PopeWatch: Saved by a Dart

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  1. The word on the street is that the History Channel is embarking on a new “reality show,” that is being sponsored by Mutual of Omaha.
    “Missing the Kingdom” will debut in the fall of 2016. Details are sketchy, but insider’s claim it combines the movements of radical Catholic cleric’s that roam the vastness of the Vatican in search of prey. The Swiss Guard try to distinguish between the radical predators and the timid religious who surprisingly look alike, but the producers of the show promise live action, intrigue and tranquilizer darts.
    The pilot for the program was delayed due to a tragedy on site. Jim, a 94year old retired actor who co-stared with Marlin Perkins in the original Wild Kingdom series, was preparing to hand Cardinal Burke a capture net, when suddenly He fell gravely ill. Cardinal Burke has been asked to return at a later date.
    Stay tuned.

  2. Yes, good idea. No question a dart was necessary. The Pope needs to be protected against saying something actually Catholic that would up his left wings followers.

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