Celebrate Christmas and Lose Pounds Open Thread


The usual open thread rules apply.  Be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing.

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  1. She reminds me of when Quasimodo went on vacation and hired in his stead a man who rang the church bell by hitting it with his face. Unfortunately one day the bell returned while he was distracted and knocked him from the bell area all the way down to the cobble stone street below. A crowd gathered and many yelled, ” Who is he…who is he?”
    A man came forward, looked at the deceased bell ringer and said, ” I don’t know his name…but his face really rings a bell.”

  2. Bet she does real well at CrossFit.
    As for me, I always gain weight during fasting seasons, which in the Byz Church is Lent and Philips Fast (aka Advent.) Then I loose it when we can eat normally again.

  3. DJH: I always gain ten pounds when I go on a diet or fast. That is when I start paying attention to what I eat. And paying attention to what one eats is a good thing. Also not having to see oneself as others see oneself is a grace.
    Why is Pope Francis adamant about climate change and the accompanying science, while ignoring wholesale the DNA science of the newly begotten. People as pollution and the power to disenfranchise persons of their civil rights as citizens and dispose of people as in the final solution by addressing their freedom in a group wherein some member may be executed while the group remains is communism. Our Constitution addresses persons as individuals, one person at a time, born and unborn.
    Obama has no authority outside of the Constitution. When Obama acts outside of the Constitution, Obama acts as a private citizen who impeaches himself.
    Climate Change betrays America’s sovereignty by making our sovereignty subject to the UN and gives the UN power to tax, impose fines and confiscate property that is not theirs. Piracy is still illegal.
    Why Pope Francis supports this form of larceny on a global scale is confusing.

  4. WoW.
    Angels we have heard on high, gently…no wait, nothing gentle about this but it’s great none the less.
    Funny clip.
    She has earned her wings.

    bill bannon…. sweet 🙂

  5. I usually gain weight when I fast, too; at best I’ll hold steady. It’s when I don’t think about it that I can lose weight!
    Use to be that I gained weight on a diet and held steady when I didn’t think about it, before I started taking more vitamins. This was really depressing.

  6. The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross. Desire the virtue of patience. Think of the heavy cross so willingly carried by Our Lord and pray for His assistance that you may carry your crosses without complaint.”

    “Those who do not do battle for their country do not know with what ease they accept their citizenship in America.” Dean Brelis, The Face of South Viet Nam.

    I received news of a US special forces operator who lost both legs. Please remember in your prayers him and all doing battle on our behalf.

  7. In other news, Pope Francis declared that “The problem is fundamentalism. I have no problem with Muslims; Muslims are friends of mine. They didn’t sack Rome, did they? But you know who did? It was the Germans! They’re the ones you’ve got to watch out for.” He later excommunicated Cardinal Kasper.

  8. Just heard today that Pope Francis is about to ban the execution of capital punishment for homicide in the first degree.
    Divine Mercy or human mercy?
    The corporal works of mercy call for visiting the imprisoned. The corporal work of mercy does not call for releasing unrepentant murders or un-rehabilitated criminals. The ban on Capital Punishment for homicide in the first degree denies the human soul of the murderer, his eternal destiny and the possibility of his repentance, to his undoing. The ban on Capital Punishment for homicide in the first degree invents unequal Justice for the victim and prejudice in favor of the murderer. The victim is dead. The murderer must join his victim.
    The murderer meets his rejected virtues on the gallows when the murderer is brought to equal Justice. The executioner operates through power of attorney of the condemned murderer.
    I can forgive my murderer. I cannot forgive your murderer without becoming an accessory after the fact. For the state to prohibit the execution of Capital Punishment for murderers for homicide in the first degree makes the state liable for any consequent homicide perpetrated by the aforementioned murderer, and brings guilt on the state for not imposing capital punishment, equal Justice, as a deterrent in the first murder.
    Priests and consecrated souls have consecrated themselves to God and as consecrated souls do not partake of the state’s job of executing persons for homicide in the first degree. This includes Pope Francis. Pope Francis’ call for a ban on the execution of Capital Punishment for murder in the first degree is the imposition of atheism and denies the human being’s immortal soul and eternal life. In addition, a ban on capital punishment violates equal Justice.

  9. Bill Bannon and Foxfier – LOL

    Let’s see – abstain from chocolate, glug wein, etc during Advent. Enjoy Christmas and my birthday – gain five to ten pounds and lower my immunity and get sick, so by Ephiphany I’ve lost the weight. Stupid, huh.

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