PopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

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The Pope knows who is really responsible for the massacre in Brussels:



“Three days ago an act of war and destruction in a European city was carried out by people who do not want to live in peace – but behind that act as behind Judas there were others…the arms manufacturers and traffickers who want blood not peace, war not brotherhood”. Francis went on to explain the significance of his act of washing the feet of asylum seekers as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.”

Go here to read the rest.  The Pope has a habit of blaming arms manufacturers and arms merchants for virtually all wars.  Go here, here, here and here, to read prior statements that he has made along these lines.  This is simply delusional, it is not an opinion that a rational person could hold. PopeWatch thus concludes that either the Pope is delusional or is being deliberately mendacious. It is essential to the world view of the Pope that wars be the result of conspiracies of a few evil men, rather than conflicts between groups not amenable to dialogue and compromise.    Since wars caused by small cabals is clearly not the case for almost all wars based upon the historical evidence, the Pope blithely ignores the facts and continually trumpets a view that is simply false.  In a private individual this would merely be sad.  It is disastrous for the head of the Catholic Church at this turbulent period in history to continually make statements regarding terrorist atrocities that  simply are utterly false.  It is impossible for the Church to address the problem of terrorism when the Pope embraces a completely false notion of why terrorism exists.

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  1. I saw this on Holy Thursday and thought to myself that these people make bombs in apartments and how do artillery companies get the blame for this by Francis. He must never get fraternally corrected in some areas by those around him….” It was homemade bombs, Your Holiness and small arms as carried by your Swiss Guard.”
    Europe has had over 6000 volunteers join ISIS and the US had 95. His research should be exploring that problem. However then I suspect his take would become that it’s the fault of Europe for the unemployment or underemployment of muslims which of course leads to suicide bomb murder of random people that likely employ no one. Between such comments by him and The Cruz/ Trump wife debate, we live in a bizarre time for leadership.
    And does anyone hope at all that his interpretation of the refugee problem will include how it is different from past refugee problems and that past such refugee movements did not include suicide bombers and hundreds of women getting molested in Cologne in one night by grateful refugees. As soon as I see him commenting on the news, I now move on. To process him and Trump/ Cruz/ Hillary in one week is beyond the human condition….even after the Fall.

  2. So then, according to the pope’s logic, manufacturers of cooking supplies and vendors like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing, since the Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cookers to make their bombs. Heck, even office supply stores must have been responsible for 9/11, as the hijackers used box-cutters as weapons to subdue the passengers and crews of the planes. Absurd line of thinking, but then clarity of thought and moral reasoning have not exactly been hallmarks of this papacy…

  3. If I pay any attention to this heretical Argentinian Marxist Peronist occupying the See of St Peter, then I get too angry. More than once I have told a Protestant friend or acquaintence that the Church has had good Popes and bad Popes, and right now we have a bad one. The inevitable topic of infallibility comes up and that entails a whole other explanation that most have no patience to listen to or intellect to understand, including Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox. This Pope has to be deposed and anathematized.

  4. I have commented before regarding direct information from Brussels ground-zero that my daughter, [who lives outside of Brussels, fortunately], has told me: how in Mollenbek and Schaarbek districts, there are dangerous “no-go zones” (The Metro station was an easy target because it is adjacent to Mollenbek); how on “holidays” for Islam, men are firing AK-47’s — of course, strictly prohibited under Belgian law, but smuggled in via the Balkans in quantity to Brussels —into the night skies for hours; etc. The sources of the weapons, are likely Iranian, of course, the leader of which nation this Pope was seen warmly receiving at the end of January Jan 26th, 2016,to be exact), smiling and schmoozing with him, like an old friend.


    So, the manufacturers of death certainly are welcomed by the madcap bishop of Rome, and also now thanks to his spiritual colleague, the baseball-loving, tango-dancing presidente-absente Obama, the have upwards of $150 billion more to spread world jihad.
    They have promised to bring it here to the Great Satan.
    My daughter relayed to me yesterday in an Easter e-mail the following note regarding a mutual relative of ours: he works in an internet center, but on Tuesday, the CEO announced their work (according to their contract with the Belgian govt.) would be changed for a few days (the following edited to avoid any identification of individuals of course):

    “You remember Z. works for an internet company in a call center as an IT expert. Z. went into work and his superiors informed him that today, everything was put on hold, and they were going to be picking up the crisis line calls. The things he heard that day and the next few days.. we’ll never forget.
    1. “I’m calling from X. hospital burn center. We have a family of 5 here, and the mother just died. Whom do we inform?”
    2. “My brother works as a security officer for Zaventem, and I haven’t been able to reach him all day.”
    3. “I can’t contact my 18-year-old daughter. She took the Brussels Metro this morning and never came home.” [She is believed to be one of the 10 so far known to have been killed in the train station part of the bombing attack.]
    4. “My brother is a police officer in Zaventem, We know he lost a leg in the attack, and now I can’t find him.”
    5. “I’m a directress of a school. One of our student’s father works in Zaventem and has been unreachable all day. The student is in full panic; how can we contact his father?”
    6. “I’m calling from an airline company. One of our check-in hostesses has lost her arm. Which hospital is she in?”

    That’s what we were dealing with the first 3 days of last week after Mar. 22nd.”


