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You can learn a lot about a Pontificate from what a Pope doesn’t talk about as well as what he does talk about.  I have never heard the Pope say a word about the ongoing melt down of the Catholic Church in Germany where most of the clergy seem eager to “celebrate” Reformation I by staging Reformation II.  Rorate Caeli gives us an example of what is going on in Germany:

From Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Count zu Eltz said that there had been a ministry to homosexuals for some time already. But with the new offer, the Church would be institutionally committing herself to it. It complements the project “Gay and Catholic“ which is located in Gallus at the Church of Maria Hilf and celebrates its 25th anniversary next year. Wucherpfennig paid tribute to the new project as a sign “that homosexuals have their place in the Church, also as critical members“. Wucherpfennig, who is the rector of Sankt Georgen Philosophical-Theological College, and Weidemann, the provincial superior of the Pallottines in Limburg, have experience in the care of those living a same-sex lifestyle. Topics are fidelity and commitment, financial security in old age and difficulties of relatives, when a family member comes out as homosexual, says Weidemann. It was important to encounter homosexuals in an open and appreciative manner, says Count zu Eltz. Many had already turned their backs on the Church.

PopeWatch trusts that the future Muslim rulers of Germany are taking careful notes and will react to all of this with the sensitivity and  ecumenism for which the sons of the Prophet are famed.



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  1. I’m positive the Mullahs will contrive a special blessing for the homosexuals when Germany falls. The effects of the ecclesiastical blessings will be so profound that overnight, die hard sodomites will miraculously become celibate.

    Seriously. The coddling and blessings are in line with which Scriptural passage? As always, it’s forgiveness then the commandment to sin no more! Is this missing in the message? If so, then Mercy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in da’ fatherland.

  2. 3% of humanity defines itself as homosexual. A fraction of those individuals desire to be long term monogamous relationships . A fraction of those desiring a long term monogamous relationship are Catholic. Yep this ought to flood the German Catholic church with members.

  3. It is not a question of numbers, it is a matter of corrupting the whole Church. It is the Devil’s work being done by Catholic prelates in Germany

  4. What was painfully missing from all of this “MERCY” from Pope Francis is the “forgiveness of sins” in the Sacrament of Penance. No mention of sin. Without acknowledging our sins, man cannot forgive himself, which is absolutely necessary for spiritual growth and sanctity. Man can only forgive himself by admitting to his personal sins and seeking the perfect absolution of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Penance. Without being able to forgive himself, man cannot hope to survive the attacks of the devil. Without Jesus Christ man is condemned by his own rejection of Christ to serve the devil. Atheism is unconstitutional: “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” The atheist as a person, an immortal human soul, must be tolerated. The atheist must not be given ultimate power over the free exercise of man’s conscience as in Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptist Church wherein Jefferson calls into play the “wall of separation” of the state’s power over man’s conscience. The state does not give man Faith, a gift from God. The state cannot circumscribe the free exercise of Faith. God does not come unless invited. Invited, God gives man Faith.
    Religion is the free exercise of man’s relationship with his Creator in thought, word, deed and peaceable assembly. The Supreme Court never met the burden of proof that the free exercise of one’s religious belief is criminal in nature, or unconstitutional in practice. Why does the Court continue to impose atheism on the people of Faith and their FREEDOM?

  5. Philip: Thank you for the definition of sodomites. Homosexuality is an act of God. Sodomy is an act of man in rebellion to God, an action abrogating “the laws of nature and nature’s God” from the Declaration of Independence. Atheists hold that there is no mention of God or “divine Providence” in our Founding Principles while denying the obvious. Our Founding Principles are no longer taught in public school. It is said that our children are not capable of conceiving Liberty. While this may be true of conceiving an infinite God, it is untrue of conceiving God gifts.
    Every citizen is free to marry under our Founding Principles. The sodomites choose to inject sodomy into the definition of marriage, but cannot name one person who has come into existence through sodomy, a violation of our civil right to our Posterity.

