Star Wars-Part 375!


Well at least that is the way I felt about the series half-way through the mid-point of the misbegotten second trilogy.  Leaving aside the fact that it created the most annoying fictional character, runner up Dobby the House Elf, Steppin Fetchit Jar Jar Binks in the past half century, (Oh Dobby, Jar Jar!   The woodchipper is jammed again.   Could you please use your remaining hands to unjam it once more?), the writing was terrible, the plots puerile and the acting very bad.  A major disappointment for me after the magic of the first trilogy.

Tomorrow the family will be picking up my son at the train station, fresh from the finals of his third semester in law school, eat a nice meal and then go to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  A review will doubtless follow unless I am arrested for assaulting someone attending the film dressed as Jar Jar.  For your amusement, here is the classic parody of the series from 1978, Hardware Wars:



And who could forget last year’s Princess Leia Walking in New York:


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  1. Google “The Galactic Civil War” and you will find a really geeky/hilarious “trailer” for a Ken Burns-style Star Wars documentary produced by the entertainment writers at WaPo. I am having troubling copying and pasting links today, otherwise I would just have posted the link.

  2. Imagine there’s a tree in your backyard, and every time you shake it $1 billion falls out. Kinda hard to stop shaking the tree.

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