Catholicism is Not a Suicide Pact



Maureen Mullarkey continues calling a spade a bloody shovel as she rips into the humbug that surrounds the Vatican and the Islamic world:

One thing for which we can be grateful to Pope Francis: His pontificate puts paid to the superstition that our popes are chosen by the Holy Spirit. That could only be believable if we are willing to say that the Spirit operates like a one-eyed Odin, setting his dogs loose at conclaves.

On Rorate Caeli this morning is a pronunciamento by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin. It had appeared in La Repubblica on November 16, after the atrocity in Paris. Headline: Parolin, The Jubilee: “The Holy Year will be open to Muslims.”

The message out of Vatican City is an injunction to “respond with mercy and hospitality to violence.” It is hard to decide which is more disreputable, the moral vanity at work here or the absurdity of the instruction. Hospitality implies welcome. We are to welcome those who would slaughter us? Whose goal is the subjection of the West to the universal caliphate? In this context, the word hospitality is an obscenity.

Do we hear the Islamic world asking for mercy? Where are the Muslim voices of repentance? Last I looked, there was rejoicing in the Middle East over the grand success of the heroic action of eight true sons of Allah.

Parolin’s comments stink of Vatican lust for dhimmitude:

Mercy is also the most beautiful name of God for Muslims, who can also be involved in the Holy Year, as this is what the Pope wants.”

Mercy is drained of meaning by this pontificate. To distribute it freely to those who do not want it devalues the substance of it. Dispensing it unasked to those who would spit on it or turn it against their sentimental benefactors, makes a laughingstock of Christianity. And it further endangers what is left of the Christian world.

Preening quislings in the Vatican are free to lay mercy on their own killers if they choose. But not on mine. And not on the murderers of my children. They have no warrant to do it. Only the dead have standing to forgive their killers. The living cannot extend mercy—exoneration from consequence—in the name of the dead. We, the living, are obliged to protect our own. And, for their sake as well, ourselves.

Go here to read the rest.  Catholicism is not a suicide pact, and Maureen understands that.  I wish to Heaven that the top clerics of the Church understood that, because in reference to radical jihadism they give every sign of believing the contrary.

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  1. Why do you assume all muslims are violent. This is an incorrect assumption. Catholic Christians are called to pray for our enemies and demostrate that love and mercy are more powerful. Think of JPII visiting his assasin in prison. Would you forgive someone who tried to kill you? Humanly speaking, most people would find this difficult but with God’s help, it is possible. That’s true Christian life… Show mercy and love to those who don’t.

  2. “Why do you assume all muslims are violent.”

    Who said they were? What we do know is that Islam has been an adversary of Christianity from its inception and that Christians in Islamic lands have been treated, at best, like fifth class citizens. What we also know is that radical Jihadism is a powerful movement in the Islamic world today and, when the Jihadists have an opportunity, routinely massacres Christians. Common sense mandates that we recognize these facts and take steps for our safety and the safety of other Christians, not to mention members of other faiths, and no faiths, who are also routinely persecuted by the Jihadists. Common sense steps do not include importing millions of Muslims into non Muslim lands, nor pretending that Islam is something other than what it has historically been: an aggressive faith with a great deal of contempt for Christianity and Christians.

  3. Barry, the Koran officially teaches violence toward Non-Muslims, so any “non-violent” Muslim” is a Muslim in bad faith.

  4. Our elites (and non-elites in verbalizing occupations) appear to be addled by Ellis Island shmaltz, and simply do not acknowledge that some peoples are tragically incompatible and need to be housed in separate countries.

  5. so any “non-violent” Muslim” is a Muslim in bad faith.

    This is absurd. You’re contending that Islam prohibits mundane life, something Robert Spencer would not assert.

