Another Success For the Jesuits!

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  1. I can’t find the source but I thought I read during the recent Vatican Climate Conference that Brown could not say that he was a Christian. Gave some vague response.

  2. Philip,
    Interesting news. I believe it means PP will go from “murder for hire” to simply “murder for free.” They’ll still harvest humans, but they say they’ll take no money for it. I’m sure they have a plan to recoup the monies another way. Evil finds a way.

  3. Kyle.

    True. 🙁

    It is good news. They are feeling the pressure.

    I’ll refrain from using this thread about said news. God bless Life.

  4. Next we will hear that the solution to Medicare and Social Security deficits is at hand via the “Heroic Sacrifice Program” (formerly euthanasia) whereby participants will receive a special medal awarded posthumously plus $10,000 to be given to anyone they choose. There will provisions in the program that under certain circumstances it will be mandatory.
    Isn’t it marvelous: suicide and murder at the service of mankind. This is the road we are on. God have mercy!

  5. And why are we surprised and shocked? Our world has not evolved into the pits of hell because of leadership within the Church. But from the infiltration within that has been ignored and allowed to fester into this giant massive infection. Not dealt with, not addressed by hierarchy that should have pounced immediately..or may have been complicit. Oh no we wouldn’t want to hold anyone accountable! Glad I didn’t raised my six practicing Catholic children that way. And believe me there were times when it wasn’t pretty. I wouldn’t want to face my Maker with this legacy on my soul.

  6. Why vote for “Right (Duty) to Die” and veto “Right to Try”? Easy, dead people are less expensive to take care of than the sick, and with government budgets imploding, well, gotta get savings somewhere. Same with insurance–they are required to pay for all kinds of things (birth control, STD, IVF, etc), diseases and conditions that could be fairly easily avoided if people took care of themselves. Little wonder there is no money to aid the sick and aged.

  7. Kmbold.

    No question about that!
    Extremely cruel.

    Any negitive cash flow activity which introduces change in policy, even minuscule, is a sign of weakness regarding this diabolical organization.
    On the 98th anniversary of the Miracle of the sun in Fatima, this small victory is a great sign!
    A sign of larger victories to come in this battle for the Innocent’s!

    Worse than Murder Inc. is doomed!

  8. It’s a win-win situation for the dems: they don’t spend Medicare/Medicaid on superannuated people and they get their votes.

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