PopeWatch: Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui and the Borgias



Pope Francis invoked the memory of the notorious Borgia family as he returned from his African trip to a Vatican that is mired in scandalous allegations of espionage, sex and corruption.


Go here for more tawdry details.  A simple question:  is there any adult supervision at the Vatican?  As PopeWatch noted earlier, go here to read the post, this mess has all the elements of an Italian sex farce film of the last century.



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  1. Vatican corruption is bewildering. JPII, Benedict, and now Francis have failed to clean it up. What gives? Theoretically, the pope is at the zenith of his power there.

  2. Serpents are sly and sneaky creatures.
    They can blend into their environment at times
    unnoticed. When the “smoke of Satan” entered into the Vatican, smoke detectors were too busy to take action. Now, it seems, the brood has grown.
    A proper house cleaning may have to incorporate divine intervention.
    Vipers can be quite photogenic.

  3. ‘”I just thank God that there’s no Lucrezia Borgia” he joked…’
    Well, I’m glad the Holy Father thinks this is so funny. Aside from assigning
    Cardinal Pell the thankless chore of untangling the Holy See’s finances,
    I don’t see Pope Francis doing much about the sorry state of his personnel besides crack jokes.

  4. David Spaulding,
    Here’s my take. We are electing Popes in the first media age, who love writing and hate administration. But writing can be a hiding place when you do 90% writing and 10% administration. We need a Pope with a record of preferring the reverse as Bishop….10% writing and 90% administration.

  5. David,
    I think Pope Benedict left office precisely because two storms met: with advanced age, he was getting flustered
    and confused by any admin problems….and admin problems were growing like weeds in Vatican city. Prior he had enjoyed writing about the saints and Fathers…the scholar life. But that was not what reality was calling for.

  6. It is my impression that the same can be said for Bishops. How many of them are competent managers, stewards of the resources the faithful entrust to them to further our interests?

    The pricing of Catholic education, abuse scandals, liturgical abuse, lack of seminarians and othe religious, and the idling of assets suggests most are not competent.

  7. bill bannon

    Used as an analogy before, the crow / raven is pouncing on the dove. We know the end of the final battle is victory for the dove, but in the meantime it sure is ugly.

  8. It would not surprise me if every kind of crookery were flourishing under this pope. His self-presentation suggests an exhibitionist with no important skills and he’s antagonistic to authoritatively binding norms of any kind (as opposed to shizzy sentiments). Norms exist only to punish your institutional targets like the Franciscan Friars.

  9. We have entered into one of those periods of Church history where most of the highest authorities in the Church appear clueless, scandal and error run rampant, and there is an obvious threat lurking (jihadists) while Church authorities ignore it or make light of it. Then the chastisement falls. God will permit death and destruction to come upon us due to our infidelity to His laws. The history of the Jewish nation and the history of the Church are replete with this age old scenario. God help us.

  10. It interests me that His Holiness sees hiring her to have been an error but not the assignment of the monsignor. It seems to me that it is this thinking that underlies tolerance of clerical misconduct.

    We should all be harder on those from our group than those outside it.

  11. DJR’s sentiments are in the minority on the blogosphere, however they are picking up steam. If Rome does collapse during our lifetime it wouldn’t be a surprise. God’s hammer of justice can be any force or army.
    Are we doomed?
    If the dead could talk we might hear the opinions from 53 million Americans killed on the field of battle. The “my body-my choice,” beachhead. They might agree with the notion that time is slipping away, and with it Mercy.
    Year of Mercy to start on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Tuesday. Is Justice to follow?

  12. I hope her husband forgives her and they go to therapy. Very awful for him in a unique way if he is a faithful husband. He didn’t do a Holly Holm on the priest so he may be patient.

  13. Never attack a priest!
    Even in the event of his examination of “conscience.” Maybe this is what is meant by the term; “one must follow ones own conscience.” 🙁 bad joke..I know.)

  14. All might want to write to Trinity university for women. A student group thankfully is protesting this health page with links…one link is planned parenthood and another is for emergency contraception. Or simply email their president that this is their responsibility even though they state they do not monitor the links…they have to. Click around and there is an email for the president.


    Les Femmes- the Truth blog brought it up.

  15. Just emailed her and used softness but a warning about how we force God into severity….which can mean illness as I once experienced.

  16. The Vatican bureaucracies, which are bankrupting the Church anyway, esp. the commissions on global warming (anti-Catholic pro-abort Naomi Klein, Hans Joachim Schellhuber), “peace and justice” (just the phrase makes me duck) (pro-everysexual union “Fr.” Timothy Radcliffe, OP) and on finance (Chaouqui, Balda, op cit. above), should all be disbanded. They wont be: but this wayward, Islam-praising pope chose them all. He is they, and they are he.

    “The Third Secret is about apostasy which will begin at the top..” (Card. Mario Luigi Ciappi (d.1996) Dominican, papal theologian to 5 popes (from Pius XII to JP 2).

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