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  1. A quick summary of what you’re linking to would be nice, please. I have a bad habit of opening a tab to see what it is, and then forgetting to actually READ it.

  2. So here is the content of Political Correctness vs Reality: “I pray, too, for the Muslim communities in France, and here in England, that they may not be victimized because of the actions of these violent and ruthless extremists, but strive always for the way of peace and cooperation with the wider society.”
    (Cardinal Vincent Nichols)

    “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”
    (Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Amel Nona)

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