America the Beautiful Open Thread

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Feeling a little bit better about my country tonight for some reason, so how about a Ray Charles nightcap.

PS, it looks like Mike Huckabee got his thirty pieces of silver from Trump and is calling it quits. It really has been a great night.

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  1. If the Republican nominee can’t bring in Democrats and Independents we are done as a Nation. We need to hold back the tide of the Communist/ Socialist takeover of our Country. I like Ted Cruz a lot a whole a lot!! but I don’t see him doing it. He does have some issues that don’t sit well with many Independent type voters like his citizenship. I have talk to people that bring this up all the time. It is a real fact that he gave up his Canadian citizenship right before he declared he was running for President. It is a real issue out there and it could have a huge effect on him losing if he is the nominee. Natural born citizenship is required to be President of the USA . Even John Mc Cain had to get a declaration from Congress to lawfully state he was a Natural born citizen. The democrats will totally bring it up. Don’t think because Obama got away with his citizenship issues that Ted Cruz will have such luck. However the one I do see getting the Independents and Reagan type democrats is Donald Trump he doesn’t have a Natural born citizenship issue like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio but he still has a heck of a battle and some hard edges to smooth out and fine tune I don’t believe for a second Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum got paid anything to go to the Veteran event that Donald Trump hosted . I watched the entire event I believe it was sincere and they aren’t all wrapped up in this hatered against Donald Trump. This Ad hominem against Donald Trump is really horrible and beneath us as Catholics. Donald Trump is getting support from some high pro-life conservatives. That says a lot to me. They see him as a diamond in the ruff sorta person. So I’m going to highly consider voting for him even though by the time I get to vote for the Republican nominee it will most likely be chosen. Please ..Don’t fall for the socialist propaganda campaign against Donald Trump by beliving in conspiracy theories that are infiltrating into the social conservative circles like that Donald Trump is really a Hillary Clinton plant to sabotage the Republicans blah blah blah. These socialist democrat new world order types see what is at stake here and are pulling out all the stops to push forward a communist globalist utopia.
    The Rebulican nominees whomever he is will have to win by a landslide in order to get conservative social and economical values passed. We all better wake up and battle this Communist beast another way. Stop with the holier than thou attitude towards Donald Trump. First he is not a practicing Catholic but a fallen away Protestant. So I don’t hold him up to the standards of someone claiming to be a Catholic or a practicing Protestant. He could actually be ripe for a conversion to the Catholic faith or at best to a sincere social conservative. I’m not falling for the media biases against him or the sound bite comments put out on him. I have taken time to watch his rallies in full coverage. I believe Donald Trump does love the USA and loves his family and that is why he is truly running for the Republican nominee for President. He has pride that is for sure and a whole lot of optimism and ego but what successful business man or athlete doesn’t especially an east coast New Yorker? It could come off as intimidating to some or bring out the gloves in a rival male which you do have in sports and politics. That is the way I see him and the debates. He is a very independent alpha type male. Could be good or bad depending on the situation. He understands this and will reign some of that in as it gets closer to choosing the Republican nominee.
    The Catholic bishops have failed and in many cases have caused the serious moral situation we are in as a country. We shouldn’t be in this situation if they were Faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church. The Church is in huge mess from top(pope) to bottom (laity). The US bishops have for some decades now pushed a intentional socialist policy and failed to uphold the Teachings of the Catholic Faith. Many of them are morally corrupt and are allowing a lot of priests to live lives of depravity .. homosexual lifestyles. They promote the seam less garment heresy.. Like abortion and immigration are the same level. We all better take a hard look at ourselves as well for not holding them accountable and fighting back.
    It is time we fight back for the soul of our country .. gentle as doves but coy as snakes way. Please please vote whomever the Republican nominee is and be a total cheerleader for him. We need a strong United force! We gotta hold back the socialist globalist tide to overthrow our Country.

  2. “Feeling a little bit better about my country tonight for some reason”

    Nothing to do, of course, with Ted Cruz winning the Iowa caucus 🙂

  3. One of the most amazing things about this election cycle that has witnessed many amazing things is watching Trump supporters parrot the McCain/Romney line about electability. Despite the absence of any evidence that Donald Trump is remotely more “electable” than either Rubio or Cruz, it has become an article of faith that Trump is somehow the only man capable of defeating the Democrats. This despite polling data repeatedly showing the opposite – Trump trails all other major GOP candidates except perhaps Jeb Bush in all head-to-head general election matchups and has, to borrow a phrase, huuuuuuge negative scores with all, including Republicans, many of whom will never cast a vote for the Donald.

