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  1. Yup, the bishops will show us their traditional Beethoven sheet music so we settle back in our chairs, but then they’ll all play rap or hip hop. Is that it?

  2. Interesting about the death penalty JP2 comparison – remember the Sanhedrin cod not impose the death penalty – they had to connive to have the Roman State do it . Francis is messing and conniving or making suggested considerations to church law, not secular. The Church does not impose the death penalty. The Church ‘s law does regulate the sacrament of marriage

  3. If the teaching on the indissolubility of marriage is neutered, then what will follow is a neutering of the teaching on the intrinsic evil of sodomite and lesbian behavior.

  4. Yes and the “field hospital” becomes , at the least, ineffective or incapacitated- and at the worst a source of infection as was mentioned yesterday by Don

  5. Dr. Jeffrey Bond was perfect on St. JPII and his gutting of the death penalty even if he was brief. He made my day because few paid Catholic writers veer from the safe which is not good for the Church. I hope he’s incorrect on the Synod. I think the conservatives will win the day but I am waiting for eggs benedict in the Breakers hotel restaurant overlooking with a perfect view and large windows and wifi …the Atlantic’s crashing waves in gorgeous, mansion filled Spring Lake N.J. after photographing the predawn sky and waves for oil paintings I do…so this sunny white water day ( post storm) might be influencing me in all things. And she just brought me more black coffee. Later I will visit a life long enemy in an old age home down here…one who hurt my mom and me more often. Few others visit her. It’s about forgiving enemies. But the death penalty is about showing God’s wrath according to the Holy Spirit in Romans 13:4… which see …you younguns who haven’t read it.

  6. The same is true to just war. Since John XXIII, at least, popes try to destroy what many saints and doctors of the Church argued. The popes can not win, but they propagate words againts just war in every oportunity. Unfortunately.

  7. Wasn’t Paul VI widely expected to ” bring the Church into the twentieth century” by endorsing the use of birth control?

  8. I pray this analysis is wrong, but fear it’s right.

    And if you look at the death penalty issue, how many times do we hear priests, bishops, and popes saying the dp is “never” justified, it violates human dignity, it denies God’s mercy, etc, etc. In effect, the DP is now treated as de facto intrinsically immoral regardless of circumstance.

    Can you imagine if this happens to the issue of indissolubility of marriage? It will soon be commonly held that indissoluble marriage is as much a unicorn as a legitimate recourse to the death penalty.

    God help us. We could survive without the DP, but if these people succeed in subverting the last vestige of the Christian understanding of marriage… I shudder to think.

  9. If so, they will pay on Judgment Day. It would be better if they had never been born.
    Our Lord and Redeemer’s mercy is His “forgiveness of sins”, i. e. one is forgiven (not subject to the eternal fire of Hell) when one, in spirit and in truth, seeks forgiveness (repents, Confesses, does penance, amends one’s life) and Jesus says, “go forth and sin no more.” Jesus did not say, “I will not judge you. Go forth and commit more adultery.” It’s in the Gospels. Look it up.
    Pray for the misguided bishops and the remarried adulterers. Their rewards are reaped in the here-and-now, in the hereafter it will not be so good.
    The Church previously has been proven wrong and will be wrong again.

  10. We wouldn’t even have this discussion on the indissolubiity of marriage if the church didn’t go around marrying spiritually casual nominal willy-nilly. I know that sometimes people change in unimaginalbe ways that cause marriages to crash and burn and a path to spiritual reconciliation is a needed mercy in such cases. But based on decades of witnessing catholic weddings I think most Catholic failed marriages fail because the couple lacks serious Cathlic conviction before the Lord from the start. Their driving life principle is “I do as damn well please and, oh by the way, I’m Catholic” instead of “First and foremost I’m Catholic and that drives all of my attitudes, convictions, relationships and behaviors.” It wouldn’t take much digging by the local priest to figure this out before he presumes to marry people. The Church is reaping the harvest of sowing marriage seeds in very rocky soil.

  11. Grammy, you are so correct, thank you!
    I have many an example, but alas, no time now to elaborate. I wish your apt observation was front and center at the Synod, and therefore solutions being discussed. God Bless you.

  12. Pope Francis will get the final word and the Jesuit pope wants to water down the Eucharist with allowing those divorced and “remarried” without an annulment to receive it. And that is exactly what will happen. Francis could care less how it affects Church doctrine. The American “Francis” by the name of Cupich refuses to withhold communion from ANYONE! He says communion is part of the “healing process”. I guess he’s never heard of confession! This is without a doubt Francis’ view also. And since who can receive communion will be left up to the local priests; communion for homosexuals shacking up with their “partners” will be forthcoming from the Cupichs, Weurls and Dolans of the world. The Synod will also state that we should quit using the word homosexual or sodomite to destroy…..well…sodomites, and we should adopt the less judgemental word “gay” that the radical homosexuals adopted as their official name.

  13. Correction: The Synod will also state that we should quit using the word homosexual or sodomite to describe…..well…sodomites, and we should adopt the less ” judgemental” word “gay” that the radical homosexuals adopted as their official name, which is a slap in the face to anyone that knows the true meaning of the word.

  14. dblack.
    Homosexual. = Gay
    Paedophile. = a minor attractive person
    Beastality = an animal lover
    Catholic. = a bigot and a hate monger
    Abortionist. = a reproductive health Pro.
    Catholic (new brand) = Protestant

    What would we do without Political Correctness?

    one more for the second cup of coffee….

    Radical Islamists. = Your new neighbor’s
    ( as Syria refugee’s enter the Obomber Administration has admitted that they can’t distinguish between the true refugees v. insurgents. CNN article states; Vetting the refugees has been a problem for the Administration. )

    Helping our Syrian neighbor’s flee from Isis’ brutality and offering a safe haven is right.
    It will come at the cost of American citizens lives. How many? No one knows.

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