Paris Terror Attacks






At least three terrorists took more than 100 people hostage in a hall where a music concert was being held, before they began randomly killing innocent people. They had time to reload their weapons at least three times during the attack. Five explosions were heard when police stormed the venue. The Prefecture of Paris said the attackers were wearing explosive vests and detonated them during a police assault on the venue. Three terrorists were killed, as police took control of the hall.

Shooting has also been reported in les Halles in the centre of Paris, and in a restaurant by Bastille in rue de Charonne, with “many dead”, including children, according to eyewitnesses. Further incidents have been reported at Le Pompidou and Louvre.


Go here to read the rest.  More as we learn more.  This could be a very long weekend around the globe.  The level of organization in these attacks is ominous.




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  1. Is anyone really surprised? Islam no longer invades with armies. Islamic armies are pathetic and weak. Islam invades by stealth. They attack “soft targets” and count on Western stupidity to allow them to operate.

    Over 200 years ago France embarked on a bloody and violent revolution to kill King and God within its borders. The Eldest Daughter of Rome ran away from Rome like the Prodigal Son, but has not yet returned. Maybe this will be a wake up call. Maybe more wake up calls will be needed. Nobody knows. As long as political correctness has its death grip on public discourse, with its built in hatred of Christianity and its see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude about Islam, then this was most definitely NOT a wake up call because people will cling to their failed ideologies as tightly as if it they were life itself. Adults admit tehy were wrong. children don’t and political correctness is childish, among its many drawbacks.

    We have heard about the problems with Muslim “refugees” in Germany. What the media hasn’t been telling anyone is of the massive anti Muslim rallies that have taken place in Slavic Europe. There have been several such rallies in Poland this year and the Muslim refugee problem is likely part of what got the rightist Law and Justice Party elected in Poland.

    Tomorrow I’ll light a candle in Church for the souls of the deceased. May God have mercy on their souls for dying such sudden and unrepared for deaths.

  2. I have spent pretty much the whole night on the telephone to friends in Paris. I must have spoken to two dozen people.

    Everyone is blaming M Hollande’s Syrian policy, which most have long considered to be as grotesque as it is purposeless; my Jewish friends, in particular, all believe the real enemy is Iran and would like nothing better than the overthrow of Iranian allies, the Al-Assad régime in Syria and the Shiite government in Iraq, even by Sunni Jihadists.

    Comparisons are being drawn with the 2004 Madrid bombings and their effect on Spanish foreign policy.

    There are more general fears about communautarisme, by which they mean ethnic solidarities and allegiances that threaten to override Republican unity and that this will be exploited by the Fascist parties.

    A number told me they would express their defiance by attending schul this morning.

  3. In December 2014 this was prophesied:
    “Prophesy to the leaders of Catholic France.
    A swarm of locust comes from south of the borders.
    Warn the leaders of Catholic France.
    A swarm of locust of nuisances comes from south of the borders.
    Nuisances, from start to finish. Nuisances.
    Hold firmly to your faith; hold firmly to the faith affirmed at Lourdes.”
    If you dont take care of nuisances they can become plagues.

  4. I don’t need to figure out that this type of thing was going to happen again in Europe. Islam is what it is – a violent seventh century heresy that needs to be stamped out.

  5. For all the souls who died in their sins in the sneak attacks in Paris yesterday

    + Out of the depths I cry to you oh Lord.
    Lord Hear my voice
    Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy!

    If you, Oh Lord, keep account of sins
    Lord, who can stand?
    But with you there is forgiveness, and so you are revered..

    I wait for the Lord, My soul waits and I hope for His word.
    My soul looks for the Lord
    More than sentinels for daybreak
    More than sentinels for daybreak

    Let Israel hope in the Lord!
    For with the Lord there is mercy and with Him is plenteous redemption
    And He will redeem Israel from all its sins

    Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
    As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end Amen.

  6. Prayers have been offered.

    France has some very strict gun laws.
    Seems apparent to me that they made a hell of a difference in this massacre.
    Maybe Obama and the swill liberial parasites can explain why gun laws failed in this case.
    Never mind.
    He’ll just brush this event off as a JV game.

    Concealed carry laws might of given the victims a chance.
    May God have mercy on their souls.

