Gasp! Bill Clinton Tells Truth!




Shocking I know coming from perhaps the most mendacious man to be President, but he certainly did last week.  Whether it was tactical, a la his Sister Souljah comment during the 1992 campaign, go here to read about it, or merely out of anger and exasperation, you be the judge:



At first, Clinton responded by touting the Democratic feel-good elements of the 1994 bill: a ban on assault weapons, funding for after-school programs in inner cities, and money for more cops “so that the police could look like the people they police.” It was then-Senator Joe Biden, Clinton said, who persuaded him to support the tougher sentencing measures in order to get the bill through a Republican Congress. But then, in the first of his inconvenient infusions of truth, Clinton added that it wasn’t just Republican lawmakers who wanted a tougher response to crime—it was also “African-American communities.” They urged him to sign the bill, he said, because their “kids were shot in the street by gangs.” Thirteen-year-olds were planning their funerals, according to Clinton. The result of the bill’s passage? “A 25-year low in crime, a 33-year low in the murder rate—and listen to this,” he said, “because of that and the background-check law, a 46-year low in the deaths of people from gun violence. And who do you think those lives were, that mattered? Whose lives were saved, that mattered?”

The hecklers weren’t placated. As chants continued to disrupt his speech, Clinton broke out in obvious exasperation: “I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other African-American children,” Clinton said heatedly. “Maybe you thought they were good citizens, [Hillary] didn’t. You are defending the people who killed the people whose lives you say matter! Tell the truth. You are defending the people who caused young people to go out and take guns.”

Clinton also defended the historic 1996 welfare reform bill, currently the subject of a rearguard left-wing assault. If it increased poverty as its critics charge, he asked, “Why then did we have the largest drop in African-American poverty in history?”

Clinton’s equation of today’s virulent anti-cop protests with the enabling of criminals is about as visceral and daring a response to the Black Lives Matter movement as one could imagine. It also happens to be accurate. Data-driven, accountable policing and lengthened sentences for violent criminals have saved thousands of black lives since 1994. And now, as cops back off from proactive policing under the relentless charge that they’re racist for enforcing the law in minority neighborhoods, black lives—including children’s lives—are once again being lost at elevated rates, prompting no outcry or protests from Black Lives Matter. Clinton understands at a gut level the need for vigilant, strong law enforcement. He also knows that the people most hurt by crime are blacks.

Go here to read the rest.  The Democrat party has long thriven by incitement of race hatred.  Now some of that hatred is beginning to bite back at the Democrats.  Part of the cause of Clinton’s comments I think is because his wife is so dependent upon black votes.  Black votes have saved her in the primary against the largely lily white left legions of Bernie Sanders.  Only a massive black turnout will save her in the fall if Cruz is the nominee, especially if the drip, drip, drip of the e-mail investigation continues or heats up.  Bill Clinton, who has preternatural political instincts, understands this, and thus he reacted so strongly to the Black Lives Matters racists who threaten the overwhelming support that Hillary enjoys among blacks.  Expect him to do so again in the near future.  Any challenge to Hillary getting an overwhelming black vote must be met head on and Bill Clinton, the master politician, understands in his gut that this must be done.  Hillary Clinton, who, at best, is a charmless and uninspired politician, is probably quaking in her sensible shoes at what her “hubbie” is doing.  We will see how this plays out.

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  1. Slick Willy needed to teach we the people the definition of the word, “is.” His bitter, grandmother wife needs to do the same for the word, “classified.”

  2. Barry’s the Messiah not Bill. Though amusing the Sacred Heart holy card take off is really unsettling. There must be another saint’s card with pious eyes turned heavenward that fits the er bill..

  3. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day…
    “Why then did we have the largest drop in African-American poverty in history?”
    Here is one answer: the black population has not grown due to the increase in abortion in that group. In some places, there are more abortions than births and the black population has not increased. It is a quiet genocide. And that black on black murders are high does not bother those who support that genocide.

  4. Ironic that the Democrat abortion program is wiping out the very voters who are responsible for their success.

  5. @Michael Dowd

    Ironic… Yes.
    Schizophrenic is a suitable description of the Ass party in America. They say that they are concerned about reaching out to the most vulnerable and strengthening them, yet they can’t courage-up and agree that the unborn human has the RIGHT to live.
    They are pigs living in their own waste.
    Pigs that have been infected with evil spirits just prior to drowning themselves. Pigs that still have a chance, mind you, of conversion.
    For that reason I pray for the pigs in the Democratic party.

  6. Philip, Magdalene, though the stats are dismal on abortion and the black community, there are bright spots like Rev Childress of Black Genocide, Walk For Life West Coast, Obianuju Ekeocha, a Catholic, of Culture of Life Africa who are trying to turn the tide. On the other hand I read that the Texas AG, Ken Paxton, has been charged with a federal crime of securities fraud. He’s the AG that has brought suit against Planned Parenthood. It is disheartening that PPH is so powerful. Any organization or person that attempts to thwart their evil agenda is attacked. I picture their board meetings with demons at the conference table alongside their co-opted humans and the air is acrid from the odors of fire and brimstone. I’ve sort of sloughed off from daily Mass recently because I’ve stayed up too late the nights before. This post is has been a wake up call for me to be disciplined, to get back to daily Mass and Holy Hour.

  7. Wow CAM.

    Your description is grim….however I believe it accurate. Your right about the tide turning.
    It will. Evil will not win out.

  8. Yes, Philip, Faith and Hope….
    My heart is heavy. I recently had a conversation about R presidential candidates with my younger physician brother which led to pro-life candidates, PPH parting and selling babies. He agreed that the practice was heinous. Then He surprised me with that old saw “it should be between a woman and her doctor; the govt. should be kept out of it.”; ” think of a family that has a daughter that comes up pregnant; something has to be done.” Both of us have no daughters only sons, though he has a step daughter. I was aghast and countered him with alternatives to “it”. I also told him in today’s world our sons, married or not, would have no recourse if the mother of their child wanted to abort it. At that point he had to take another call.
    I am sick. I pray for his conversion and that of his Catholic wife whom I suspect has influenced him. I have a Mass scheduled for him, but have not yet written a note to insert into the card. I need inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

  9. CAM.

    My two cents on the Holy Hour;
    The most valuable time for identifying self is found in Holy Hour. He reveals our self, our being and our response to our visits with Him is a renewal and reshaping of a work he created but was altered by original sin and our participation in mortal sin. In visiting Jesus I am becoming aware of his Love for all of us, and his plan in my life. Holy Hour is an hour of sitting and kneeling at the throne of Christ. Talking and listening to Him is the pearl of great price. How I utilize his suggestions or ignore them is how my spiritual growth will advance or become stagnant, and if stagnant then decreasing in virtue and losing ground on the journey…since there is no coasting on this path. Advance or retreat. We choose, consciously or unconsciously.

    God bless your return to frequent reception of him in both cases. Holy Mass & Holy Hour.

  10. I didn’t read your last post since I was posting.

    I will pray right away for your brother.
    Prayer is a weapon unleashed upon spirits that block holy and righteous thought. Prayers are conversation with God and God doesn’t promote the idea of legalization abortion.
    Hence I will send prayers for your little brother.

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