PopeWatch: Hans Kung

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Father Z is always worth reading, but on occasion he is simply superb.  Such is his column on Hans Kung:

Hans Küng is deeply impressed with Pope Francis.

He has issued a plea to Francis to open a discussion about the dogma of infallibility with a view of overturning it. Küng, by the way, thinks that Vatican II didn’t go nearly far enough in digging at the foundations of faith and morals. He would bring pretty much everything down and, essentially, let majority rule in particular communities on every point.

The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter aka National Sodomitic Reporter) has published an attack on Church teaching by Hans Küng, still alive. Küng is going after infallibility, again. He wants the doctrine of infallibility dogma overturned so that all sorts of other teachings can be abandoned, especially Humanae vitae.

“These questions are as relevant today as they were then. The decisive reason for this incapacity for reform at all levels is still the doctrine of infallibility of church teaching, which has bequeathed a long winter on our Catholic church. Like John XXIII, Francis is doing his utmost to blow fresh wind into the church today and is meeting with massive opposition as at the last episcopal synod in October 2015. But, make no mistake, without a constructive “re-vision” of the infallibility dogma, real renewal will hardly be possible.”

There was a point that I found ironic.


“1965: Chapter III of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church is devoted to the hierarchy but, oddly enough, Paragraph 25, which is on infallibility, in no way actually goes into it. What is all the more surprising is that in actual fact the Second Vatican Council took a fatal step. …”

The irony is rich.

Fishwrap admires Küng, who criticizes elements of a Dogmatic Constitution of Vatican II, but is against Archbp. Lefebvre and the SSPX, who criticize far less weighty elements of the Council’s lesser documents.


Francis is about as likely to renounce his infallibility as Küng is to renounce his own.

Go here to read the comments.  How PopeWatch wishes he had written that last sentence.



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  1. It is ironic how Kung and Bergoglio, who both support the same kind of liberal ideas, would really hate each other in the end if they were to truly know each other.

  2. “Francis is about as likely to renounce his infallibility as Küng is to renounce his own.”
    As I recall St. John Paul II said pretty much the same thing: “I bet he [Küng} said that infallibly”. And he said it with a smile.

    I went to a Hans Küng lecture once. His accented English was so thick I barely understood a single word.

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