    Remember, 2 days before the bombing, in his Palm Sunday homily, Pope Visionary was verbally cudgeling Catholics for not “welcoming immigrants” into Europe. That party line was certainly well-received by ruling elites in Europe. Too bad he wasn’t working the phone lines a couple days later in Brussels.

    Yet for a man who is never wrong about anything, I doubt it would do any good.
    I am convinced he must be deposed, as the first step towards saving Europe.

  5. By the way, I did not read Lucius Q C’s recommendation on deposition of the present pompous pontiff before I posted my thoughts. May God help us, but we will never salvage Europe with Neville Chamberlain as pope.

  6. It’s too easy to be a leftist. All you have to do is repeat six or seven non sequiturs: confiscate all guns, climate change/global warming, tax the rich, open borders, racist!!!, homophobia, Islamophobia.
    And, it’s never ending, never sufficient. It’s always as if you never did or gave anything.
    “And when you ask ’em, ‘How much should we give?’
    Ooh, they only answer ‘More! More! More!’, y’all”
    CCR, “Fortunate Son”
    Finally, they’ll tell you the only way to defeat terrorism is to ignore it.

  7. — repeat six or seven non sequiturs!!
    🙁 That’s “discussion ” today- whether it is politics or religion.

  8. The fight might become too close to home for Holy Father. I’m trying to imagine a target that is greater in the eye’s of Isis than that of Pope Francis. Francis was outside the security zone in the Pope mobile last week and I believe he will suffer for it one day.

    Please do not read me wrong.
    I do not want harm to come to Holy Father.
    Remarkable statements like the above mentioned, tell me his Holiness is deceived as to the true threat of Christians. Isis is beyond diabolical.

  9. Delusional or mendacious? I’m not sure they are contradictory characteristics. We’ve seen the Pope’s mendacity in the encyclical and events surrounding and following it….including recently with the incident at St. Peter’s. We’ve seen it in the conduct at the synods and his appointments. I find leftist ideologues to be possessed of a great faith in their own dogmatic expressions even to the extent that they are hostile to reason and the Faith. I also find this to be true despite claims of humility in expressing these dogmas.. I suppose this is the very essence of modernity…reductionism. Anyway, regardless of any ascribed motive or psychological defect, the Pope’s utterances are dangerous in a truly life threatening sort of way and in an objectively fact based reality. The narrative of blaming the sword and the spear maker rather than the murderous Muslim terrorists is the only thing he can say to justify his claims that Islam is a religion of peace. Passion finds its weapon. We shouldn’t blame the Maker for the hands which murder.

  10. In case anyone wonders why the left has long wanted a pope from Latin America, with Pope Francis you have your answer.

  11. He is not a shepherd. As for the Church addressing the problem of terrorism, the faithful are not holding their breath. Nostra Aetate pretty much makes certain the blindness is institutional.

  12. The self-delusion of the present pontificate was also evidenced by the consciously obsequious kissing of 3 Muslims’ feet at the Holy Thursday pontifical Mass. No, not all Muslims are terrorists and criminals, but neither are they believers of course, unless they want to incur a declaration of murtadd (apostate), and they can then be killed on sight. Hopefully these individuals will be able to change their identity.

    That pontifical self-delusion is also evidenced in the idea that Muslims from the Middle East can be “tamed” and cleansed from jihad. We have already noted that 24-year-old Najim Laachroui, one of the Zaventem Airport bombers, was a Muslim born in Belgium, and was well-educated in a preferred Catholic school in Brussels, the “Institut de la Sainte Famille d’Helmet.”

    The now-fully Muslim “no-go zone” where he grew up, Shaarbek, was once virtually 100% Catholic, in fact it was the working-class district where the late lion of Vatican II, Belgian Cardinal Primate Leo Josef Suenens, grew up. It is now a Sharia-only zone. Note also that Laacroui had left Belgium sometime in 2014 to go to Syria, and was being denied re-entry, until the Merkel-orchestrated open-door policy to “Syrian refugees” allowed him to re-enter under an assumed identity. Many other than ourselves have warned of this: yet the pope was still carrying on his relentless brow-beating of reluctant Catholics/”welcome-to- all-refugees” campaign even on Palm Sunday, as we have noted, only 2 days prior to the Zaventem attacks.

    Or, the self-delusion is seen also in that the Paris Bataclan theater attacks’ suspected mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, also Belgian-born, a son of a well-off Moroccan merchant, who was killed during a raid in Paris suburb St Denis on Nov. 18, had at 12 won a scholarship to and attended also an “exclusive Catholic school, Collège Saint-Pierre d’Uccle, in an upscale residential district of Brussels.” (cf. following article)
    Of all places, the requisitely liberal weekly, The Atlantic, has a very good background article on this also poor, unwelcomed, “disaffected” Muslim:


    The full article is worth reading. A link to a video is provided, where Abaaoud is shown, at that time back in Syria in 2014, dragging corpses of slain ISIS foes, a good, well-trained Catholic-school boy at work.
    The self-delusion of the pontificate and our world-leadership is not yet fully discredited, so there will be yet more blood, more lives wantonly lost, more senseless killing, all because of their pride in their errors. Until then we are avoiding airports and train stations, have cancelled travel plans (we were planning to be in Belgium in April, but I cancelled it after the November attacks: it doesn’t take a genius to see what is coming).

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