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Does the Pope have a brain tumor?


VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Wednesday categorically denied a report in an Italian newspaper that Pope Francis has a small, curable brain tumor, saying he is in good health and that his head is “absolutely perfect.”

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the report Wednesday in the National Daily was “completely unfounded and seriously irresponsible and not worthy of attention.”

Citing unnamed nursing sources, the National Daily said the 78-year-old pope had traveled by helicopter to the San Rossore di Barbaricina clinic near Pisa in recent months to see a Japanese brain cancer specialist, Dr. Takanori Fukishima. The newspaper said the doctor determined that the small dark spot on Francis’ brain could be treated without surgery.

In subsequent versions, the paper reported that Fukishima had instead come to the Vatican to see the pope in a Vatican helicopter. The ANSA news agency, citing unnamed sources in Pisa, said the trip was in January and that Fukishima had traveled by helicopter to the Vatican to diagnose the pope.

Lombardi categorically denied the reports to reporters Wednesday, and said he was doing so after having spoken to the pope himself about them. He said no Japanese doctor had visited the pope, no tests of the type described in the paper had been performed and that no helicopters had landed in the Vatican from the outside.

“I can confirm that the pope is in good health,” Lombardi said. “If you were in the piazza this morning you would have seen that as well. And if you go on the trips with him, you know he has a small problem with his legs, but his head is absolutely perfect.”

The newspaper’s editor, Andrea Cangini, said it stood by its story. Subsequent versions of the report said Fukushima had traveled to the Vatican by helicopter and was seen returning to the Pisa clinic in the Vatican’s chopper.

The hospital’s director didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.

Go here to read the rest.  True?  Quien sabe?  Health problems of Popes tend to be closely guarded secrets at the Vatican until there is no hiding the obvious.  Pope Francis has stated on several occasions that he will have a short time as Pope.  Does he know something that we do not on that score?

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  1. “And if you go on the trips with him, you know he has a small problem with his legs, but his head is absolutely perfect.”
    The second half is demonstrably not the case.

  2. If true, things depend on what type of tumor and where it is.
    In 2000 I learned I had a small, slow growing tumor (astrocytoma), probably the cause of epilepsy.
    This month is the fifth anniversary of my surgery having it removed with no long term ill effects, thank God.

  3. Thomas, congratulations on the success of your surgery and may you continue to be in good health.
    The Pope’s actions and speech often seem erractic and I have often thought that he might have hardening of the arteries. He is not a young man and he’s overweight. Of course I don’t know what his behavior was like in Argentina before he was elected. It seems something is NKR (not quite right).
    Years ago a CO in a relatively high viz job became increasing difficult to serve under according to his dept. heads . Temper outbursts and reversing himself on orders. “The CAPT isn’t himself” is what we used to hear in the COM (Closed). Turns out he had a maglinant brain tumor. Upon learning the facts I appreciated his XO even more; he was ever loyal and the shadow CO. At the CAPT’s retirement ceremony the academy held a parade in his honor. Very fitting for a man who had had an illustrious career up until his illness.

  4. Timing is everything, they say. If it’s a rumor – have to write this – of a tumor at the closing of the meeting, which may or may not please those chosen to direct and translate, then the sympathy of the world would serve a purpose.
    This bit of news following is sickening and ridiculous, but not surprising in its departure from reason and charity. It’s just been reported on the World Over that the final document of one hundred paragraphs, written in Italian, was given to all the Fathers, who were carefully organized into language groups for the three weeks. The final vote is on Saturday.

  5. According to the Remnant, Francis in his October 15th homily,
    declared a new theology where all are saved and penance, works,
    and the teachings of the Catholic Church are unnecessary, because
    all are saved by God’s love and mercy, which suggests Hitler, Stalin,
    Mao and soon Hugh Hefner could be in paradise. What happened to

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