Worse Than Murder Inc. and Choice


Sarah Owens at The Federalist details her experience at Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder Inc. five years ago:


Two years into college, I found myself late—yes, that kind of late. Now, I knew it was probably nothing, but I wasn’t sure, and I wanted to be. Like a lot of college students, I drank on weekends and if I were pregnant I didn’t want to harm the child. Again, due to embarrassment, I didn’t go to the doctor I knew. I was afraid, even at 20 years old, that a pregnancy test would somehow show up on a bill that went to my parents. If I wasn’t pregnant I didn’t want the test to ever come to light. So, again I trekked to Planned Parenthood, this one located right off campus.

I left the office and cried. Maybe it was relief, but I mostly felt hurt and manipulated. What if I had been pregnant—would she have been able to sway me? How many others have passed through those doors and were swayed to terminate, who felt the strain—financial, physical, or mental—that parenting might cause so decided it would be easier to just “fix the problem”?

Go here to read the rest.  Sarah’s story helps underline the lie behind the pro-abort claim to be “pro-choice”.  First, you cannot be “pro-choice” without being a pro-abort.  (I would never own a slave, but I would never impose my morality on slave-holders.  I would never gas a Jew but who am I to judge the Nazis?  I would never kill my toddler, but that child murderer probably had her reasons.)  A choice between two alternatives is only morally acceptable if both of the choices are at least morally neutral.  Slaying an unborn child never is.

Second, pro-aborts fight tooth and nail against any effort to provide information to a pregnant woman that may persuade her against abortion.  They are “pro-choice” only if the right choice is made:  abortion.

Third, the “pro-choice” mantra is especially risible coming from Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc.:  their blood money empire is based on dead fetuses.  They make no money from a woman not having an abortion.

Abby Johnson, pro-life crusader who was the director of a Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder Inc. clinic, recalls how abortion was pushed:

“Abby,” I was told pointedly, “nonprofit is a tax status, not a business status.” I was ordered to get my priorities straight—which meant I had to get my revenue up… I sat there stunned… Since when has generating revenue been our goal? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… The assigned budget always includes a line for client goals under abortion services and a line for client goals under family planning. When I looked at the numbers, I did a double take. I noticed that the client goals related to family planning hadn’t changed much, but the client goals under abortion services had increased significantly. My mind started racing. Something’s got to be wrong here. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Our goal at Planned Parenthood is to decrease the number of abortions by decreasing the number of unwanted pregnancies. That means family planning services—birth control. That is our stated goal. So why am I being asked, according to this budget, to increase my abortion revenue and thus my abortion client count? And so I asked the question out loud. I came away from that meeting with the clear and distinct understanding that I was to get my priorities straight, that abortion was where my priorities needed to be because that was where the revenue was. This meant that my job as the clinic director was to find a way to increase the number of abortions at my clinic.”

The last thing Planned Parenthood  Worse Than Murder Inc. wants is for a woman to choose life.  No profit for them from such a choice, merely life for her baby and life long love for the mom.

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  1. Satanic forces from the conception of PP,( WTM Inc.), and continuing forward until the beast is finally crushed under the heel of the Immaculata. This is the face of Satan. His depot for the ride to damnation. Poor souls who do not repent and souls propagating the business are happy to be passengers on his train.

    From fox news, today; study indicates Videos not doctored. http://wwwfoxnews.com/politics/2015/09/29/forensic-analysis-planned-parenthood-videos-show-no-evidence-manipulation/?intcmp=hpbt1

    Let us help crush the head of the serpent, Worse than Murder Inc., with our daily Rosaries.

    On Oct. 10th, Saturday, ANF is holding another public square Rosary Rally. The projected number of cities this year is 14,000. We’re getting there. Please spend an hour in prayer with your fellow Catholics to ask Heaven to assist us putting an end to this Satanic organization PP.

    Thank you for your consideration’s.

  2. Nazis who had done before and during WW II what Planned Parenthood does today with impunity before the whole world were tried in a Court of Law for crimes against humanity, convicted, and then hung by their necks till they were dead. I would rather that they repent. But Democrats (and these are all Democrats) typically (and sadly) do not repent. Further, while they will escape the capital punishment visited on their Nazi forebearers, they will not escape God’s mercy for the unborn. He hears their cries and He is NOT a disinterested spectator in the events of human affairs. May God help us when He shows forth His mercy. It ain’t a’gonna be pretty.

  3. PS, would Pope Francis still oppose the death penalty if he were shown one of those videos of a medical specialist at Planned Parenthood vivisecting a live baby for his organs?

  4. A horrifying aspect is that every time I was pregnant, it was really easy to get me worked up with fear from lack of support– even with a great husband, and the long distance support of family, I didn’t have anybody physically there a lot of the time and that’s the level it hits you on. Panic attacks are already an issue, especially among women– I think it’s because of the major lack of visceral support and connection.

