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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


An illuminated projection of the Microsoft Office Bubbles theme onto the facade of St. Peter’s on Tuesday evening drew large crowds as the new basilica screen saver appeared, notifying the faithful that the basilica had not been in use for 10 minutes.

The decision to use the new screensaver was made by Senior Vatican Security official Claudio Aquila who said that it was the Vatican’s duty to protect St. Peter’s from terrorists attempting to infiltrate the basilica.

“We can no longer trust that simple security measure such as more guards will keep the basilica safe,” Aquila told EOTT this morning. “Now, even if a terrorist somehow gets through security, they will not be able to enter the church without first entering a password.”

Critics say that the new measures are bothersome, especially since security officials are mandating that all employees of the Vatican change their password every first Friday of the month.

“Just this morning I left work for just fifteen to get an espresso, and when I got back, it was locked,” said one opponent of the new screensaver. “I had forgotten the password, so I was forced to sit there for ten minutes guessing it. In the end, I had to call technical support to help me reset my personal passcode. I changed it to Screw_the///environment79. Please don’t publish that.”

At press time, Vatican officials are toying with changing the bubbles screensaver with that cool one with the bungalow on the water somewhere in Bali where you wish you were, but can’t because your job pays you crap.

PopeWatch tried to get a comment from the Pope but was told that he was outside watching Going My Way that someone was projecting onto Saint Peters.


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  1. I suspect this same technique was used by Michelangelo to flash his paint-by-the-number images on the Sistine Chapel. If you look very carefully, you can find the Microsoft logo in the portals of Hades right next to Waldo.

  2. Don L.

    Thanks for the chuckle. Great line!
    “…you can find the Microsoft logo in the portals of Hades right next to Waldo.”
    My coffee tastes better now!

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