Larry D Summarizes His Experiences at Patheos

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  1. That is hilarious. Good to see Patheos sinking even further into irrelevance.
    I had an exchange with Sam Rocha over at One Peter Five a couple of months ago. Formerly of Vox Nova, he’s Scalia’s replacement as Managing Editor (or whatever) of Patheos Catholic, and well…let’s just say that Larry D’s excommunication comes as no surprise.

  2. I was surprised to hear so many others had left as well. It was questionable enough before, but with this new direction, looks like it will get even worse. Or, rather than new direction, I should say increased speed in the same direction.

  3. That there’s some of Larry’s finest work. And that’s saying something.
    But it sounds to me like there’s just a new Blorg in town over at the Blorg Queen’s new base ship. Meet the new Blorg, same as the old Blorg.

  4. Well, the Blorg itself is Patheos. The new Blorg King, replacing longtime Blorg Momma Bear Mrs. Scalia, is Sam Rocha. Sam is formerly of the liberal Catholic group blog Vox Nova, and is a man of… uh, a tender delicacy.

  5. Whatever the name of the place the old Blorg Queen and the other bloggers moved to. Larry mentions it, although not by name, in his blog post. I don’t keep up with such things otherwise.

  6. Patheos does do a good job of making a brand name for themselves; the qualities they value are not the ones that I would– but when I click on a Patheos link, I know that I’m going to have to do my own research on whatever it’s about, so the best I can hope for is entertainment or emotional release.

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