PopeWatch: Year of Mercy Nominees




Today marks the beginning of the Year of Mercy proclaimed by the Pope.  Herewith are a few suggestions for candidates for papal mercy:

  1. Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.
  2. Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.
  3. “Fundamentalists.”
  4. Catholics who obey the strictures of the Church regarding contraception.
  5. Arms manufacturers.
  6. Self-absorbed Promethean Neo-pelagians.
  7. Raymond Cardinal Burke.
  8. Falkland Islanders.
  9. Capitalists.
  10. Anyone who tried to make sense of Laudato Si.

Add your own candidates in the comboxes.

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  1. Law-abiding American citizens that own firearms. After each climate change/workplace violence/Muslim massacre we are threatened with prosecution if we judge all Muslims to be murderers. Why don’t 80,000,000 American gun owners get the same consideration?
    The truth Is constantly omitted from media propaganda. It shall make you free.
    Since 1993 (to 2013), the number of privately-owned firearms increased 56%, while gun homicide rate decreased 49%. On this year’s Black Friday, when retail sales were down 10% from 2014, a record number of firearms purchase background check were completed.
    For the sixth consecutive year Baghdad Bob Obama was named “Gun Salesman of the Year.”

  2. How about we ask God to have mercy on unborn babies?
    Perhaps that is a fearful thing for which to ask since mercy for unborn babies will mean justice on the rest of us, and God’s justice is going to make the trial of the Nazis at Nuremberg look positive sedate and mild in constrast.
    Buckle up, folks, because God might answer Francis’ calls for mercy and give more mercy than either he or we can possibly handle.

  3. As to, #7, Francis has already, albeit unintentionally, shown Cdl. Burke the most mercy he possibly could by sending him packing. Given the Algoresian Climoscare Exhibit in Rome, His Eminence is probably profusely thanking God he is not in the Eternal City right now. He’s gotta be really liking Malta right now!

  4. Tempering our judgement though should be this Sep.1,2015 letter by Pope Francis to the head of the council for the new evangelization. Prepare to be surprised in respect to the opening to the radical traditionalists:

    ” A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime, motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins.
    Trusting in the intercession of the Mother of Mercy, I entrust the preparations for this Extraordinary Jubilee Year to her protection.”
    From the Vatican,
    1 September 2015

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