Ted Cruz Refuses to Play by the Media’s Rules

Having liberal media figures moderating presidential debates is insane from the perspective of anyone supporting the GOP, or simply interested in basic fairness.  Why Republicans put up with it every four years is beyond me.  Last night Senator Ted Cruz (R. TX) blew that game apart.  The “journalist” Ted Cruz was ripping into is John Harwood.  He is a pathetically transparent liberal hack, always in the tank for the Democrat Party.  Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist wonders what Harwood was doing there:

So permit me to ask the obvious questions: Why in the world is liberal journalist John Harwood moderating Wednesday’s Republican debate? And where the heck is his conservative media partner?

Go here to read the rest.  Until all Republican candidates begin acting like Cruz, they will go into Presidential election years with the Media’s thumb clearly on the scale favoring the Democrat.

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  1. “Why Republicans put up with it every four years is beyond me.”

    Rush says they want to be liked.

    My take is that both parties (with very few exceptions) are of one blood underneath the smooth pretense at opposition. Both parties play a good cop, bad cop, game with the electorate with but one goal. their entrenchment in an ever growing government controlled from above by them, of course.

    Cruz was magnificent, putting class to the takedown of the media/big government complex. I fairness, we have to thank the Donald for opening that “fight back” door first, however crudely.

    Remember that Cruz was attacked by the entire GOPe from the second he announced, but they failed to stop him as they did with Palin. Reformers, and non-compromisers are not allowed to have full status in the party of 30 pieces of silver.

  2. Just like Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country, most of the media do as well. Both want to see us continue on an unsustainable path. Why all Republicans don’t do what Ted Cruz did in the debate is beyond me. So refreshing.

  3. Republicans put up with it every four years is beyond me.

    Aye. Completely unforced errors that they commit again and again like Charlie Brown with Lucy’s football. One problem the Republican Party in Washington has had for about a generation now is execrable leadership.

    My take is that both parties (with very few exceptions) are of one blood

    The problem with your thesis is that’s it’s a reasonable wager these people still want the bright shiny objects you only get when you win elections, and they’re going out of their way to trash their own candidates. Incompetence is the explanation that fits.

  4. This “debate” format is insane.

    Why not let a university host, like Liberty University? Open it to all media, livestream it, post it directly to YouTube. Have a non-MSM host who would be able to ask substantive questions thoughtfully, e.g., Jonah Goldberg or someone like that.

    It’s beyond me why we allow hostile media outlets set the tone and content of these “debates.” Sad to say, I was far more impressed by the grown up atmosphere of the Canadian PM debates, which were thoughtful and calm, instead of clownish and juvenile like our here in the US. Sample of what Canada does here:


  5. What gets you is that Reince Priebus is a partner (presumably on leave) at a Milwaukee biglaw firm. Presumably he was passably effective at advancing his clients’ interests or the firm would have let him go with the other associates they indubitably cut in 2006. Why can’t he function that way in this setting?

  6. All this is occurring because the GOP failed to learn that the old professions of journalists and TV Anchor exists as such no more. In fact , the media is acting more like the oldest of professions.
    Why submit yourself to them, when your take ought to be that it is they that are helping to destroy a civil nation to further the left’s agenda?

  7. Faux pas ala media hack.

    The left is worse than gangrene.
    Before the country rots a serious amputation is needed….not wanted, but needed for the sake of the children.


  8. Calling out the lying liars about 50 years late. Cowering before the masses of professional liars is a major reason why McCain (dope) and Romney (liberal) lost to a lying, idiot.

  9. The Republican primary process is masochistic and suicidal. How anybody thinks this process is smart is beyond me. Here’s how it looks. A dozen or so candidates beating up on each other, doing debates where they get beat up by the media, doing TV interviews where they get beat up some more, spending all their money on staff and advertising, and than all but one quitting the race. The primary “winner”, beat up and half broke, gets to face a fresh Democrat who the media loves, for more beatings. Have they lost their minds? Shouldn’t we reconsider the smoke filled rooms of yesteryear to figure who should be the candidate?

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