Remembrance of Better Halloweens



Instapundit believes this is a parody and I certainly hope so.  I am 58 and last went trick or treating in 1969.  My mother had a great ghost costume sewn up for me, and my friends and I tromped all over town, having a whale of a good time.  In retrospect I look upon it as my fond farewell to my childhood.

I pity people much younger than I am.  I am able to recall living in a world before leftists managed to worm their way into positions of power in our culture, politicize everything and make it a constant fight to simply lead a normal life, especially for kids who leftists perpetually target.  Napoleon’s foreign minister Talleyrand, a renegade bishop, who once said in response to a question about what did he do during the French Revolution stated simply that he had survived it, was quite a rogue, but often said wise, even profound, things.  He once opined that people who were born after the French Revolution would never know just how sweet life could be.  I feel the same for anyone born thirty years ago or less.

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  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Most liberals are very depressed, unhappy people who can’t abide the uses we make of our liberty and our lives. They utterly intolerant and want to ban everything. Resist.
    Seen on Facebook, “If Bernie Sanders (conscientious objector) got out of serving during the Vietnam War (I’m happy he stayed away), why do Christians need to cater and provide flowers to gays pretending to stage weddings?” Because liberals. The only response the useless idiots merit is “Screw you.”
    Anyhow, they’re only 20% of us, but 98%of the post-modern (meaning worse than useless) academy and 90% of the professional liar class (media).

  2. Hmm, satanic reps seem to get a pass from the poster people by omission maybe.
    If children don’t hear from their church and/or family about goodness, truth, and beauty, cute innocence will fall under that disorder umbrella right quick, T. Shaw. Sex education, then the costume no-no’s – not for their daily media input and living, though. Big mixed messages. Child psychologists should elucidate, but they have to ‘make a living’.

  3. I know a place in the Western Isles of Scotland, where corn dollies are still, occasionally, hung from trees, usually near a spring or pool. I suspect, too, that the saucers of milk they put out at night are not always for the cat.

    On a winter’s evening, one can still hear old tales told in village pubs of the fairies or “Little People”; tales of bewitchings, changelings and murrain in the flocks. And I have heard such tales interrupted, by those who consider any mention of “na Sithein” as unchancy.

    On Hallowe’en, Hallow fires are still lit and“samhnag” or lighted lanterns, often hollowed-out neeps (turnips) put in windows and over the doors of byres and granaries. No one ventures out.

    In Ayrshire, children still “dook” for apples, picking them out of a tub of water with their teeth. I have some old varieties, local to the Clyde and Garnock vallies that ripen round this time, Maggie Sinclair, Scotch Dumpling, Clydesdale and Lady of the Wemyss that I give to the local schools and to friends with children for Hallowe’en. Much better than modern commercial varieties.

  4. “Liberalism is a disorder,” -T. Shaw
    Sin is so very evil that it “penetrates and warpes human nature.” -One Bread,One Body.

    The Sin of Liberalism is contagious. Looked as a remedy for the sickness of our culture, it’s no wonder we are in the mess were in.
    In 2016 more “blood letting” will be the DNC’s prescription for America.

    If the conservative party doesn’t man up WE are screwed…agian.

  5. I’d guess it’s someone making a poster that has various accusations they’ve heard against kids’ costumes laid out in all its ludicrous glory.

    (And this is coming from someone who objects to several different costumes!)

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