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We would all do well to ignore official Vatican statements about what is being said at the Synod.  (Isn’t that statement a sad commentary on the current state of the Church?)  At least that is the purport of the latest report on the Synod by Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register:

Meanwhile, it emerged today via the blog of the president of the Polish bishops’ conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, that Cardinal Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, outlined two main, immediate global threats against humanity in his intervention.

Echoing Pope Benedict XVI, he spoke of a dictatorship of moral relativism, which is especially reflected in gender ideology and Islamic fanaticism, such as in the various jihadi movements, especially the Islamic State group (ISIS). The cardinal compared these two ideologies to the totalitarian expressions of the 20th century — communism and fascism. Moral relativism, according to the cardinal, breaks down the family and leads to the loss of true humanity.

From gender ideology flows euthanasia, abortion and homosexuality, leading to ruthless practices depriving man of his human dignity. Contrasting with gender ideology that flows from moral relativism, Islamic fanaticism leads to the terrible abuse of the human person.

Archbishop Gadecki said his fellow synod father, Archbishop Henry Hoser of Warsaw-Praga, was “deeply impressed” with the theological and intellectual depth of Cardinal Sarah’s intervention. 

“His was not the voice of a prophet of doom, but a voice that flowed from the deep need of the awareness that we know how to react to such events,” Archbishop Hoser said.

There was no record of Cardinal Sarah’s comments during yesterday’s Holy See Press Office briefing on the session in which he spoke. The Register also learned today that other interventions upholding Scripture, doctrine and practice were largely overlooked at the briefing.

Asked at today’s press conference if, to give the media a better idea of the talks, the press office could provide the number of speakers who gave interventions in the synod hall, Father Lombardi said he was “not in a position to do so” and that to list the many themes would be “hard to carry out.” He said each synod father can make his intervention public if he wishs.

Most transparent and open pontificate ever!  Sure.


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  1. “Can you hear me now?”

    Cricket’s chipping.

    If this continues than at the very least we know who and who isn’t a faithful guardian of Holy Church. Let the scoundrel’s go there way. When the weeds are pulled up with the wheat, they will be rewarded for their ways.

  2. I think the only thing left for prelates like Cardinal Sarah and Archbishop Gadecki is
    to leave this awful sham of a synod. Their continued presence only lends it a veneer
    of respectability, maintaining the pretense of collegiality when in fact the synod has
    been rigged to produce a predetermined result. To stay and continue this sham is
    to allow oneself to become a rubber stamp, for this Pope doesn’t want an actual
    synod, he wants a politburo.
    And what does it say about the goals of the organizers of this synod, that they believe
    they are best served with the sort of manipulations and chicanery we are seeing? If
    honesty and transparency and a reasoned, open exchange of ideas are all inimical
    to one’s cause, that’s a sign that one’s cause is, in fact, bad.


  3. Many Bishops are afraid. They don’t want to lose the money that keeps many of our Church’s open. Many are afraid to lose material sustenance for themselves. They rationalize their cowardice. The sad reality is that even if the worldly powers pulled the plug on the finances of the Church the amount of truly faithful Catholics would not be diminished. They have so utterly failed in their duty as shepherds that no one is edifying and nurtured in our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, despite the amount of “functioning” parishes available. Many Bishops are like Judas. Who do they serve? The majority of Catholics are faithful to the the ways of the world, just as the powers desire. Who will have faith when our Lord returns? How many hearts will be kindled by the fire of the Holy Spirit? All we can do is pray, and offer up our sorrows to God, sharing with Christ Jesus our portion of His Passion. Our Mother in Heaven shares in our sorrows, and her prayers are always heard. We are all in this together as one in our One Lord.

  4. I will never lose faith in the Church, but I am rapidly losing faith in many of the clerics in the Vatican – and elsewhere. We have a couple of serious of issues in my own diocese.
    A humble and holy priest has been falsely accused of sexual misconduct – this has been bandied around by our own bishop that he was involved in a sexual encounter, but when persued on this point, we find that he ” used words” only.
    I know this priest very well – he is a personal friend. The woman who accused him is a drug addicted prostitute who had accused all the male menbers of her family – including her father and grandfather – of sexually abusing her since she was 12. The police know her and would not even look at the accusation.
    Yet, despite this, her accusation was never investigated, and a panel of 4 other preists and 2 lawyers found my friend guilty of the charge, on the “balance of probabilities”- a very low grade criteria – and my bishop will not allow him a canonical trial even though he is entitled to one under the protocol. He was given one hour to collect his belongings and was unceremoniously thrown out of the presbytery where he was living by another priest – one who was one of his judges.
    He has been defamed in an open letter by our bishop, physically assaulted by another member of the clergy, and members of the laity have been threatened if they support him. Thank God for faithful laity – most of the laity and many of the other priests in the diocese believe – rather I should say know – that Fr. Alex is innocent, and he is being supported by the laity – and some clergy.
    The case is soon to be taken to the civil court. The bishop and co-operating priests are being sued for defamation and one with assault, the accuser is being sued for defamation etc., and because this priest is Indian, there is also a case going to the Human Rights Trbunal for racial discrimination.
    Things are not well in the Church. Lord Jesus, come and save your people, because the institutional Church is not..

