Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom!

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  1. a pope who has done and said nothing heterodox

    That’s the rub right there, isn’t it? Because a lot of what he has said and done has some of us appending a yet to that statement, others of us pounding our poor heads like Pooh-bear trying to jog a thought loose, and still others not fully “us” anticipating a new orthodoxy.
    Some of us are in for some profound frustration and disappointment.

  2. Mark Shea is a manichean and divides the world into evil people and good people. Isn’t his entire theologocal education fundamentalist? He is always so eager to condemn and accuse as if his fundamentalism has found a new target for who’s going to hell, only now it is anyone who disagrees with his magisterium.

  3. “For Mark Shea it is always let a thousand flowers bloom so long as they all smell like him.”

    And what a horrid stench that would be.

  4. Mark Shea is basically a leftist. When you read his comments and postings on the subjects he blogs on, it’s obvious he has taken more and more of a leftist position on them as the years go by. Nobody who’s a traditional, conservative Catholic should take this man seriously as a commentator on the Catholic faith or secular politics.

  5. Mark Shea should be ignored. I am not going to insult the man or his opinions, but I am not going to waste my time on them either. Mr. McClarey made an honest observation on the Holy Father’s visit and his speeches. Mr.McClarey insulted nobody, banned nobody and told nobody how to run their blogs or business. It is Mr. McClarey who behaved as an adult, not Mark Shea.

    Go to Mass. Pray. Go to Confession and do penance. Pray for the Holy Father, no matter what he says or does

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