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If pro-lifers want a fighter when it comes to abortion, then Ted Cruz is their candidate:

Cruz was participating in a MSNBC town hall event. During a discussion of abortion, he noted that “virtually none of the network news would show the videos on air”(neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC covered the releases of any of the seven videos released after July 2015). To that, host Chuck Todd claimed “some of it was made up.”

“No it wasn’t,” Cruz shot back, going on to explain, “it is a federal crime – a felony with a 10-year prison term – to sell the body parts of unborn children for profit.” The videos, he continued, “show senior Planned Parenthood officials laughing, sipping Chardonnay, and bargaining, and apparently selling the body parts of unborn children. Listen, even if you’re pro-choice, selling the body parts of unborn children as a commercial endeavor is a horrifying thing.”

The videos reveal a number of officials from Planned Parenthood and StemExpress, a tissue procurement company the abortion giant works with, seemingly discussing multiple federal crimes relating to acquiring and profiting off organs from aborted babies. Despite pro-abortion claims the videos were deceptively edited, two separate forensic analyses (one of which was performed by a Democrat-aligned research firm and commissioned by Planned Parenthood themselves) confirmed the audio of their admissions was not manipulated.

Cruz then called the situation “one of the sad indictments of the Obama Administration.”

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  1. If a Catholic really believes God is the creator of life, and really means it when he or she prays the Our Father (the only prayer Jesus ever taught us) in which they pray for “God’s will be done on earth” standing before the Holy Eucharist in every Mass, then there is no way they could ever endorse with their name and actions the Democratic Party which is the sole reason abortion remains legal, and is responsible for the murder of over 60,000,000 American babies God created. Catholics are the largest single group in the Democratic Party giving it the electoral power to keep abortion the law-of-the-land. Those Catholics are going to be surprised and whining when Jesus returns to “judge the nations” and they hear him tell them to line up on his left side with all the other “goats” who will then be sent to Hell. Wake up Catholic Democrats and get out of that anti-God organization if you don’t want hear Jesus say to you, “I never knew you.” That goes for the clergy, too.

  2. That doesn’t mean you have to become a Republican; it just means stop being a Democrat because you are responsible for the continued murder of unborn babies. And don’t tell me you don’t support their position on abortion; that doesn’t matter, your endorsing that organization and voting for it is the only reason abortion-on-demand remains the law-of-the-land. Register as a “non-partisan,” and vote for the party that will pass a Right-t0-life Constitutional Amendment, which happens only to be the Republican Party.

    Spoken to you as a former Democrat myself.

  3. @Stilbelieve.

    Yes. The cost of being NICE has a huge pricetag. 60 M lives.

    Canon 915 was available to correct the Catholic politicians that favor abortion, yet Holy men of our Church refused to use it.
    The shame is on them…shame and blood.
    The liberal catholics see nothing wrong with receiving Communion and voting death.
    Their political candidates have no problem with it either. Biden. Pelosi.

    Silence from the Bishops is killing us, and as you said, the goat line is forming to the left.

    So be it!

  4. There is almost no major figure in the Republican party who will say what Ted Cruz just said. As Republicans, we have the winning argument, and yet far too often we fail to make it. This is particularly true where someone in the leftist media makes a false claim to either change the subject or cow the interviewee into silence. Ted did not miss a beat when Chuck Todd tried this. At last, someone with a brain and convictions.

  5. Less than five minutes ago I was sharing this clip with a pro-choice woman at our break room. (risky business btw). She was moved.
    She couldn’t believe it. She was mad that no one informed her…”why didn’t CBS NBC ABC carry this news?” Why indeed. I opened the door wider for her. She is re-thinking her stance on abortion.

  6. Stillbelieve,
    Your two comments should become a Letter to the Editor sent to every Catholic newspaper in the United States and to every Catholic student paper in the United States!
    Also as an email to radio/talk shows. During some them the host reads the emails out loud.
    A letter to the editor should not endanger any institutions’ tax exempt status.

  7. The most practical Republican ticket would be Trump and Cruz. Never happen? There’s been much acrimony but politics makes strange bedfellows.

  8. Ernst Schreiber,
    Your on right on. Planned Parenthood is evil incarnate. Right now their demons are digging to find anything they can twist to bring Cruz down should he be the nominee. To use a science fiction term, we need a protective force field to protect this man and anyone who crosses PPH. It can be done with prayer.

  9. Please don’t hesitate to join in prayer protests on Saturday the 23rd at a local Worse than Murder Inc. near you. Thousands will be there from 10am to Noon.
    Join in.
    Make up the protective force field for Cruz and join in protecting David Daleiden who is front and center of the crucifixion they are trying to orchestrate. (Baby parts for sale videos.)
    They, being the liberal ghouls who are paid and bought for by W.T.M.Inc.

    Thanks for considering your presence at the rallies.

  10. Stilbelieve-
    I am a firm believer that 90% of the mess in our politics right now is from people who are Democrats, but find themselves stuck with the Republican party because they cannot ignore the humanity of the unborn.
    Works out a bit like the folks who are driven out of California by the more extreme policies, but like some of it.

  11. Yet in that same interview Cruz, as I remember it, went on to say abortion for rape and incest was acceptable.

  12. “You must have misheard…”
    You are so right. I was astonished that he would say that but somehow that is what my ears heard. A plague on my house for my error. Cruz in June!

  13. I am a firm believer that 90% of the mess in our politics right now is from people who are Democrats, but find themselves stuck with the Republican party because they cannot ignore the humanity of the unborn.

    In my lifetime, the Democrat party was anti-abortion and the Republican party had the allegiance of a small and growing pro-abortion movement. Then, one might say, the Republicans got religion and Democrats lost theirs.

  14. In my state where we have a “Republican” governor & “Republican” majority legislature, they just ended a special legislative session in which the governor made a huge push to usurp the authority of our state legislature, he led in the fight to expand the Obamacare Medicaid rolls for single and able bodied adults, and thereby insured that our state will have huge future tax increases. This expansion also expanded access to chemical abortions paid for at tax payer expense. Just a small number of people who campaigned & where elected on their promises to vote against Obamacare expansion kept their promise–only 6 in the Arkansas Senate. What we have now in the Arkansas Republican Party are Democrats, who claim to be pro-life, literally ignoring state law and our state constitution that requires laws a 75% vote to pass such things. Our governor threatened to cut Medicaid funding to the poor & disabled, hold up funding for roads, shut down entire state agencies, etc. in order to expand Socialism in this state. Our governor has now become Obama. Our governor doesn’t care what the law says or what the majority of Arkansans want–he is expanding Socialism & taking more of our hard earned money by hook or crook.

  15. Barbara Gordon.


    I’m sorry to hear such horrible news.

    A deep cleaning is coming.
    We must remain faithful and hold fast.
    The author of Life is watching carefully as his children are chemically dissolved.

    Plan B is not what they think.
    The real plan B is going to be a huge surprise to many who support abortion.

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