I Agree With Worse Than Murder, Inc!

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Thought For the Day

Three-Fifths of a Brain

    News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:   WASHINGTON, D.C.—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out hard against the Electoral College,

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Jane Antide Thouret

  Remember to consider only Christ in the person of the poor.  Serve them always as you would serve Christ himself.  


  1. Your tax dollars at work. At least, those dollars didn’t pay for baby murdering.
    I have no respect for feminists, male or female.

  2. Seems to just prove the point that no matter what, you cannot please feminists, so why even try?

  3. Only one thing worse than a woman who believes she’s a man. That’s a man who believes he’s a woman.

    To each of their (respective.. cough cough) identity dilemmas…less time with feminist, more time in confessional’s. Couragerc.net

  4. Seen on Facebook from Media Research Center FY 2015 PP murdered 323,999 babies. Not one mammogram was performed. Women’s health!

  5. T. Shaw.

    The war on women has taken a victory lap…over 57 million KIW’s. Move over Communism. Move over Nazism.
    The feminist are dug in.
    (KIW. Killed in wombs.)

  6. “…over 57 million KIW’s. ”

    Yes, unfortunate , but only because there’s some male-initiated causing the collateral damage. We must learn that taking innocent life in the womb is a good. Consider the positive impact on the climate and the availability of more resources for use by the poor.
    ( Sad when sarcasm and reality become the same thing)

  7. DonL.

    I hear you!
    Sarcasm has morphed into reality in as much as good is considered bad.
    The killing of the innocent and the promotion of evil. Sick times.

  8. Philip-Re: the KIWs and the Nazis:

    The new swastika is the PP of the Planned Parenthood logo. Please, you are besmirching the legacy of all National Socialists*, of Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Dr. Mengele; and the memory of all the Grand Wizards of the KKK and of all loyal KKK members by comparing Planned Parenthood to National Socialists and to the KKK, and by not recognizing the consummate incomparable evil of Planned Parenthood. In all of US history there are, by one study, about 5000 lynchings, total. Add to that several million tortures and whippings. Still the Nazis and the KKK cannot hold a candle to Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, PP Board members, PP Abortionists, those who vote for Democrats, and those who contribute to Democrat campaigns [“Planned Parenthood et al”]. They kill about 1,000,000 babies every three years, the overwhelming majority of whom are black or Hispanic. Planned Parenthood et al have done things the National Socialists* never dreamed of doing: harvesting human organs from living babies, cutting out human body parts and selling them, splitting open [very carefully] a baby’s face to get a fresh whole brain for sale, pulling babies feet first out of their mothers to maximize salable parts and organs before the baby is dead, and selling entire intact human bodies. Godwin’s Law of Moral Discussion is that if the discussion goes on long enough, someone will compare an immoral act to acts of the National Socialists*. Now there is McClung’s Corollary: If people today do things worse than what the National Socialists* did, more heinous, more bloodthirsty, more diabolical, they will be compared to Planned Parenthood et al, Cecile Richards, and the ghoulish barbaric fiends who pass themselves off as PP doctors. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas ps: Yes, they were “socialists” – nicknamed “Nazis.”

  9. In the future;

    Nightly News with Bob Stratus…..
    Good evening America.
    Our top story tonight is the dramatic decrease of abortion’s. The “War on the Unborn” has been seeing great success on the front lines as more and more unwanted pregnancies have been on the decrease, due in part to a national outcry and demand for social justice after America’s genocidal past had reached the 100 Million mark. As a matter of point, we started to air the daily death counts of dead babies at the end of our nightly broadcast seven years ago, as an effort to rid the evil of mass killings due to abortion. We’re happy to report that the number of teen pregnancies has dramatically decreased as the daily reminder of deaths is presented each and every night.

    A guy can dream….can’t he?

  10. “unwanted pregnancy” is a circumlocution of the contraceptive mentality.
    Nobody would sympathize with you were you to say “I put away a fifth of scotch last night and woke up with an unwanted hang-over.”

  11. “FY 2015 PP murdered 323,999 babies. Not one mammogram was performed. Women’s health!”
    And I would bet you, T. Shaw, that more than 51% of those babies were female.

  12. Ernst. Good point!
    The cause/effect might gain some moral norm foothold if young boys and girls viewed the pregnancies as and effect if their lust, and death to a person as the worse possible effect. Daily tallies of aborted babies could help. (?)

  13. I’m thinking of starting a planned inebriation group. We’ll sell a little sugar pill that will allow you to drink as much as you want and never experience a hang-over until you’re ready. Or maybe we’ll sell filters. Pour your adult beverage of choice through our diaphragm and it will prevent the intoxicants reaching your brain.
    Probably I’ll take it live on the first day of April.

  14. T Shaw – we have the blatant baby killers [kiw] and the covert ones who kill but want you to think otherwise – see below ; i have become jaded and leery of the whole system and culture
    Happy new year?
    Fellow Patriots,

    The Racine County Republican Party in Paul Ryan’s district has a simple message for voters.

    You’re an idiot.

    You see, Paul Ryan shoved the Omnibus through without a fight. Not a fight, not a struggle, not even an argument. Ryan waved the white flag and gave Obama literally everything he wanted.

    This because Ryan is a coward and didn’t want to be seen as the guy who shut the government down. Even though, as we all know, a shut down would have been Obama’s fault. So instead of defending what is right, Ryan took the path of surrendering and moving on to election season.

    Of course, Ryan didn’t want Republicans to have to defend the fact that they betrayed voters on Planned Parenthood, Syrian refugees, illegal immigration and more. So what is Ryan doing to try and save face? He’s now working with liberal Republicans in the Senate to bass reconciliation legislation that might defund Planned Parenthood. This so he can run TV ads saying he’s trying.

    Ryan knows full well Obama will veto such efforts. And we know it too. Yet the Racine County Republican Party thinks we’re all going to fall for the lie. They think we’re all just going to forgive and forget.


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