    The kind of bullying the transcript describes would be very, very effective on a woman who is already scared, and has the surge of pregnancy related hormones in her system.

  5. “The kind of bullying the transcript describes would be very, very effective on a woman who is already scared, and has the surge of pregnancy related hormones in her system.”

    A woman I know was in just that situation Foxfier, 19 years old, abandoned by everyone, and completely terrified, and came very close to aborting her now beloved daughter, the light of her life. Then she heard a baby crying and stormed out of the clinic. To this day she doesn’t know if there was a baby elsewhere in the abortion clinic, she imagined it or it was a cry of a Holy Innocent beyond this Vale of Tears.

  6. Cecile Richards swore in testimony that she is; “unaware of any baby being born alive following a botched abortion.”

    See what happens when you make seven figures annually running the Country’s largest abortion facility. You loose sight. You loose the ability to hear. You loose your senses.

    This is the height of ungodliness. The depths of filthiness. This Cecile Richards is bought and paid for. The ownership of one Lucifer who holds her soul in his bloody hand.

    If you knew that your presence at one of these death camps could save the life of a baby, wouldn’t you find the time to show up…even if it was just an hour of your time?

    Two events are happening on Oct. 10th.
    Another prayer Rally in front of as many PP’s around the country as possible and the National Rosary campaign as mentioned above. Please consider attending one of these events. We must not let Cecile Richards rest until she grows a conscious…and tell’s the truth. The baby you save will forever be a constant advocate for you and your loved one’s. Can I prove this? Nope. I am absolutely certain of it, as I am certain that God Loves Us. The baby will never know you on Earth, yet her Angel will be speaking favourably on your behalf to Our Lord and King of Mercy.

  7. This is the group that the Republican controlled Congress can’t be bothered to defund because it’s too hard.

  8. Almost all Republicans have voted to defund Planned Parenthood and almost all Democrats have voted to continue to fund it. Obama has vowed to veto any spending bill that does not fund Planned Parenthood. How are the Republicans supposed to defund it under those circumstances? Refuse to pass any funding bill and go home? Been there, done that.

  9. From Grassfire, division of Grassroots Action Inc., the Senate has voted 77-19 to advance the spending bill. 31 Republican senators sided with dems. Disgraceful.

  10. Meanwhile Pope Who tells America it needs to abolish the death penalty and writes letters to American states’ governors trying to stop justice for heinous, death-row convicts. These are aids and abettors to Worse than Murder, Inc.

  11. Philip, Philip, you obsess too much. It is not necessary to talk about this issue of abortion so much. We have to find a new moral balance; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.

    –Pope Francis

  12. How are the Republicans supposed to defund it under those circumstances?

    I dunno. Go back to passing the 7(?) or so appropriation bills that made up the federal budget. You know, back when we had a budget instead of this perpetual phony-crisis continuing resolution nonsense. Save Health & Human services (assuming that’s where WTMInc get’s its funding) for last to diminish the threat.
    Or is that too crazy to work?

  13. On the other hand, if we had some public faces that didn’t reflexively cringe every time a media wag gave them the Very Serious Look of Profound Concern while wanting to know why little Timmy’s trip to Washington was ruined because the Lincoln Memorial was closed, well then, it wouldn’t be that hard to turn it around and say that the Lincoln Memorial was closed because the Democrat President and his Democrat colleagues care more about funnelling your hard-earned tax dollars to a group that chops up babies for parts and that’s wrong. Because it’s wrong to sell baby parts.
    Really, I don’t see why Republicans are afraid to make this fight. Unless, that is, they don’t really believe what they say they believe.
    (N.B. Boehner in my opinon is the false prophet, given the complete and utter failure to move on anything the G.O.P ran on in 2010 & 2014 –other than we think we should be in charge instead of them, of course. But that’s subtext.)

  14. “I don’t have the answer, obviously, but a united front wouldn’t hurt even in the face of a veto.”

    I don’t disagree with that, but there has to be a plan better than shut down the government which has been tried and failed as a strategy. One might be to propose legislation banning federal funds for any group trafficking in human body parts. That focuses on the issue at hand and forces the Democrats to play defense on a subject that makes ever portions of their voters upset.

  15. “On the other hand, if we had some public faces that didn’t reflexively cringe every time a media wag gave them the Very Serious Look of Profound Concern while wanting to know why little Timmy’s trip to Washington was ruined because the Lincoln Memorial was closed, well then, it wouldn’t be that hard to turn it around and say that the Lincoln Memorial was closed because the Democrat President and his Democrat colleagues care more about funnelling your hard-earned tax dollars to a group that chops up babies for parts and that’s wrong. Because it’s wrong to sell baby parts.”

