During the Stalinist period in the old Soviet Union, whenever the regime encountered difficulties, problems would be blamed on “wreckers” conspiring against the State.  Show trials would then be held and millions of people would be sent to the gulags with most of them dying.  Fortunately the Church does not have gulags, because the powers that be at the Vatican seem to have the same mentality for blaming imaginary threats when their schemes do not go smoothly:


Conservatives within the Catholic Church are trying to lay “poisoned bait” for Pope Francis, it has been claimed just days after the pontiff faced a rebellion from Vatican cardinals opposed to his more liberal stance.

With the Pontiff mid-way through a Vatican summit on the family that has been dogged by scandal and rumours of plotting, Italian newspapers on Wednesday reported numerous accounts of plots to destabilise Pope Francis.

Nello Scavo, a journalist at Avvenire, an Italian daily linked to the Catholic Church, told La Repubblica there was a concerted move to “weaken the character and the strength of Pope Francis”.

“There is an ideological battle, it is true,” said Mr Scavo, the author of a new book entitled The Enemies of Francis. “In recent years there have also been some inside the curia who have tried to lay poisoned bait for Francis.”

He cited the example of Krzysztof Charamsa, a senior Vatican official and Polish priest, who came out publicly as gay just a day before the Vatican summit began, criticising what he called “institutionalised homophobia in the church”.

Monsignor Charamsa also claimed that a majority of priests were gay, before being sacked just hours later by the Vatican.

Leonardo Boff, a theologian who has close ties with the pope, told Oggi magazine it was “a trap set by those on the right of the church who oppose the pope”.

“Because he [Charamsa] didn’t do it in a simple way,” he added. “But in a provocative way in order to create problems for the Synod and for Francis”.


Go here to read the rest.  So let me get this straight.  Conservatives who support the teaching of the Church that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil, set up, somehow, a gay priest working at the Vatican to “come out” and denounce the same teaching of the Church just before the Synod?  There is only one proper response to this allegation:


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  1. On the side of Stalinism Lite box it reads; “Hang expunged elements out to dry.”

    The gaystapo is buzzing feverishly because their nest is being disturbed. So be it.
    Love the sinner they have down pat!
    Hate the sin is difficult to swallow for unrepentant ears.

    As far as Mr Hand’s comment goes…pass the holy smoke.

  2. “What are you people? On dope?”
    Sadly, they do not have the excuse of addiction to drugs. At least then one could say that they have a disease – the disease of drug addiction.

  3. This just shows a truth about the left. It is not constrained in any way. The left keeps at it until it’s enemies are defeated. Unfortunately, that day never comes because the ravenous desires of the left can never be satisfied. The key to defeating it is to see it clearly for who and what it is. That means not being confused or misled when every now and then someone on the left makes a statement to the effect he is a true son of the church.

  4. The underlying report is hardly journalism. LaRepublica, PFs daily read, is an agenda driven socialist rag. The “theologian” Boff was instrumental with the ‘Catholicism at the service of mother earth’ theme in the encyclical. I don’t like the appellation of conservative catholic….perhaps conservative and catholic. We are either practioners, and therefore followers, of the one true Faith, or we wish to “reform” it. And , like F7, it does appear that the use of such tactics, identifying and demonizing those evil conservatives, is quite revealing…and recognizable in our daily politics.

    PF has surrounded himself with people who magnify an agenda in substance and presentation. I sense we are going to see another moment of vatican petulance at the conclusion of this mess.

  5. Good to see the master manipulator getting a little comeuppance. Interestingly, the narrative on Pope Francis and Hillary have a similar parallel symmetry as corruption in high places makes for good copy. These things never end well. Let’s hope it’s also soon.

  6. Good call, Michael Dowd– yes, much like Hillary complaining of being a victim of
    a “vast, right-wing conspiracy”, this Pope’s apologists would have us believe that
    he’s the victim of some Hydra-like omnipotent right-wing cabal so powerful and
    so wily it has sleeper cells of gay Monsignors it can deploy to embarrass the Pope.
    When one gets past how pathetic it all is, it’s really rather funny.

  7. Clinton,
    As I recall, Hydra was National Socialist in the Captain America comic books, and the liberal progressives are Democratc Socialists, whether openly like Bernie Sanders or covertly like Hillary Clinton. There is no substantive difference between National Socialist and Democratic Socialist. Both are left-wing. It is the right (which is extreme because it extremely opposes the forced collectivism of the left, whether Hydra-Nazi or Fem-Nazi) that is indeed right (i.e., correct).

  8. Paul, it is true that the nazis were leftists– it’s been one of the great propaganda
    coups of the left to somehow make it ‘common knowledge’ that the national
    socialists (that is, the nazis) weren’t, you know, socialists. Of course they were.
    As for the vast, right-wing conspiracies that are the boogeymen Hillary and Nello
    Scavo, well, they’re both as imaginary as Hydra. At least Captain America is entertaining.
    This synod isn’t, not even when it’s farce.

  9. The Nazis were on the “right” of the guy who called them left– the International Socialists. Stalin himself, IIRC.

    Like how -400 is “warmer” than absolute zero.

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