Video Clips Worth Watching: Dudley Summons the Choir

An unforgettable scene from The Bishop’s Wife (1947) when undercover angel Dudley, Cary Grant, uses his powers to summon a tardy boy’s choir for an unforgettable rendition of O Sing to God:

O sing to God your hymns of gladness,
Ye loving hearts your tribute pay;
Your Lord is born this happy day.

Then pierce the sky with songs of gladness,
Disperse the shades of gloom and sadness;
O sing to God your hymns of gladness.

Mark how the Mother lulls to slumber
Her new born Babe with tenderest love,
And guards her treasure from above!

O blessed Child with her who bore Thee,
We, too, will kneel in faith before Thee.
O God Incarnate, we adore Thee!

O Word of God for us incarnate,
By faith we hear Thine angels sing,
Their hymns of praise to Thee their King.

We join with them in adoration,
We pour to Thee our supplication,
That Thou wouldst grant us, Lord, salvation

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  1. I love that movie Unforgettable scene, for sure. For my money, that movie is just brimming with unforgettable scenes.

  2. I have a little stack of Christmas DVDs and this is one of them. A recently discovered oldie that I also love is “Come To The Stable”. Have you seen that one, Donald?

  3. Sometimes I can almost wish I lived back in those days: days when the Church guarded what we read and watched and had a list and if something was banned, it did not fare well. The days with the TLM and full churches and schools and confessionals; days when the pope was trusted and that was a good thing.

    But then it might have been too easy. Now we live in a time of trial and growing tribulation. We might have thought that the persecution against faithful Catholics was passing but now it has revved up again and by the ‘powers that be’ in the Church. We cannot trust what is coming out of a Vatican that is going hand in hand with the way of the world. Rather, we must cling to Christ and beg for holy shepherds. We must educate ourselves with the true teachings of Our Lord and His holy Church and adhere to them. We must see holiness! It is the only counter to the evil that is within and without the Church.

  4. the backstory of Come to the Stable is discussed in my book Christians in the Movies: A Century of Saints and Sinners. If you get Turner Classic Movies, set your DVR for its showing December 20 at 3:45 PM Eastern time

  5. @Peter Dans: Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware of your book and it looks to be right up my alley. I just put a request in for it with my library. Merry Christmas, fellow film buff!

  6. Peter: I see on Amazon that your book was first published in ’09. Then again in 2011. Does the 2011 edition have more in it than the original publication?

  7. Elizabeth: First thanks for your interest in my book. I think you will like it. Don did and so did Michael Medved and Steven Greydanus.. As for the dates of issue, the publisher, to my dismay, priced the hardcover at $49.95 for libraries.When it had almost sold out to libraries from Harvard to New South Wales, they agreed to put out a paperback at a more reasonable $26.95 (less on Amazon). The content is the same and the pictures are well-reproduced. So, get the paperback.

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