    Yep, all those government checks will not be coming out because the Republicans, in their ceaseless war on women, hate contraception and Planned Parenthood. That is the way almost all Americans would hear about it from the media.

  16. The government checks don’t stop coming, so that’s a media-crat lie. You fight lies with the truth. But you have to be willing to make the fight in order to win it. Right now, we simply forfeit. Because it’s too hard to point out Obama would be the one shutting down the government by his veto, and the Democrats would be the ones keeping it shut by sustaining that veto.

    And all because keeping our tax dolloars going to an organization that sells baby parts is more important to them than government checks.

  17. The decrease in the abortions being preformed is due to what? RU-486 or the constant Pro-Life visibility at death camps including news related to abortion?

    Is it going to be a win for pro life by the decision of women to never choose abortion as an option? Will the tide turn, or has it turned already?

    The lawless own the language today. War on women! What might have to happen is the number of pro life witnesses multiplying to the point that the option of abortion becomes, as it already should be, a non-choice. Public opinion becomes a tsunami that shuts down the Murder option. Wishful thinking?

    What else is there?

  18. “Because it’s too hard to point out Obama would be the one shutting down the government by his veto, and the Democrats would be the ones keeping it shut by sustaining that veto.”

    Such points were made in the last government shutdown and it didn’t work. Repeating failed strategies is a sure recipe for defeat. A much better strategy is to launch investigative hearings in regard to Planned Parenthood, something some of the smarter Republicans are beginning to do in the House:


    With the power of subpoena much can be uncovered, especially if this is tied in with ongoing civil suits against Planned Parenthood for violation of federal laws regarding body part trafficking and the use of federal funds for abortion related services.

    “By wise counsel do you win your wars” is one of the most sadly neglected passages in the Bible for most Christians.

  19. Government shutdowns have proven not to be quite the political disasters that people feared, and as such are no big deal (plus they lighten traffic a bit in my neck of the woods). On the other hand, they don’t ever seem to accomplish anything.

  20. This whole-cloth lie that Federal money is not being used to fund PP abortions reminds me of my Great Aunt Evelyn’s (RIP) reaction to news that the notorious Willy Sutton had robbed her bank branch, “I hope he didn’t get my money.”
    Once money is placed in an organization, it is comingled and used in the whole supply of money. So, if PP commits abortions, federal funds are used to the commit abortions. Of course, the lawyers’ solution would be to establish/incorporate a PP non-profit affiliate, independent of the abortion PP, that only does women’s health stuff and place the Federal $$ therein.
    Another line of questioning should be exorbitant salaries paid, again from Federal monies, much of which is revolved into the democrat party coffers.

  21. A much better strategy is to launch investigative hearings in regard to Planned Parenthood,

    I’m sorry. Could you repeat what you were saying about failed strategies. I got distracted by this hysterical disembodied laughter. I was trying to figure out if it was Eric Holder or the ghost of Christopher Stevens I was hearing.

    It wasn’t a cackle, so I know it wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

  22. A recent poll indicates that 46% approve of WTM Inc. Aka PP. I’ll bet most of these people voted twice for Obama, who is presiding over the dissolution of this once great country. When the people become dissolute (late 14c., “loose, negligent, morally or religiously lax,” from Latin dissolutus “loose, disconnected,”), the dissolution of the nation is inevitable.

  23. Instapundit has a post stating that federally-funded PP funded progressive protesters that threw condoms at GOP Prez hopeful Carly Fiorina.

    In other news, GOP senate eunuchs refuse to rear up on their hind legs and defund.
    The supply of ammunition is woefully inadequate.

  24. dear kindred spirits in this blog -i’m still free falling from the pseudo- pastoral visit from the Pontifex Maximus!-
    FOXFIRE- you’re touching on something that may be at the core of the answer to this abortion issue – how do we pro-lifers add to the Corporal works a clause to help all mothers who have children under 24 months + + special needs – on a regular and irregular basis. When i was raising my young family of 5 including twins [74-82], and it is worse now!! it seemed all of society was against us- affordable homes only had 4 bedrooms, you could NOT buy a reasonable vehicle to carry 7 which became 9 in our case – every time we went out, my wife or i were asked : Are they all yours”?? Dr’s office nurses were relentless in their pushing of contraception and a condescending attitude of protege’s of Margaret Sanger – the evil looks i would get in super markets as I pushed a cart of kids with some groceries and wife pushed groceries with some kids…. aisle after aisle- check out was always are they all yours – my youngest when we’d go shopping the well meaning clerk would say ‘ – oh ! out with grand pa today huh?? and my daughter would correct them , forcibly, he’s not my grandpa , HE IS MY DAD!!!
    How do we blunt this societal attack on babies/ families causing the innate fear Foxfire is describing and provide total assurance and confidence to mothers and fathers of all christian faiths that there is a viable, dependable support group easily accessible for you and all your families. Could be a great job for ‘younger’ nursing home prisoners. and assisted living folks who may be looking for something more meaningful than caring for a pet. Even if it is just organized respite care for sleep deprived parents of the colic baby? or a regular ear to sit and listen over coffee when bringing a hot meal?? and being experienced parents, we could instruct the ignorant in child rearing and fear of the Lord. did we know this support once upon a time as a parish? Is this a potential for an apostolate? I’ve grown weary of waiting for Mother Church to get really aggressive on this while babies DIE and the March for Life is little more than a once a year ‘make believe we’re doing’ something self grandizing photo op for ineffective and clueless American Hierarchy.- thoughts….? shoot or salute- i may try and run with this locally and see how we do…..

