When a Mass Shooting is Politically Inconvenient

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts predicts the reaction of the usual suspects to the jihadist attack in San Bernardino:
Of course, it looks like terrorism.  But since 9/11, we’ve learned that terrorism is tough to pin in America.  When Muslims attacked Paris it was terrorism.  It was also thoughts and prayers.  But here, where Liberalism is fighting on  the front lines of global domination, there can be no such niceties or common sense appraisals.  
Now, I’m no soothsayer or prophet.  But here’s a guess.  The liberal advocates will do any or all of the following in the days to come:
  • Focus on gun control
  • Focus on Islamaphobia
  • Focus on parsing terrorism. Remember when any terrorism that wasn’t Al Qaeda wasn’t considered a big deal and we couldn’t focus on that since it wasn’t connected to 9/11?  Expect the same now with Isis.  
  • Focus on the fact that the shooters were not Syrian refugees
  • Appeal to rambling interviews in which we ask things like ‘does it even matter why it happened?’ (as opposed to things like the Charleston shooting or the Tuscon shooting), or just rambled about saying incoherent things about stuff and things
  • And in all things, blame conservatives.  
  • But if it can’t be used to advance the gospel of the Left, expect the whole story to be gone within a week or so.  If it lasts that long.
That’s just a hunch,. 
BTW, it’s two days and counting over at CAEI.  No prayer post or request for prayers.  No mention.  Nothing.  I can’t begin to fathom why.  Perhaps he just wants to focus on the positives of what the Faith teaches.  I just hope the first post addressing it isn’t about the evils of the NRA, conservatives, gun nuts, or racist America.  In short, I hope conservative blogger Mark doesn’t once again echo with almost stunning efficiency the biases and perspectives of the worst elements of the Left. 

Go here to read the rest.  The San Bernardino massacre slaughters quite a few sacred cows of the Left:
1.  That Obama has prevented domestic jihadist attacks.
2.  That we have nothing to fear from Muslim immigrants.  (The wife of this duo was associated with the Red Mosque, the most radical mosque in Pakistan, and lied about her place of residence in Pakistan on her visa.  So much for careful vetting of immigrants.)
3.  That mass shootings are the fault of evil white men.
4.  That gun control can do anything to stop mass shootings, as the weapons used were modified to be illegal under California’s stringent assault weapon ban.
5.  That the police can protect us from mass shootings.
6.  That gun free zones do anything except alerting human predators to the best hunting grounds for their human prey.
Watch this attack go down the memory hole of most of the media fairly swiftly.

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  1. The junior varsity team is kicking the hell out of the arrogant left.
    Pathetic bastards…. Isis and liberal mutants.

  2. Having lived 1300 years, the Bear has learned that there are many problems without a solution. This is one of them. It would be impossible to elect a leadership capable of effectively addressing this threat. So just add terrorism to the list of brute, capricious ways in which you can wind up dead in this country, like being hit head-on by a drunk driver or having your mobile home exploded by a tornado.

  3. Fooey, Philip, it was my turn to observe “the JV team” — that it is going to be one helluva varsity some day. However, likely Bathhouse Barry wont have to deal with them, but will be defending them in the US court system.
    Much-vilified Robert Spencer (a Maronite Catholic by the way) links to how the NY Times putridly portrays “home-grown terrorism” vs. jihadi-terrorism in an utterly mis-representative graph of attacks “since 9/11”, saying “more Americans have been killed in domestic-mass-shootings” since then:


    …But the dearly beloved Old Grey Lady left out that over 3000 Americans were killed on 9/11 alone.

    I think that, as ex-Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat observed trenchantly in an interview yesterday on Michael Savage’s show, “many more Americans will have to be killed before the country wakes up.” Shoebat notes that the “JV Team” (ISIS) has a goal of killing 10 million Americans, to cow the US into submission. The NY Times will help the JV Team out mightily toward that goal.

  4. @Steve Phoenix.

    Ssso sorry for jumping out of turn.
    The badrock o’bummer has been helping the JV team from the start. Your right about his continued support long after his infamous presidency is over. The stench will remain for many a year. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will need a good douche.

  5. Do not believe anything spewing from academia, the government or the media, including FOXNEWS.

    Islamic terrorists are their natural allies: they hate America’s Christian faith, liberty, and the uses most of us make of our freedoms. The idiot in the WH, useless academics and rump liberals know their enemy: us. They need to disarm us to defeat America.
    Early in the Leninist USSR, the party propaganda organ was Pravda (Truth). The editor was asked what is truth? He answered, “That which advances the revolution. Same for these liberal rats: the news and truth are repeated distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, false equivalencies, non sequiturs, omissions that advance the destruction of our country and our way of life.

