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For a financial scandal to have legs there usually must be a sex scandal component.  Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui, at the center of the exploding Vatican financial scandal as a suspected leaker, has announced that she is pregnant. This has all the potential makings of an Italian sex farce film circa 1975, for those who enjoy very low comedy.  The Pope’s recent statement comes to mind:  “How often,” he added, “have we heard a woman go to her boss and say: ‘well, I have to tell you, I’m pregnant’. ‘At the end of the month you’re out.” 

Horace Walpole said that the world was a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel.  I hope it is not unfeeling of me, but I think we have definitely entered the comedy portion of this pontificate.

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  1. This is why (so far) Cardinal Pell has not been treated like Cardinal Burke.

    Expecting an Argentine of Italian descent to clean up a corrupt institution makes as much sense as planting rose bushes outdoors in January in Edmonton, Alberta and expecting flowers in February.

  2. The scandal is likely because she is being let go…because she is pregnant. No one cares about about financial issues. Way too boring. But the Church being caught yet again screetching CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING IS NON NEGOTIABLE (pro-union, pro-living wage, pro-pregnant women and working mom’s are humans too and need jobs and generous maternity leave…), and then caught firing a pregnant woman, well, those old white geezers in Rome are just as misogynistic as ever.

  3. DJ might have a point except the scandal in his scenario would be that of invidious discrimination, whereas the article references a “sex scandal”. Therefore I repeat, what exactly is the “sex scandal”? What is the “sex farce” component that qualifies as “very low comedy”? I don’t think the implication is a married and pregnant woman being let go from her job. But I await any clarification that may be forthcoming.

  4. “If she is pregnant, what’s the scandal?”

    Let’s wait and see on that, shall we? With the current Vatican I have every confidence that a bad situation gets worse. Also, why did she suddenly announce her pregnancy after this hit the fan? Was she sending a signal to someone?

  5. The scandal is that in the past, Francesca Chaouqui has posted a photo of herself half-naked in the arms of a man [perhaps her husband] also half-naked – as if they have just had sex.

    She was also reported to have won a breast baring contest where she was identified as a Vatican official. Also, she has handed out gossips about Card. Bertone and the Pope Emeritus to the press and through Tweeter.

    In other words, she’s a loose canon waiting to be fired and somehow people expected some scandal about her to happen sooner or later – perhaps to the embarrassment of the Pope.

  6. “Because they think so highly of themselves,
    they think that their sin will not be found out and hated.”
    (cf Psalm 36 v 2)

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