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Last night went moderately better than expected, so you’re stuck with me for a little while longer.

While there were some disappointments, such as Trump blowout wins in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama (thank you Benedict Sessions!), there were bright spots such as Cruz’s larger than expected win in Texas, as well as him edging out Donald Trump in Alaska despite Sarah Palin’s endorsement. The absolute highlight of the evening, however, was Chris Christie looking forlorn behind Donald Trump as he gave his victory speech. This vine video might be the funniest thing I have ever seen, and captures the utter ridiculousness of the entire farce. This is especially good if you are a Curb Your Enthusiasm aficionado.

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  1. That is priceless!

    Shart the pants Christie?
    Funny stuff.

    Talk about being a stooge.
    New Jersey is screaming for the dope to come home and pretend to care about his “duties.”

    What a bad dream. Three stooges episodes running on a continuous loop. That is American politics in 2016. Pull the plug. Please.

  2. Chris Christie gives unprincipled rank opportunists a bad name. He can taste that Supreme Court nomination if Trump gets to the White House. He doesn’t understand that Trump has gotten all his value from him and that he is now just one of the Trump courtiers. Who knows, if he pleads enough maybe Trump will contemptuously toss him a bone.

  3. It will be a four year verbal bullying contest between the two against reporters if Christie becomes vice president. It will be obnoxious overload. It would be like loud mouth mixed martial artist Conor McGregor marrying Ronda Rousey.

  4. Is Christie wearing a clip-on tie?
    His facial reactions to Trump’s speech were just bizarre. Slate or one of the other leftoids had a still captioned “we have a hostage situation”.

    I finally watched the mini series John Adams and I’m thinking that if Trump makes Christie VP the Senate might want to resurrect the title “You Rotundity”.

  5. “Wondering who can possibly watch the 2016 presidential clown show, and think, ‘Yes, I want the political process to control ever larger parts of my life!'” Radley Balko

    Only the 48% of voters that believe it’s the government’s duty to provide for the, Radley.

  6. That said it all T. Shaw.
    48% are comfortable with being told what they are worth. What they can eat. Where they can go. Next, the 48% will conform to the government telling them whom they should worship and how. Why not? They are eating up the programming that their brainwashed minds crave…television programming… Indoctrination at all levels of formal education…acceptance of all forms of sexual depravity…then the execution of life in the womb brought about from their choices.

    When asked how Sanders would bring about Free Colleges. Free Health Care. Equal Pay.
    The 48% say, “you know…government will foot the bill.” Welcome to 75% income tax.

  7. I would say Cruz winning Alaska despite Trump getting the endorsement of Ditz Palin. DaDonald and DaDitz, now there’s a general election ticket. Sorry, Chris, Sarah’s hotter than you! I had a lot of respect for Sessions before he pulled that Benedict Arnold.

  8. One thing is certain. The complaints about Trump destroying the Republican Party by the other candidates and others are completely insincere. The truth is they put themselves ahead of the party. What should be done now, if they were sincere, is all but Cruz should withdraw in order to defeat Trump. Here we have another case where selfishness trumps loyalty. Who has the credibility? Let’s have it out: Cruz vs Trump. Stop the nonsense.

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