  7. Penguins Fan wrote, “Islam is what it is – a violent seventh century heresy”

    It almost beggars belief that, nearly two and a half centuries after his death, fanatics are killing people in the name of religion in the Bd Voltaire

  8. “It almost beggars belief that, nearly two and a half centuries after his death, fanatics are killing people in the name of religion in the Bd Voltaire”

    Voltaire once opined that he dreamed of society where he would be executed as a hopeless reactionary. Granted a few more years of life, he might well have had his wish!

  9. “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”-Voltaire

    And Islam is a religion of Peace.

  10. Regarding Hollande’s Syrian policy noted by MPS, at least one news report..

    …detailed that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the assailants. Then the UK Daily Mail report becomes even more self-damning:

    “However it has not yet been confirmed whether the Syrian passport was authentic, or was one of the many forged passports flooding into Europe with the refugee crisis.”

    Phillip noted the “strict” gun laws that France already has in place, yet the availability of weaponry (including military ordnance, such as grenades, which were used in some of the attacks).

    For what it is worth, my daughter and son-in-law, who live outside Brussels, often have noted to me that in the Muslim enclaves surrounding Brussels—-almost exactly such as those that surround Paris (and for which reason, they had warned me not to visit the city, as I had intended to this past year)— “All the Muslims have guns, and many are seen with AK47’s and other weapons quite often in their neighborhoods”. They base that on regular sightings by fellow Belgians, especially after Muslim holidays when the religion-of-peace adherents celebrate by shooting weaponry into the air.

    Anecdotal information to some at The-American-Catholic, but I will rely on my cautious daughter and son-in-law (he is a native Belgian, and knows a helluva lot more than what our media allows us to know) for accurate information, thank you. So far, they and their intel have been 100% right.

  11. Paris is a “Gun Free Zone”. The more bereft a place is of belief, the more it denies the human right to self-defense.

  12. Now those who don’t believe in Christ and the Blessed Virgin actively guiding the Church, even revealing Themselves in specific events and specific people in [even] our recent human history (such as cpola’s comments regarding Leo XIII, above, which I found interesting, please skip over the following. It is to cpola’s comments, to which I add the following:
    In his last newsletter (Mar. 2015) prior to his death, the late Fr. Nicholas Gruner spoke of his interview at that time (January, 2015) with Fr. Gabriel Amorth at Fr. Amorth’s office at La Scala Santa in Rome. According to Fr. Gruner,

    “…Fr. Amorth told me that we have but a short time left before the chastisements predicted by Our Lady of Fatima begin to rip our world apart in ways we can hardly imagine. How long? Less than 8 months.” He continued: “Fr. Amorth told me that unless the consecration of Russia is performed – as our Lady asked – by the end of October, 2015, the dark prophecies of Fatima may well come to pass any day after that.”

    At that time in early 2015, the idea of a multi-million man mass Islamic invasion of the west was only a surreal nightmare of a few. The collapsing of borders and the neutralization of military defenses could not even be conceived. The fall of Europe and its subsequent Islamification is imminent.
    We have known for some time that the forces of darkness are gathering and the time, the century of patience by Our Lord, is about up—that century which Sr. Lucy related that Our Lady told her at Rianjo in 1930 (that the King of France would dedicate France to the Sacred Heart, but only after the century of mercy dating from the time of the promise of the Sacred Heart to S. Margaret Mary Alacoque June 17, 1689), but it “would be too late”).

    Showing he was looking forward to the coming year of 2017, Benedict XVI also showed his focus on the conclusion of the 100 year period dating from the 1917 Fatima apparitions:

    “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity”. (Homily, P. Benedict XVI, @ Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima, 13 May 2010)

    It certainly appears that time of conversion of Fatima has just about run out, catalyzed by atheist socialist western governments traducing their own nations.

  13. Steve Phoenix.

    The angel holding the sword aflame, which the Mother of God has been holding it’s arm, is now being loosened. It can be seen in many forms. 9-11, yesterday’s assault and the many ungodly accepted law’s to be adopted by this once Christian nation.

    Your observations are well noted.

    The birth pangs are increasing.

  14. Steve Phoenix

    Belgium has long been an notorious source of illegal weapons. tThose used in the Charlie Hedo attack were sourced from there.

    Given the France is a party to the Schengen agreement, its borders are pourous and its gun control laws, most of which date back to the Algerian War and the OAS, are easily evaded.

