Hermeneutic of Conspiracy



Well, now the Pope is warning about “conspiracy theories”:



Pope Francis has warned bishops at a global church meeting on the family not to be taken in by conspiracy theories, as conservatives and liberals reportedly engage in attempts to manipulate the synod.

A Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, on Thursday confirmed reports that the pontiff had warned Catholic bishops and cardinals behind closed doors on Tuesday not to get caught up in “the hermeneutic of conspiracy”.

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As to the allegations that there have been ongoing attempts to rig the Synod last year and this year, that rests not on conspiracy theories but on sound reporting, notably by Edward Pentin of The National Catholic Register:

“For instance, the debate over allowing reception of Communion by divorced-and-remarried persons took center stage at the synod, although it was “hardly discussed” there, Pentin said.

Once the matter appeared in the controversial mid-term report which was released to a firestorm of media misinformation and confusion, many bishops knew that an agenda was being pushed from behind the scenes, he said.

“It eclipsed a lot of the discussions at the synod, even though it was hardly discussed and hardly a subject for the synod,” Pentin explained. Many were worried about it being debated at length “because it’s used as a vehicle to bring in Church recognition of same-sex unions, cohabitation, and changes to the Church’s teaching on sexuality.”

The cardinal ultimately responsible for producing the controversial mid-term report or interim relatio, Cardinal Péter Erdö of Hungary, was “bullied and coerced and pushed to write documents that he really didn’t want to write” by others in the secretariat, Pentin charged.

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, who “was trying to uphold the Church’s tradition” on same-sex unions, the author continued, was marginalized during the efforts to draft the final report at the synod.

“He tried to make a point at one of the meetings with Cardinal Baldisseri and the other synod officials, and he was ignored,” Pentin said, “two times I think he was ignored.”

Cardinal Napier had not wanted to include the matter of same-sex unions in the topic of “marriage,” he continued. Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. was outraged at the treatment of Cardinal Napier and made it known at the meeting that he must be listened to.

In another story, Pentin told of how bishops at the synod tried to intimidate the editor of a major work defending Catholic doctrine, a book that was sent to all the synod bishops.

Fr. Robert Dodaro was the editor of “Remaining in the Truth of Christ,” a compilation of chapters from bishops and theologians defending Church teaching on Communion for divorced-and-remarried persons. The book was sent to each synod bishop before the gathering.

However, it was “clear” how “various officials working in the synod tried to get him removed,” Pentin said.

I must say it is rich for the Pope to be telling us not to believe in conspiracy theories.  Much of his economic and political world view seems to be based on conspiracy theories:  from evil international capitalists conspiring to keep people poor to arms merchants starting wars, the Pope has given every sign of believing many of the conspiracy theories ever popular on the left.


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  1. Pope Francis is simply shocked, shocked that a conspiracy is going on at Vatican. How rich! Spoken by the master manipulator himself. What we have here is the makings of a movie, part Godfather, part Dr Strangelove, part Shakespeare. It is all so very surreal and hard to believe any of this is actually happening. But it is, and it is BAD.

  2. When the diabolical comes out of the closet (pun intended)it becomes a heck of a lot easier to find the truth–that which will set us free.
    One has little doubt (to paraphrase Shakespeare) there is a whole lot rotten with what’s going on in Rome.
    I suspect, the words “Roman Circus” could be applied without distorting things much.

  3. I find it ironic that a straight shooter like Pentin works for one of the biggest Francoshills in the entire Catholic Media Complex, the National Catholic Register.

  4. The Pope said that he wanted to clean up the Curia and make it ‘responsive’ to the whole Church. It looks as though he is either failing or a parallel alt-Curia has been created.

  5. “Fr. Robert Dodaro was the editor of “Remaining in the Truth of Christ”, a compilation
    of chapters from bishops and theologians defending Church teaching on Communion
    for divorced-and-remarried persons. The book was sent to each bishop before the

    While copies of the book were sent to all 200+ bishops of the synod, they never received
    them. The books were all stolen from the synod fathers’ Vatican mailboxes. But Francis
    would have us believe there’s no conspiracy to manipulate the synod…

  6. What we have here in Pope Francis is an in-your-face, out of control, Machiavellian, ego-maniacal, mendacious dictator who is corrupting the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. Face it, this guy needs to go–and fast. But in the meantime, being good Catholics and all, let us pray for him.

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