Edge of Darkness


My bride and I spent an enjoyable evening watching Edge of Darkness, a 1943 flick starring Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan and Walter Huston, about a small Norwegian fishing village that revolts against its Nazi occupiers.  The film was quite a bit above the usual wartime potboilers and filled with striking images, including scenes of the villagers in their church debating whether they should revolt.  When the villagers began singing the Norwegian national anthem my bride joined in, although she told me that she was glad they didn’t go on to the second stanza as she had never learned that.  The film conveyed an anti-Nazi message so effectively that it was banned in Buenos Aires by the pro-Axis government of the time.  The film was the only war film among the top five requested by troops in the US Army for viewing during 1943.  Well worth watching.

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  1. Great clip.
    As always from you, timely and relevant.

    Convictions that are grounded in Truth are bulwark’s impenetrable. A mighty clip that reminds me of the hymn by Luther; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.

    I’ll be picking this Edge of Darkness out for future viewing. Thanks the McClarey Clan.
    Good on ‘ya!

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