Ted Cruz is the most formidable type of conservative:  one who throws out the rule book when it comes to how campaigns should be conducted.  In the world beyond, Reagan, who often used self-deprecating humor and innovative campaign tactics, is smiling at his ideological successor!

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  1. I hope Ted Cruz can win. However, I see so much stupidity among the typical American voter that I am not very hopeful. For example, I work among the most intelligent people in a very technically demanding industry. Those who are in their 30s or less are invariable liberal progressive Democrats. One even said that he supported Bernie Sanders until I told him that Sanders is anti-nuclear power and would kill our industry. The rest are all pro-abortion, pro-sodomy liberals. They will vote Democrat. The rot of godless idolatrous liberalism has infected like an incurable cancer. Yes, Ted Cruz is a great conservative and that is exactly why I fear he cannot win. Obama has so fundamentally changed this nation. My advice is to get ready for another Democratic Administration and for open persecution of Christianity.

  2. Hillary also took a step out of the mundane last night by replacing the tradional “God bless America” with “may the Force be with you”

  3. “It’s a Wonderful Lie,” is one of our families favorites. When Barry steals the $8,000 from uncle Billy and lies about it to frame George… well you just can’t get better entertainment for the dollar…. unless you watch the re-runs of Hillagins Island. Remember? That ditzy broad HILL-Y lies in every episode. She’s so funny.
    They never did make it off the island. She kept sabotaging the efforts of the wholesome ship wreck survivors. What a hoot.

    Ted Cruz is real.
    Trump is frightening, in that his persona is too much akin to the HULK….another bad series. Sorry Bill Bixby.

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