This War Will Be Fought Amongst Our Homes


This could be a very ominous development indeed:


A man and woman who allegedly shot and killed 14 and wounded 18 at the Inland Regional Center are now dead, police say.

SAN BERNARDINO, California — Police said two shooters killed 14 people and injured even more at a center for disabled people here on Wednesday morning. The two suspects—one male, one female—were killed by police during a car chase several hours after the attack. One suspect reportedly fired shots out of the back of a black sport-utility vehicle as police gave chase. The suspects were shot and killed in the SUV, and police stated that they were found with AR-15 rifles and body armor.

Authorities identified one of the suspects as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, an environmental health specialist at the San Bernardino County Health Department. The police later searched the home belong to the Farook family. Late Wednesday night, police identified the second suspect as Tashfeen Malik, 27.

The Inland Regional Center was hosting an event honoring county personnel when the gunmen entered and opened fire at approximately 11 a.m. local time. 

“These people came prepared,” Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said during a press conference Wednesday. 

Burguan said the shooters’ motives are unknown, but “obviously, at minimum, we have a domestic terrorist-type situation that occurred here.”



Go here to read the rest.  I would only repeat this observation I made a few days ago:


Part of the eagerness of Catholic clerics to embrace pacifism over the past half century is that it has largely been cost free for them and their flocks. They could call for non-violence, get good coverage from the liberal media, and someone else would pick up the tab. (That is your cue boat people.) Now we live in a world where the wars of this century will likely be fought among us, in our streets if not our homes, and Catholic clerics who embrace pacifism will have a very high price to pay, along with their flocks. We are led by fools and worse.

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  1. He inspected restaurants etc. for the county at $70,000 a year and he and his wife first gave their six month old to his mother whom they told that they were going together for a doctor’s appointment according to the nytimes today.
    I’ve never seen anything so non rational that I can remember. Somewhere an entrepeneur is getting an idea for a nationwide armed security guards company for hire for mass events if these things keep a certain rate of reoccurence. 14 families are now mourning and the injured can have conditions that affect their health for some time if not permanently. This was an intimate emotional fretting between two people like a private coven and had it been religious, I would have thought at least the mother or brother would have had a whiff of it.
    Psalm 37:8. “do not fret, it only leads to evil.”
    Imagine if you are the six month old and at some point later on being told who your parents were. Let’s pray that God converts this remaining family and all such families and victim families to the Church.

  2. “Government records show Farook, a U.S. citizen, traveled to Saudi Arabia last year. Authorities didn’t automatically attach any importance to that trip…”
    Can anyone possibly say, “Muslim?”
    At the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado last weekend, the Democrats were first to say, “Right wing Christian,” which turned out to be a false accusation.

  3. By “liberal” media we must include the major Catholic media as well. After all, what’s the difference between some info-babe from EWTMSNBC gushing at Bishop Barron with softball questions and Rachel Maddow doing the same with some hard leftist idol? The Catholic media’s journalistic malfeasance has, in many respects, become just as bad as the secular MSM.

  4. “Couldn’t happen in Texas,Texans aren’t disarmed sheeple”

    Possibly could of. Was the center in San Bernardino a “Gun Free Zone?'” I know in my state all government buildings are.

  5. Do not believe anything from the media.
    Being a liberal idiot (e.g., Obama and Clinton) is too easy. All one needs to do is drag out six or eight nonsensical buzz words and crank proposals.
    We shouldn’t waste time and breath, and simply say “Screw you.” when they start up with the nonsense.

    However, if you feel compelled to respond to their stupidity, I suggest cut and paste the latest propaganda riffs, and search-and-replace, here it’s “gun control” to auto-replace with “Muslim control.” As in, “We need common sense Muslim control legislation.” Or, “Muslim violence has reached EPIDEMIC proportions we need to appropriate $3,000,000,000 to the CDC to develop effective propaganda to ban the Koran.”
    Going out to buy more ammunition, now.

  6. T Shaw on the media’s utter disingenuouness – right on target.

    A contact of mine, when this news first broke yesterday about 11am PST, started checking police scanners (there is an app he has) in San Bernardino area: he told me soon after that the police were looking for a “Syed Farook” and other accomplices. I checked and found out that the same-name was listed as a public health inspector for the state dept of Environmental Quality in San Bernardino — a fairly unusual coincidence.

    His further checking on Farook’s Facebook page showed frequently-viewed sites associated with ISIS-type activities. My contact took a screen snap-shot before (he knew) it would be scrubbed. He was already able to establish that he was a committed “devout Muslim” (his father’s own words confirming that later in the day) and that he had relatively recently visited Saudi Arabia and brought back a wife. There is a lot more he has, but I am not at liberty to say. Of course , all the social sites are “gone” today. And: Does everyone know the killers wore body cameras, as they shot their way through the facility, so they could transmit live images of what they were doing? It is not even a question of to whom: ISIS was congratulating them even before they were instantly rehabilitated.

    How is it that my contact knew all this within a couple hours, even with Farook was still on the lam, but our news media allegedly did not? The final confirmation was how long the media took to get the name(s) of the killers out. If his last name had been O’Malley or McClarey or “Phoenix”, and associated with a Catholic website, can you think in terms of milliseconds, before that would have been broadcast?
    Humph, as a confused Pooh used to say.

