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It’s a little late, but there have been several rather good blog-articles about Halloween not being evil and nasty and a thing unsuited for polite company this year.

SuburbanBanshee did a Christian Halloween FAQ that I found very amusing, focusing on variations on the pagan issue.

Father Augustine Thompson did one with a really nice focus on the early years called The Catholic Origins of Halloween, which is more history-aimed. (names, dates, that kind of thing)

Mrs. Hull did a more heavy, serious one on the Catholic Origins of Halloween, which is more tradition-aimed.

Bridget Jones did a nice, light one called Don’t Be Spooked, it’s Catholic.

I did a rather scattershot one that includes debunking claims about black cats being killed on the Pope’s orders.

And now I need to go finish my kids’ costumes.  They’re all embodying virtues… in the form of pop culture characters they love.

(Kindness, generosity and bravery.)

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  1. Thank you, Foxfier. The timing on this post was perfect; last night 4 adults over dinner were discussing whether Halloween, Mexico’s Day of The Dead, and Philippine NOV 01 cemetery parties were Christian or pagan.
    Since we’re rural our small Catholic rural congregation is hosting after the 5 pm Mass a Trunk & Treat for all the little saints. I’ve shared your post with the organizers.

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