    This is par for the course for the dizzying contradiction that is Trump mania. This all started because Republican voters were rightfully upset by the wimpy Republican establishment. So some voters gravitated towards Trump. Only it turns out he’s more establishment than just about everyone else. Only now it’s supposedly a net positive in his favor, according to his adoring fans. And the fact that Trump is himself decidedly non-conservative – once again, now this is a good thing. So now, in what is a turn of events that surely even some of Trump’s most sycophantic supporters has to chuckle at, the part of Mitt Romney in this year’s election is being played by Donald Trump. Yes, Trump is the “moderate” who will win the hearts and minds of other moderates, and therefore ought to be the nominee because he is the most electable. And in the same breath as the Trumpsters are making this argument, they will declare all who oppose Trump to be members of the McCain/Romney GOPe.

    It’s simply enough to give you vertigo.

  4. INothing to do, of course, with Ted Cruz winning the Iowa caucus

    Mayhaps, Don. Frankly 75% of the Iowa caucus-goers rejecting Trump is enough to put a smile on my face. Of course this is all fleeting, as the Donald very well could win New Hampshire seven days out. But even if he does, at least it makes South Carolina and the SEC primary become that much more important. We have a true race, and suddenly have real hope that Donald mania will pass.

  5. My favorite quote; “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters.”- The Donald.

    I guess he was talking about the amount of liberal bystanders walking about 5th Ave.

    He would be correct then! After all, killing is an act of freedom.

  6. Paul, Mc Cain didn’t’ have the cross appeal he was dry not enough moxie and a career politician going up against Obama very hard to be honest. Romney the same dry personality plus being a Mormon many hard core Protestants stayed home, I thought he had the best chance because Obama’ s record and there was definitely cheating going on in many places by Obama supporters.
    So I never thought for one instant they had cross over appeal to Regan democrats and Independents. Sadly we are in this situation in this country. I do see a cross over appeal with Trump he is speaking in plain language on what is frustrating a lot of people. I have watch several of his rallies not just sound bites or biases from other campaigns. We are no longer have the luxury in voting on one issue in order to stop the legalization of abortion. We voters totally have been betrayed by those who were supposed to defund Obama Care etc.. and looked what happen chicken out! The Republican nominee needs to win by a landslide is what I believe in order to hold back the tide so we can fight another day. It will by us some time to stop the socialist takeover of our Country. Language Culture and boarders. We need boarders because there is an invasion of this country by many people to cause division a lot of them don’t have loyalty to this country and many are being used by politicians so they can keep their power to destroy this country morally and economically! All this PC garbage coming from the hierarchy in the Church is going to get us killed. We need to think wisely here in this election of a Republican nominee and not go all kamikaze. We need get behind the winner 100% whomever it is. I’m just looking at this from another perseptive and taking in the past elections and so far Trump has that cross over appeal even though he didn’t win Iowa caucus. Reagan didn’t win it either. He will have to reign in some of his bravado. I think he will if he wants to win. We need to be honest of the situation in the Church and in our country. God Bless

  7. Once again, there is no evidence whatsoever that Donald Trump has this great crossover appeal. Quite the opposite in fact. He also repels a large number of Republican voters.

    And again, you bring up a litany of issues where the GOP has “betrayed” us, using Obamacare as an example, meanwhile Trump is an open advocate for single payer. The mental jujitsu his supporters have to go through to defend this phony defies reason. Say what you will, and least Ron Paul supporters were ideologically consistent. Generally.

  8. It does look like Trump has reigned in his bravado I saw his speech last night and thought it was pretty good.

  9. I have watched his rallies and he said Obamacare finished. I will at least give him a chance and take his word of promise. Trump also hates Common core and he will put a General Patton and General Macarthur in charge of our military. Watch his rallies. He is not for going into wars to lose! I will not bash him or any of the other Republican candidates.

  10. Ron Paul a good guy too but does he have the crossover appeal? He could bring over the 18-40 years old voters. he might make a good running mate for Trump? I don’t know we have wait and see.

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