  6. One more thing Steve…
    “Isis has a goal of killing over 10 million Americans, to cow the US into submission.”

    Planned Parenthood. oops, Worse than Murder Inc., is far more destructive than these piss ant’s. 10 million…that’s all? Losers.
    When they set their goal properly, say 60 or 70 million, then maybe….but 10 million? Humph!

  7. 4. That gun control can do anything to stop mass shootings, as the weapons used were not modified to be illegal under California’s stringent assault weapon ban.

    Amendations for clarity. It also needs to emphasised that all weapons were legally purchased.

  8. We face the twin threats of radical Islamic terrorism and tyrannical atheistic liberal progressivism. Pray that it is not time for the Maccabean response, for sadly that is the only response which these two demonic forces of darkness respect.

  9. I briefly ran down the list of mass shootings YTD in 2015. It’s mostly unknowns shooting four or five. The KIA ratio isn’t so high. I assume it’s largely gang or drug war related.

    In general, the gun control and the assault rifle memes are deceit with a large dose of hysterics. In fact, the US murder rate has declined most years since 1992 and the dreaded assault rifle annually kills fewer Americans than the death-dealing blunt object (think hammer). The lies advance the agenda, but the truth i’s readily available in FBI statistics.

    I do not accept subordinating The US Constitution to liberal bullshit.

    These lies give the calumnious media something to spew because the news is Obama’s/Hillary’s/Kerry’s massive failures in the world-wide terror war against America. The day of the liberals is over.

    John Gabriel, End the Islamist epidemic in America! “It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that Islamists can commit acts designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. These are acts of war, barely concealed and deliberately promoted as tools of religious intolerance and even insurrection. America’s elected leaders offer prayers for jihad’s victims and then, callously and without fear of consequence, reject the most basic restrictions on radical Islam, as they did on Thursday. They distract us with arguments about gun control.


  10. I briefly ran down the list of mass shootings YTD in 2015. It’s mostly unknowns shooting four or five. The KIA ratio isn’t so high. I assume it’s largely gang or drug war related.

    A friend paged through some of the more recent ones– she found that it’s all initial report articles, and some of them even mention there were no serious injuries.

    It’s annoying, because it ignores that part of why a “mass murder” is set fairly high is to avoid somewhat normal reasons for murder– love triangles, or murder/suicides.

    They “mass shooting” folks further exposed their bias by including injuries to the shooters; so if three guys go in to rob a jewelry store, shoot the guy at the counter, and he hits them with a shotgun– it’s a “mass shooting.”
    Because it’d just be sooooo much better if his head had been caved in with a bat, or something? *shrug* Not my monkeys.

  11. “Having lived 1300 years”

    You have a few years on me my bruin friend.

    I was born in 1796, taught that whippersnapper Abe Lincoln how to prepare writs, saved the Union by not enlisting in the Union army, taught Theodore Roosevelt dirty fighting, slept through both of Wilson’s inaugural addresses, ended a brilliant political career when I challenged the wheel chair bound FDR to a footrace, served in World War II as fifth assistant briefcase holder to Douglas MacArthur, forgot to vote for Wendell Wilkie in 48, didn’t like Ike, thought that Nixon was more photogenic than Kennedy, got into a fist fight with Barry Goldwater over a parking space, ran the White House “Carpenters” under Nixon, voted for Billy Carter, instead of Jimmy, appointed Secretary of Historical Oddities under Reagan, got George Bush senior to wear a Ross Perot mask to a Skull and Bones reunion, lost a fortune in Whitewater, and then got into blogging.


  12. Only the few remaining fever swamp liberal idiots believe “gun show loop hole” garbage. Those dolts and the mendacious media and pokey professors are hyperbolically bought into Obama and the progressive agenda so that they need to push this dopey distraction from Obama’s massive failures in the war, the economy, etc.
    Remember in November. The day of the liberal is over.

  13. T Shaw,
    There are so many stupid voters out there that the day of the liberal may not be over.

  14. Bizarre even by Mark’s increasingly erratic standard of discourse on the issues of the day.

    I guess we see what happens when the memes don’t line up and his brain breaks trying to process it.

  15. Latest from the WSJ suggests I may have been wrong about the ARs being unmodified (and thus illegal to possess in CA), but legally obtained CA legal ARs that were later modified (and thus illegal to possess in CA).

    Mr. Farook and Ms. Malik were armed with four guns purchased more than three years ago, according to one law-enforcement official. All four guns were purchased legally. But alterations were made to two of the weapons—the guns authorities say were originally bought by Mr. Marquez [i.e. the 2 AR-15s]—which made them unlawful in California.
    One of the semiautomatic rifles—made by DPMS Panther Arms—had been changed to more easily accommodate a large-capacity magazine, [What does that mean?] according to Meredith Davis, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
    There was also an attempt to alter the other weapon—a Smith & Wesson M&P model—so it would fire automatically, according to the ATF, a process that takes some expertise to get right, according to gun experts.[and another ant-gun meme takes a hit.]

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