  5. Terrible. I’m beginning to understand what our Lord means when He tells His faithful followers that they will be hated by the world. This type of persecution is happening more often. Because of modern technology, faithful Christians are being scandalized with falsehoods to lead numerous sheep astray. The Truth sets us free. We are surrounded by lies, and lies are the weapon that the enemy uses to bring trouble against the faithful. We certainly will have trouble, but thanks be to God, our Lord Jesus Christ has conquered the world. Blessed are those who are persecuted for proclaiming the Truth of Love Divine. God gives the greatest tribulations to His strongest soldiers. I’ll be praying. We are all in this together. God bless.

  6. “Clinton on Friday, October 9, A.D. 2015 at 11:28am ”

    Never thought I’d agree with a Clinton, but you nailed it. They ought to file a minority report publicly when it’s over.

  7. “…members of the laity have been threatened if they support him”

    So, now we are not allowed to be charitable? I know of a priest who was a real molester, and a saintly deacon who regularly had breakfast with him. After the accusations became public the deacon said “What do I do?” He decided to keep having breakfast with the man. This deacon was awesome: chronically ill for years, almost shot by guerrillas in Central America when he was a missionary. He has now gone on to his ultimate reward, which I am sure will be substantial.

  8. Greatly fear that sycophants with eyes on Holy servants, such as those around the sad Fr. Alex case, are going to rear their ugly heads all over the world after this whole miserable meeting. The list is probably long already, such as with the Sister in the South at the school in S. Carolina, the parishes which are wreckovated after becoming ports in the storm, the Little Sisters of the Poor, the FFI under controlled activity, the treatment of Cardinals Pell and Sarah at the meeting, Cardinal Burke at the get go, the Rosica lawsuit, the strawman of followers of Tradition, the universal language of the church snub, calling the Gospel of Jesus such as nothing new for these times, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the flowing blood of martyrs, and the elephant of marketing organs of infants in the service of one-sided dialogue for the purpose of walking together. I am sure that Heaven knows and I pray for Jesus’ remnant – today is the Sorrowful Mysteries, beginning with His agony in the garden which is being revealed by the scourging.

  9. The synod may fabricate whatever judgment it does. I fall on Thomas F. Meagher’s statement on his conviction and death sentence (for his part in the 1848 Irish uprising). “I shall go, I think, with a light heart before a higher tribunal – a tribunal where a Judge of infinite goodness, as well as infinite justice, will preside, and where many of the judgments of this world will be reversed.”

  10. Don L, thank you. And as for my name, ‘Clinton’ is my first name, not my family
    name. Absolutely no relation to any family of politicians, thank heavens.

  11. Seems to me that Cardinal Sara and those who are like-minded should walk out of the Synod and hold a press conference to denounce the corrupt proceeding and the names of their ring leaders. This is the kind of courage that would be truly impressive and lead to change. Perhaps the change would bring about their dismissal but such is the price of martyrdom be it moral or actual. Simply stated, someone must proclaim the TRUTH.

  12. Michael Dowd

    What has truth got to do with this circus?
    Censorship (imposed upon the small groups) is the arch-enemy of truth. The agenda will go forth, and the sheep (the passive, less curious ones who don’t know what a wolf looks like) will never know the corruption of the faith that is occurring.

    It is said now, that the pope may not write a final instruction/opinion, (letting the results of this controlled synod speak for him?)

  13. DonL.
    Truth has nothing to do with the circus. It is a ’tissue of lies’ as has been said someplace.
    That’s why we need Cardinal Sara to come out and proclaim the truth to the effect that the synod is a fraud and a deceit. And let the chips fall where they may.

  14. I expressed some of my fears and some of the conclusions I have come to (based on personal and family experience) to some Catholics I met a Plannef Parenthood. Afterward , remorseful for fear overloading the one lady with info she was t ready to hear,guilty of shaking her faith I went to talk with our good priest.
    Father explained to me that Francis is doing all of this to flush out those who have been hidden. To let them shine the bright light on themselves and be exposed so they can be dealt with.

  15. Anzlyne
    All well and good as a strategy for Godless politicians etc. But, as pope, charged with sounding a clear trumpet for his flock–that none may stray, he needs to first, never give equal opportunity for Satan to preach in the temple.
    That only brings confusion which leads to despair, which leads to loss of faith, and thus, loss of souls.
    No evil may ever be done in order to bring about a greater good.
    Such a strategy is morally wrong.

  16. Thank you DonL This is all vey difficult, and I have the disquiet of thinking that Father is trying to be kind to me and others and that he also may be afraid that we are “whistling in the dark”.
    Confusion for sure. May God lead us safely.

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