    That said, random shootings are very rare Out of 391 homicides in 2012, firearms were involved in only 140 or 36%

  15. My brother texted last night requesting special prayers for the band’s crew at Bataclan. He was in Paris last week at another venue (Our Lady of Providence, thank you for yet another near miss).
    People who work with touring bands all know one another, it’s a small world, and terrorism + economic downturn has hit their industry with particular viciousness. Events like this, bodies strewn around, carnage, shock—and the aftermath of grief, stress, families torn to pieces—then, soon, the drabness of cancelled gigs, dwindling opportunities, unemployment, debt, and hardship.

  16. Suz.

    Thank God your brother is okay.
    One week. What a difference.

    The band that was preparing to start was strangely enough named; Eagles of Death Metal. (?) According to outlet sources.

  17. Yes, MPS, I expected some “analysis” from your quarter such as blaming Belgium. It’s the Belgian’s fault again. Probably why France fell in 1940 also.

  18. Thank you Philip. Just found out that his friend Nick Alexander was shot and killed at Bataclan, please, everybody, pray for Nick and his poor family. Terrorists spreading misery, nothing new but always so horribly sad.

  19. I think I now can explain Michael PS’ confusion, that weak Belgian anti-gun laws were the reason for the breakdown in security in Paris: Accordding to Breitbart-UK services, on 11/5, German security intercepted a Montenegrin man, possibly an additional terrorist participant planner, travelling from the BALKANS (not “Belgian”), in a vehicle loaded with at least 8 Kalashnikovs, other guns, and grenades:
    The articles notes:
    “The shocking revelation comes at a time where weapons, and particularly grenades flow freely from the Balkans into Western Europe and nations across the continent are under unprecedented pressure to close their borders in the face of the migrant crisis, and Islamist terrorism.”

    I am sure this is a right-ist leading plot, but I think Michael PS thought the weapons were coming across “BELGIAN”, not “BALKAN” frontiers. Entirely understandable, Holmes.

  20. I am numb and speechless. My advice: arm yourselves, folks, both with Bible and Rosary, and with rifle and shotgun.

  21. I find Voltaire’s comments about Christianity disgusting and the governments of France after the bloody Revolution have been no improvement on the governments before Louis XVI.

  22. Paul Primavera’s advice is not a half baked idea.

    It might sound like stepping back to the wild west however the idea of protecting yourself and family is logical. We are in wartime believe it or not. If fifty percent of Americans who qualified for concealed carry armed themselves the Islamic scum would fear us.
    Turn the tables on them. Place fear in their hearts. Islamophobia. To hell with that term.
    As we open our doors to “refugees,” let us arm ourselves two to one. For every refugee two more Americans are armed and ready to defend their household.

    This idea is only crazy until your nephew is one of the causalities of war in our homeland.
    When it’s on our turf and our families blood spilled on our street’s, then the idea of rosaries and rifles is not so crazy. Racial profiling?
    Is it bad once the Paris massacre becomes Chicago? New York? Omaha?

    Ranting doesn’t help…I know. This recent exhibit of religious freedom in Paris is coming to America. Not a matter of if…but when is more likely. Chastisement is happening!

  23. From AFP, Nov. 15, 2015:
    “Identified by his finger, which was found among the rubble of the Bataclan concert hall, the 29-year-old [Omar Ismail Mustafai] was one of three men who blew himself up killing 89 people in the bloodiest scene of the carnage.

    Born on November 21 1985, in the poor Paris suburb of Courcouronnes, Mostefai’s criminal record shows eight convictions for petty crimes between 2004 and 2010, but no jail time.”

    As previously identified, the Sharia-law controlled ghettos of Paris, Brussels, and other suicidal socialist-atheist western European countries, along with the mass influx of ISIS-involved males age 18-35, “refugees”, are a ready source of suicide-vest fodder. Bombs today, Allah tomorrow.

  24. Everywhere I go, I carry my concealed carry license in my wallet. Perhaps I should supplement it with a neat little Smith & Wesson revolver, and a Rosary.

  25. Philip: The S&W is a Model 36 Chiefs Special with a three-inch barrel, bought in the box with all papers including a test report for the Firearms Unit of the Police Academy. It’s surprisingly accurate. Somehow, I thought you would enjoy this information from a life-long shooter and modest collector of the mechanical art commonly known as firearms. You probably know that Saint Gabriel Possenti’s, the patron saint of handguns, feast day is February 27. He is the patron of handguns because his marksmanship enabled him to rescue a woman about to be raped by a marauding gang of thugs at Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy in 1860. Here is a link to his story:
    Enjoy the rest of the Lord’s Day.