  6. Yep this ought to flood the German Catholic church with members.

    I think what’s happened is that a certain disposition towards homosexuality now defines in-groups and outgroups among social elites, thus imitative behavior among star-@#*K$% bourgeois and professional exclusion for those who ignore new rules. Hence, Brendan Eich loses his job, though his (perfectly conventional) views on matrimonial law make not a whit of difference to his fitness to occupy the office he did. At a lower social level, academic sociologists and academic psychologists cannot merely criticize the work of Mark Regnerus (a perfectly unremarkable character) or Paul Cameron (a somewhat eccentric character). They have to impugn their competence and / or integrity. Anyone familiar with discourse among gay activists will see the extraordinary self-centeredness and madcap rage incorporated into much of it (see, for example, some of the commentary published when Mayor Koch died). What the gay lobby has managed to do is incorporate their bizarro worldview into the set of habits and assumptions the elites bring to their daily labors. For those of us over a certain age, it’s most perplexing. The young don’t seem to get it.

  7. “However, in fairness, he did offer a critique of the German church in a recent ad limina visit.”

    Quite right Dale. It slipped my mind. Too much pre-holiday time in the law mines I suspect is temporarily dimming my brain!

  8. Mary De Voe on Tuesday, December 15, A.D. 2015 at 9:41am
    ………” Homosexuality is an act of God. ”

    I suggest you re-think that statement, Mary.

  9. Don the Kiwi, not only to rethink but to totally reject such notions.
    Homosexuality comes from a fallen nature; living in a fallen world ; constantly being harassed by fallen angels.
    Now, Mary De Voe knows where homosexuality (Sodomy in potentiality or actuality) comes from.

  10. I suspect the idea of the celebrity culture adopting “gay as good” is merely part of the process of excusing all sin as okay, especially their own sins.
    Apparently their own sins are bothersome enough that they must publicly reject the very idea of anything bad as being bad. Guilt is merely something they project on any who dare to discern and admonish.

  11. I am both hear sick an confused with everything that is going on in the catholic church.
    As a senior never in a million years did I ever think that our church would come to this. As for our pope that’s another confusing point is he saving souls or just sending more into the fires of hell.

    In church this week we were told that if a priest was not available to say mass that a lay person will do it. Not even a deacon just a lay person.

    Lord Jesus save us all!!!!!!!

  12. Dale Price, thank you for the Edward Pentin link. The Pope seemed orthodox in his admonishment of the German bishops. Absent was the meanness that usually is part of his addresses. When only 54% of the German priests go to the sacrament of Penance

  13. Oops, here’s the quote from the Pentin article: “Noting the sacraments are approached “less often” (a survey released earlier this year showed 54% of Germany’s priests go to Confession just once a year or less), and that vocations have “significantly diminished”, the Pope said the solution depends upon overcoming “paralyzing resignation”.” Depriving themselves of so much grace! If the survey is truly reflective of the German clergy, this statistic is absolutely appalling. Oh mein Gott! (and that is used as a prayer). You bet the German church needs reformation!! No wonder the faithful aren’t attending Mass. Two questions: What was the reaction of the German Church hierarchy to the Pope’s address? How is the Vatican helping these lost Cardinals and Bishops reform themselves and lead their priests back? If they won’t reform, they should be stripped of their red and purple.

  14. Recently our parish priest gave a lesson on using the liturgy of the hours. It was brief but informative. He mentioned that a priest must, must recite his office every day. If not because of no true reason that would keep him from it, then he must confess this. He, Fr. Libby, said it was a mortal sin for priests.

  15. Homosexuality is an act of God.
    –Mary De Voe

    I suggest you re-think that statement, Mary.
    Don the Kiwi

    ‘Gay’ is a politics.
    Homosexuality is a lifestyle.
    Same-sex attraction is, like heterosexual attraction, is part of what Rose Sayer says, “is what we are put in this world to rise above.”

  16. Michael Elyi.

    That’s re-thinking a statement; the quote from Rose Sayer. ( is what we are put in this world to rise above. )

    That is the best answer given.
    Conquer self.

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