  25. @paul coffey.

    1 for salute.

    When Good Council Homes started up in 1985, they had to rely on prayer and financial support. That combination worked!
    Now with Fr. Benedict Groeschel to assist you from above, I would recommend you give Chris Bell a jingle, to see if he has some good advice to pass along. Chris and Father Benedict founded the successful Good Council Homes in N.J..

    Personally I think the idea is win / win for the stressed out families as well as the forgotten seniors in Assisted Living environments.

    With prayers…go out into the deep for a catch.

  26. Paul Coffey – it can’t just be moms with kids– that’s damage control…or maybe an injury metaphor is better— it’s a hospital. The crisis pregnancy is the ER. What about the walking wounded?
    We need to try to figure out how to prevent the damage– keep folks at college from feeling so alone that they’ll share their bodies with total strangers, boy or girlfriends they don’t even especially like, because it’s better than being alone.
    I don’t know how to do this on a grand scale. I can do individual stuff.

  27. Philip – Foxfire ; thanks!- I’m looking at the web site for Chris Bell’s Good Counsel homes in nj. and will take that idea forward to our parish pro life team which is pushing joining 40 days for life- I am still stuck on the ‘fear’ word Fox fire used in her earlier note- i know the feeling: when my wife came home after the OBGYN becoming pregnant 2+ years post our twin daughters birth – the dr. was convinced we were going to have twins again – turned out to be just a big bouncy 9lb 6 oz boy named jason paul …. and the dr did the same again 2+ yrs after Jason when 9 lb 8oz damien made his firs appearance…… I could have had my own Bell’s brigade!! i recall the fear and momentary despair whiizziing around my chair looking for a spine when getting the news from my tearfull wife ; thinking there is no one to ask for help with the upcoming workload and the day to day / sleepless nights child tending. i’m going to stop here cause i see good Counsel of N.J. as a ‘ home’ for unwed pregnant girls – VS. helping that group of married women who seek abortion for an ‘ unwanted = i’m scared and overworked and financially strapped” and my husband doesn’t want another child’ pregnancy. there is more than enough need out there- it all gets back to family as i think Firefox implies in her 2nd comment – it is the environment we create everywhere we touch ; take pride in your self, be clear that children are welcome and parenting is a tough job to do well and requires your total selfless giving all the time but i also see that flies in the face of the pagan culture i live in and i do not even have the support of the vicar of Christ. – but as someone on his blog pointed out, my faith is in the Christ ,, not the man in the chair. suggestions are always welcome and needed. pc

  28. paul coffey.

    I realize that the home for unwed mothers isn’t the model you were looking for, but my aim was speaking with Chris for ideas that might construct a model of your own design.

    Reading Foxfier’s clear explanation of needs leads me to think of community service groups that are like minded in faith and faced with similar demands while not caving into the lure of false love. A christian community of women who meet regularly to share in tasks while giving others respite.

  29. Well….we might steal a page from what some churches do near military training bases– Pensacola was really good about that. Provide transport from colleges to things like a regular “hang out in the parish hall,” specifically for folks who are lonely.
    Set up “bring the kids to play” groups– a lady in a near by parish set up a home school PE class, hired an outside teacher and the moms can put the kids old enough for PE in the class, then go sit in the play room and let the little kids play while they get a bit of a break.
    My husband has gotten a lot of good from the local Knights of Columbus running the RE classes, and he actually joined. (Youngest guy in our area by at LEAST 20 years, although he’s talking to some of the guys he got to know in the “Catholicism refresher” classes.)
    I tried to volunteer with our parish, but it’s all set up with the assumption that you will not have kids around. I’d love to help at the food bank– I can carry more than even the older gentlemen that help. But it’s…ah… not young family friendly, we’ll say.

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