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The Year of Mercy is a dream come true for terrorists wishing to stage an attack that will instantly be in the world spotlight.  Fortunately the Italian government seems to be serious about security:


Faithful who make pilgrimages to religious sites or do good works during a Holy Year can receive indulgences, or the remission of punishment for sins, under certain conditions.

The airspace over most of Rome was closed and transport of petrol, gas, weapons, explosives and fireworks was banned. A no-go zone was instituted for vehicles around the Vatican and rubbish bins sealed or removed.

“This security was necessary. It worked very well and it was worth it because we feel safe,” said Corrado De Gioia, who came to Rome from Treviso in northern Italy.

Soldiers augmented regular police for a total security force of around 3,000, making the area around the Vatican sometimes seem more like one where a protest demonstration was expected instead of a religious event

Some were unnerved by the show of force.

“Regarding the security, it made me afraid. Those who come here as pilgrims meet the soldiers carrying machine guns, it’s scary, you feel threatened,” said Italian tourist Daniela Santi.

Go here to read the rest.  Let us pray that would be terrorists also feel threatened Daniela.

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  1. Sadly, the designers, engineers, brokers, trainers, commanders, and carriers, of the weapons that provide that security, are hell bound… His Holiness says so.

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