  26. WPW.
    .357 S&W snub nose stainless steel is for my bride.
    The service revolver .38 from my Pa is accurate too. I’m at camp. .300 Win Mag by Browning is way to big for northern Michigan Whitetail, but its what I like.
    Big bang theory. 🙂

  27. The .357, with mid-range wad cutters, is a mild load with which to practice. I reload, and so can produce what I wish. One can use .38 Special target loads, if you brush the cylinder well after using the shorter cartridge. My deer hunting generally employs a variety of what most would consider antique deer rifles in 6m/m Remington, 6.5 Swedish, 7m/m Mauser, 30/30, 38/55, 30/40, 30/06 and 8m/m Mauser. Most of the not too many deer I have taken were with muzzle-loaders, the last with a flintlock. I am a dinosaur. Never a bow hunter, I have been thinking about making an Atlatl but I’d look frightful in a loin cloth. So maybe not. 🙂

  28. We use .38 for target practice with the .357.
    30/06 is the popular caliber up here.
    Black powder .50 cal is fun in late Dec.
    The woods calls us back each fall.
    Star gazing and kind fire’s with a smidgen of Jameson to warm the gizzy.
    Good stuff.

  29. 30/06 is versatile, good for anything that prowls the continent. Jameson is as good a post postprandial calefacient as any. Happy Hunting.

  30. Apres Hunt! Thanks for the expansion of my limited knowledge. (postPrandial)

    We just broke camp down. Very warm hunt. Limited movement. As always, it’s the camaraderie and fresh air. One of my favorite moments is watching the first sun light up the woods. Magical.

  31. BTW….thanks William P Walsh for the story on St. Gabriel Possenti.
    I enjoyed it.
    Lizards beware… Rapist too! Wait. Are they not one in the same?
    Thanks for the kind wishes.
    No one was injured.
    One participant did nurse himself back from a deadly hangover. Other than that we had a good camp.

  32. You are welcome. In my old age, hunting awaits a warm sunny day when I can be assured a nice nap in the autumn sun. Such days are getting rare. So much for global warming. Those of us in northern states who spend time outdoors know that rumors of global warming are greatly exaggerated.

  33. Global Warming and the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I was just shaking my head at the recent disclosure of former Nobel Peace Prize committee member, Geir Lundestad, as he admittedly agreed that Obama didn’t do anything to deserve the award. Kinda like Al Gore, as I thought to myself.

    What a world.
    The woods can be so meaningful in a world turned upside down.

  34. Mr. Obama is an enigma. How did we ever elect such a person POTUS? I try to avoid judging him of evil intent, leaving the searching of souls to God. Yet it seems his policies are designed to accrue to the disadvantage of our country. In our present circumstance, his administration operates as a fifth column within our borders, if we can be said to have borders. Perhaps he is the product of our modern system of pubic education, bereft of historical knowledge, indoctrinated in Marxist ideology and utterly naive. A wise friend calls him our first post-American president.

  35. If elected, Hillary will be the second anti-American POTUS. Everything makes sense when you understand that Obama is not on our side.

  36. Mr. Obama is an enigma. How did we ever elect such a person POTUS?

    Look north and look across the pond. Who do you see? Justin Trudeau and Jeremy Corbyn, a pair of mediocrities. On the one hand, you have a breakdown in the peer review function of the chatterati party compounded by the willingness of the public to eat what you put in front of them if you tart it up the right way. You get this, I’ll submit, when the share of unserious people in your society reaches a critical mass.

  37. Perhaps he is the product of our modern system of pubic education, bereft of historical knowledge, indoctrinated in Marxist ideology

    He attended a private academy in Honolulu, then an ordinary private college in Los Angeles, followed by two years at Columbia and three years at Harvard Law School. Nothing in his public statements indicates he has more than a cursory familiarity with Marxism, if that. For all his education, the man’s thoughts on the world around him seldom do aught but plum the shallows. The man has the attitudes of the average college dean, which has little to do with Marxism.

  38. No, I do not. Bloom’s detour into discussions of Neitzche was barely comprehensible and I think driven by a philosopher’s misconception about what motivates ordinary people and drives institutional life.

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