So You Think You Know About the Hundred Years War?


Go here to take a quiz about the Hundred Years War.  I am ashamed to say that I only got seven out of ten right.  (Don hangs his head.)  My bride got 8 out of 10.  Back to the books for me!

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  1. 9/10, But question 2 is a poorly formulated matter of opinion. The French won by virtue of the fact that the Plantagenets failed to successfully wrest the throne of France from the house of Valois.

  2. And even if you don’t buy that line of reasoning (e.g. the French people didn’t win), the Valois dynasty won, so “nobody won” can’t be right either.

    If I got that quiz back with a 9/10, in a real class I’d have lawyered the sh*t out of the problem with the way the question if formulated until the question got tossed out and it became a 9 point quiz.


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