. If and when the Catholic Church will go away or collapse, the only thing that will still remain forever is the Bible. The Bible is the only source to know God. Tradition was built on the Bible. No Bible = No Tradition = No Christianity. It is a fact in spite of what the Church teaches that Tradition is equally important. No, it is not. Too much emphasis is put on humans (like Bergoglio, for example) rather than on the ONE who created them. We sometimes venerate humans more than God. We see it all the time. I read on some websites than Catholics love Bergoglio more than their/his Church. Religion is most of all…personal. You can’t go out in the world naked.

  10. I call him the chief social justice warrior in charge.

    He savors the things of man and the flesh, not of God and the Spirit.

    You know he’s wrong because the lying liberal (I repeat myself again) media love him.

  11. Interesting that the Lutheran satire folks took a rather stinky shot at the Council of Trent at the closing of this video.

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