  7. I am just sickened by the lefty democrats who start yelling “gun control” before they even know the facts.
    1. California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. high capacity magazines are banned and only certain guns can even be sold there in addition to the FBI background checks.
    2. The term “assault rifle” is the first thing bandied about when this happens when only in Paris did they have assault rifles which by definition are fully automatic instead of semi-automatic.
    3. The guns and explosives used in Paris were completely illegal to possess but guess what somehow they got them.
    4. I love the press definition of mass shootings as they sensationalize the shootings with lists of “mass shootings” – more than one person shot is not a mass shooting except in the mind of a unfettered by the truth reporter who wants to make things look worse for headlines.
    5. Violent crime is actually down but you would never know it from the press who are probably inciting most of these incidents by sensationalizing them.
    6. Violent crime is way up in countries that have banned guns – they just use other means – look up the numbers for Great Britain.

    Overall the problem is one of mental illness and frustration and I hope I am not over reaching but the Obama administration can take a lot of blame here for creating the divisiveness in this country and the resultant mental illness the stress has created. Seems funny how much has happened since he was elected president.

  8. re. Nielander comments: I was astounded yet again by Obama’s coldness (and stupidity: since I think I had better intel than he at the same point in real time) that within 2 hours of the killings at San Bernardino, when the bodies were not even cold, the pools of blood not even coagulated, that he launched his ever-relentless quest for greater power and control and called for additional gun-right restrictions. Not even a word (or scarcely) of condolence for the families of the dead (and remember there are between 5 and 10 more in critical condition as of today).

    It is the same coldness in these insatiable dictator-types as when Hillary Clinton, being informed of the Ben Ghazi attacks at approx. 4pm, did nothing until 10pm–and -what was that? While the heroes Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, the 2 ex-Navy Seals, were holding off a vastly larger force from the 2ndry consul-complex where about 20 Americans were literally holed up—-she called a strategy meeting: not for military action and extraction of our personnel, but with her political advisors to strategize how to spin the news cycle. At about the same time mysterious orders went out to “stand down” to military leadership. About 6 more hours passed before Doherty and Woods were finally killed.

    These people are cold, cold,cold.

  9. Steven Phoenix, You can “take this to the bank”: “If you don’t read the newspapers, you are uniformed. If you read the newspapers, you are misinformed.” Newspapers were all he had when Mark Twain wrote that.
    I was out shopping with the warden this AM and listening to AM talk radio (100% conservative, liberal shows die) show, the host said he was reporting on today’s lies on [fill-in-the-blank] in the NY Times.

    The local constabulary, FBI, the media and anyone with a scanner knew Farook’s name eight or ten hours before it was aired by the lying media.

    PS: Obama, Hillary, Holder, et al and seven years of anti-American programs are responsible for this.

    What are you prepared to do?


  10. One paper says: “A man who has been working in town told CBS Los Angeles he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.”

  11. Four observations:
    1. Politicians and some religious leaders refuse to recognize reality.
    2. Neighbors are afraid to report Muslim’s suspicious activities because this might be considered racist.
    3. We can’t rely on police to protect us. Police are after-the-fact guys–when folks are dead. You are on your own out there.
    4. Gun laws protect the criminals. Everyone eligible should be packing something, i.e., we need more laws favoring concealed carry.

  12. I don’t think it makes much difference whether we learn Farouk’s name in 2 hours or 2 days. However, it’s an indictment of swaths of the media that they attempted to make political hay out of this even though they had a good idea of the nature of this attack. (Either that, or they’re collectively too incompetent to undertake ordinary searches).

    As for the President’s gun control babble, it’s banal. The interesting question is what he knows and what he doesn’t about the evolution of the incidence of violent crime and about the observable influences on the incidence of crime. You have to wonder if the man simply cannot process contrary information, knows very little, or is just full of it.

  13. From Major Hasan/Fort Sill massacre to Chattanooga recruiter shootings to Paris 132 dead to San Bernadoo 14 dead, Obama’s war on the American way of life (he execrates the uses Americans make of their lives, liberties, and property) and Western Civilization rages.

  14. T. Shaw asked the right question.
    “What are you prepared to do?”

    If you haven’t considered the possibility of being a random target for the JV squad to shoot at, then maybe you should. Not to be fearful, but to be prepared. Classes for concealed carry are relatively cheap. Target practice is crucial. The time in which you can not thwart the assailant from shooting your daughter to death, is nothing compared to a prolonged time of wondering if you could of saved her life. At the very least your giving her and others a fighting chance in an otherwise hopeless situation.

    I love God. I’m not afraid to die. I’m living in a state of Grace. Our Holy League meeting including Reconciliation, Mass and Holy Hour of Adoration starts up in forty five minutes.
    If I shot and killed a terrorist that was spraying bullets at random into a group of people, I can honestly face God and hope for His Mercy.
    Thou shall not kill. Amen.
    When family is facing certain danger it is my duty to protect them at all costs.

    What are you prepared to do, asks T. Shaw?

    What indeed.
    Prayers going out during my hour tonight for all of you. For the family’s of injured and deceased from the shootings. For our Pope.

  15. “As for the President’s gun control babble, it’s banal. The interesting question is what he knows and what he doesn’t about the evolution of the incidence of violent crime and about the observable influences on the incidence of crime. You have to wonder if the man simply cannot process contrary information, knows very little, or is just full of it.”

    All of the above and he possesses an intellect surpassed by a soap dish. He’s as sharp as a bowling ball. Black Friday saw a sales record of guns.

    The end result is that more people are going to get CCW permits and will be packing heat.
    Government offices, of course, will continue to be “gun-free zones” except for the terrorists.

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