Bear Growls: Someday This Pontificate Will End


It is an old maxim among historians that times of peace make for boring reading while times of war make for rattling, gripping reading.  Our Bruin friend at Saint Corbinian’s Bear applies a variant of that maxim to the current papacy:


The Vatican has planned an elaborate light show celebrating Christmas. Images of the Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and a whole choir of angels will be projected even on the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, announced Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the head of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

“We are quite humbled to present this beautiful program of the nativity to the world,” Archbishop Fisichella said. “It is a reminder that the Church, and the new evangelization, is about Christ, and earthly cares must fade into the background.”

Had you going, didn’t the Bear.

We might expect that, if the Luciferian program of the union and glorification of man on his planet were not in vogue in this papacy. Instead, what we get is humankind (not too many, now!) and global warming propaganda painted on Christianity’s most important church.

Of course, it is only natural that Goofball-in-Command of Shameless Dopery, our old friend speaking-against-the-Pope-is-exactly-the-same-as-physically-attacking-him Archbishop Rino Fisichella is the showrunner for this — and the Bear does mean this literally: abomination. (How’s that New Evangelization going, boss?)

Read more at Restore DC Catholicism.

When the Bear scans the Vatican News on any given day, he feels guilty that they make it so darned easy to blog. Pope Francis has been the best thing for Catholic bloggers since Pope Alexander VI. (The Bear is sure they had some equivalent of blogging in those days.) The Bear feels like Col. Kilgore in “Apocalypse Now:” (Sniffles) “Someday this war’s gonna end…”

Someday this papacy is going to end. (Sniffles.)

Go here to read the comments.  Sad but true friend Bruin.  However, until it does, we chroniclers of this train wreck of a papacy can enjoy the ride!




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  1. May God save the Pope and the Cardinals form themselves, and may God protect His Church from the environmentalist blasphemy of false goddess Gaia.

  2. Truly, I’m sick and getting sicker. First thing popped in my alleged mind: “I love the smell of brimstone in the morning.”
    This too shall pass.

  3. Ain’t brimstone you smell, T Shaw! It’s all the coal dust fumes from generating the heat to boil water to turn the turbine generators that are producing electricity for the Pope’s eco-wacko nut job enviro-wonder light show. If he were really concerned about global warming, then there would be no dumb idiot nature loving light show.

  4. It took a conscientious Pope (who made his share of mistakes) over 20 years to stabilize the situation in the United States (and elsewhere?). Then you had the pederasty scandals, which mortally wounded the Church in Ireland (but was not the ecclesial disaster you might have expected here). Now you have this man. Terrible damage was done under a weak Pope (Paul VI). The only thing protecting us is that the structure was a ruin to begin with. Still, this fellow is busily kicking the rubble around and ruining the bits of the structure people have rebuilt, being actively destructive in ways Paul was not. How long it will take a conscientious Pope to truly repair matters one cannot imagine (other than most of us will not live to see it).

  5. I worry more about the church that touches me daily. Here in Philadelphia, the Archdiocese is busily dismantling Catholic education to build spectacular local churches. They are magnificent… So why does C.S. Lewis leap to mind as I pray in them?

  6. This current Pontiff is everything the Rorate Caeli blog warned us about. The Cardinals who elected him are equally to blame.

    He is not stopping me from being Catholic, but I would be lying if I said he was not discouraging. He is discouraging and so is much of the Magisterium.

  7. I’m waiting for the announcement: “From the Vatican, it’s Sunday Morning Live!”
    As if we needed anything more to creep us out about this worldly papacy.
    I’m sure the Bear could flesh this idea out a bit in his inimitable style.

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