PopeWatch: Serious Risks



Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register reports on twitter:


Senior Vatican official speaking anon: “This pontificate poses serious risks for the integrity of Catholic teaching in faith and morals.”

Go here to read the reactions to this tweet.  Lots of people at the Vatican are less than enamored of the direction that the Pope is taking the Church, but it is interesting that this statement is made, even anonymously, to a reporter as well connected as Pentin.  What would it take for such concealed opposition to come out in the open?

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  1. Wasn’t in in that pathetic enviornmental encyclical that greater power be granted to the UN or some other multinational government agency?

    The UN has told Poland to allow abortion and jail “homophobes”.

    Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen.

    So next year, the Hippee Pontiff, from Argentina, the pro-Axis country during WWII, who gave refuge to German war criminals, will visit Krakow during World Youth Day. Somebody at the Vatican had better clue him in on what will await him there.

    Oner would hope he would receive a blank resignation form and a one way plane ticket back to Buenos Aires.

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