  6. Barry,
    The Koran itself advocates conversion, dhimmitude or execution of all non-Muslims. There are numerous verses in the Koran which admonish killing non-Muslims. More than Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc., Islam has been spread by the sword since Mohammed set across the sands of Arabia in the 7th century AD. All of North Africa and he Middle East to India itself was once Christian. That is no longer the case.
    Now it is true that not all Muslims are violent. I have worked with some good men who were Muslim. One was even my department manager. However, if only 1% of 1 billion Muslims take what their Koran advocates seriously, then we have 10 million mad Jihhadists.
    As a religion, Islam is false and diabolical. It must be eradicated from te face of the earth. Sadly, that may not happen till the Parousia.

  7. The premise drives all following conclusions. Our First Commandment, “Thou shall have no other gods before me”; and, “Who is like unto God”? It is why our Forefathers fought in Councils over every punctuation mark of Doctrine: basic Faith premises.

    If the premise is that our Triune God is essentially the same as their god, then we are brothers in a religious family with a shared faith of sorts. In that case it makes sense to kiss their koran, worship in their mosques, extol “alihu akbar” and allow them to invoke their god in the heart of our Faith, the Vatican Gardens.

    If the premise is that allah is in reality Baal, the devil himself, well, then that is a whole different kettle of fish. I think it explains why our Forefathers in the faith treated heresy as a capital crime. Spiritual violence is worse than murder, because while the body passes away, the soul never dies. These heresies are important and they must be defeated because souls are being lost to hell. The Faith and the Bride of Christ demand this defense. Allah is not like our God in any way, shape or form. he is His antithesis and mortal enemy. he, it, must be defeated, not welcomed into the heart of our Living Faith.

  8. This is the e-mail I sent today to Paul Ryan’s office, and I am sending to all our (useless idiot) California legislators—nonetheless:

    Hon. Mr. Ryan, I am not a direct Wisconsin constituent, but as past supporter of yours and the Romney campaign, I must let you know the issue of the “Syrian refugee” (they are neither) crisis must not be allowed to continue. Donald Trump is right: create a safe zone, as we already did with the Kurds in N. Iraq, for them to live in their own rightful country. This is common sense, and also restores their constituent rights to have their own country.

    My daughter lives in Belgium, and the invasion of Muslims, setting up their own Sharia-law city-states, such as in Mollenbek (where the recent French train attack, foiled by two Americans, originated) she has noted to me. These locales all have AK47’s even though Belgium has strict gun control; and Mollenbeck is where at least some of their AK-47’s and explosive devices originated for the Paris attack: this also will be the eventual outcome of moving these groups into the US.
    We DO have a history of discriminating in the matter of religion of those coming to the US: we should be accepting Middle Eastern Christians, who are at risk of execution all the time. We previously established preferences for Catholics from Viet Nam, after the disastrous surrender by our same liberal Democratic leadership: because Viet Catholics were automatically imprisoned, tortured and executed. We did the same with Armenian Christians during WWI. We also preferred Russian Jews in the 1900’s, and later German Jews in the 1930’s, until in the latter case, Roosevelt effectively shut that down.
    My daughter and grand-daughter are in the line of advance of the coming caliphate. Don’t bring the caliphate here. Show you have the steel to resist this madness of “dhimmitude”.

  9. There is still time. Run out and purchase 100 rounds of your favorite caliber ammunition. Mark your 2061caleandars. November 19 is National Ammo Day.

  10. I was downtown NYC on 9/11. We had (operative word “had”) a Turk Muslim EDP contractor. He was visibly (to me) gladdened by the attacks. We quickly got rid of him.
    “This is absurd. You’re contending that Islam prohibits mundane life, . . .”
    You’re correct, Art. Muslims may enjoy mundane lives. It’s the Christians, Hindus, Jews, et al that cannot live mundane lives under the Q’ran.
    And, like any military, they also serve who only sit and wait, and hide terrorists, and move terrorists, and feed terrorists, and finance terrorists, and . . ..

  11. Barry, you led with your chin! … you’re a brave sort kind of… ……. N.B. – muslims are well treated where they are a minority and the culture is Christian but not so much in reverse. Raymond Nonnatus and mercedarians for further consideration. there is only one name by which we are saved, the name all the Hollywood top movies throw around like common vulgarity. oh that sweet name, and men like Nonnatus ……..

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