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Dale Price at Dyspeptic Mutterings gives a classic response to a critic of his article, go here to read it, at One Peter Five on the Pope who didn’t like Catholicism:


There’s something purported to be a rebuttal of the 1P5 piece out there.

I’d never heard of the blog in question before, and I’m not going to give it oxygen by linking to it. However, it’s a pastiche of frenzied material taken out of context (oh, the irony!) using “WAR IS DECLARED” sized font which predictably flounces off in a snit at the end. Oh, and he first shrills at the far more estimable (not to mention reasonable) Carl Olson’s more measured criticism.

Here’s the summary of the…effort



No, really–that’s the intellectual integrity of it in a nutshell. Unable to rebut facts, he tries to punch up. For me, the only part that merits a response is where the fraud in question accuses me of suggesting that the pope should be subjected to violence.

Yes, seriously. 

My response? I’ll let Tommy Lee Jones answer for me.

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  1. Have to commend Messrs. Price and Skojec for being patient and disciplined enough to wade through some of this. I cannot tolerate it bar in little tiny doses.

  2. I file (cut/paste) liberal bullshit (I repeat myself it’s all bullshit) in two folders. One, named “Brain Farts.” Two, named “Keyboard Diarrhea.
    I am re-reading the Barnet Schecter book on the 1863 NY draft riots. That video clip and whatever else Stevens said about that Ohio Democrat is true for all Dems in an unbroken string from Andrew Jackson to Obama, Hillary et al. In fcat, I think that Thaddeus was holding back.

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